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by Harry Massey and David R. Hamilton PHDChoice Point

This book is based on the film Choice Point and offers wisdom, quotes and insights from the World’s Change Makers, Visionaries, Peacemakers and Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield, Tony Benn, Gregg Braden, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, James Caan and many eminent contributors.

Thoughtfully presented, it shows how to create positive change in our personal lives and to find and follow our true hearts desires.  Coupled with coming together collectively to make this a new reality for our Plane, Choice Point is set in 3 parts: Understanding our World; Align Your purpose and Be the Change.

I found this book clear, modern and thought provoking. Mixing science, personal growth and philosophy in a balanced easy to read manner.  It is especially good for people new on the path of spirituality and discovering their authentic place in the World.

I was truly inspired by the young Birke Baehr. A twelve year old American who is now a leading advocate in sustainable agriculture.  At the tender age of 8, after reading the Internet over his mother’s shoulder about the side affects of corn syrup and the harm of eating processed food on our health, Birke began to ask his mother to buy and prepare organic natural foods.  From this small beginning he has totally focused his young life on studying and sharing his ideas with some of the World’s major players in organic and sustainable farming to promote healthier nutritious ways to eat.  He now writes books for fun, for children; and gives talks to youngsters and adults alike, with the intent to be an organic farmer when he grows up.  Now that’s what I call aligning your purpose!

Review by Ann O’Keife

Published by Hay House


ISBN: 9781848505520


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by Candace CaddickSaw-New-Earth-front-cover

2012: the most exciting year for the Earth and humanity for a long, long time.

Earth reaches her moment of rebirth, changing completely at the end of the year. She will look the same, but everything will be different. Earth is becoming a whole new planet energetically and your lives cannot stay the same. Humanity is given a fresh start on a vibrant planet, opening to the light areas of business and government that have been hidden for lifetimes. This brings you closer to your own ascension as a soul group, and the completion of your experiences here. 2012 is the year when everything changes for the better.

This book completes a trilogy that began with Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis about humanity and the Earth. Each book stands alone, although the story of humanity runs through all three. This is the story of the soul group who chose to learn the hardest way of all on its road to light. The changes over the next decades will challenge you to the centre of your being. You’re on your way home.

Although this book is an extremely ‘easy read’, it is one I felt needed to be taken slowly and steadily to be able to fully digest all the fascinating and encouraging information within its pages. With each chapter being devoted to a particular subject, this book answers many questions whilst opening up new perspectives for the reader to explore. One of the best channelled works I have seen – it has certainly given me much on which to ponder.

Review by Joan Osborne 

Published by Brightstone Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-9565009-2-2

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By White EagleEarth Healer

The chapters provide occasional glimpses of White Eagles’ own life on earth, and of the principle brother/sisterhood that is so central to his teaching.  Bruce Clarke’s photographs of the landscape not only adds delight to this book but gives a sense that what we are seeking to be in harmony with is something real, solid and lovely.

A simple but beautiful book, each chapter takes you on a journey to explain on how work with Mother Earth to heal yourself and open up your spirituality in service to the planet. This is done with
meditations, visualisations and prayers to connect with nature. A little treat!

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by White Eagle Publishing Trust


ISBN: 978-0-85487-214-5

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By Madeleine WalkerThe Whale Whisperer

This has been the best book I have read in ages! I felt myself glued to Madeleline’s adventures and wanted to know about them from one chaper to the next without putting the book down. Madeleine’s adventures deliver messages from many different wild and sacred animal species including the white buffalo, the humpback whale, orcas and bears!

Through each animal, Madeleline translates the knowledge they convey to her to tell ‘us’ humans what we need to know, and not only save humanity but also the natural world.

When you read this book you are drawn in right form the very start by the power of Madeleine’s words, it helps you to re-awaken your deeper knowing and re-connect with them. Madeleine talks about how she overcomes her own fears of her ever-increasing personal power by communicating with these sacred creatures.

Definitely worth a read if you are animal communicator, a lover of animals or just want to deepen your understanding.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN: 978-1-84409-5377


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by Simon and Sue LillyPreseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a mysterious rock that is found in West Wales and was transported in great slabs to form part of Stonehenge.  This book explores the complex weaving of myth, history, science and beliefs that surround the stone, suggesting that it has great potential for personal and global integration.

This is an interesting and in depth account of the story of Preseli Bluestone as told and re-told over at least 5,000 years.  It takes us on a journey through the times of Arthur and Merlin, the layout and placement of stones at Stonehenge, the geometry of stone circles, the geology of the rock (a form of spotted dolerite), the landscape of Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) and its links with the World Grids and Energy Lines.

As a Crystal Healer myself I particularly enjoyed the final chapter of the book which explores the healing properties, and suggests a range of over 25 layouts and grids that can be used to restore balance to our energy fields.  The bluestone is particularly effective at grounding and clearing energies, and also able to take our awareness to other times and places.

This is a very valuable addition to my collection of crystal books and has prompted me to pay a lot more attention to my own piece of Bluestone to great effect.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Tree Seer Publications.

ISBN: 978 1905454082



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Connecting with the ancient wisdom of stones, pebbles and crystals.Sacred Stones

by Philip Permutt and Lyn Palmer

I really enjoyed this book. I have been working with stones and crystals since childhood, but this book still held delights for me to savour. The photos are clear and the snippets of information alongside the text and the everyday practical exercises were a delight. The overall structure of the book takes us from the world of standing stones;  to collecting your own stones and crystals (and there is a good range of what is available and the special forms you can look for within those specimens); to rock art and working with the stones themselves; with a full run down on crystal healing and how to carry it out for yourself and others. All sections draw on the personal experiences of the co-authors and sparkle with their enthusiasm and respect for this area of wisdom.

The book is a guide to discovering your personal connection to the world of pebbles, stones and crystals and to tune into and benefit from their innate energy systems. The simple exercises enable you to work with the stones and crystals to benefit your health and well being. It helps you to find out how sacred stones focus, store, transmit and transmute energy; and gives you techniques to “enter the stones”- to tune in and move deeply within, mingling your energy with that of the stones. This will help you to connect with and feel their power and ancient wisdom and unlock their secrets for yourself.

It is a lovely book for the beginner and the experienced practitioner;  with snippets of information and nuggets of wisdom that can be accessed at whatever level you are at presently.  Each person who picks up the book will enjoy it at their own level and make progress within the world of minerals. It will develop and encourage your curiosity and respect for these lovely treasures of the earth; even if all you do is flick through looking at the beautiful photographs and illustrations. It is also a book that would make a great present for a friend, as it truly has something for everyone in its approach, explanation and language.

Review by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com

ISBN 978-1-907563-65-2


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A documentary by Stefan WolfA New We

This really surpassed my expectations of Community living in the World. The film-maker Stefan Wolf has taken a sensitive approach to interviewing members and founders of Communities in Europe.

I have heard of Damanhur in Italy where over 1000 people, including families, are living and was delighted by the structure, the beauty created and the harmony in which it functions and thrives. This is an example to all of us who maybe keen to explore ‘other’ living options.

I particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing about the smaller communities on Gran Canaria and in Spain. With only a handful of dedicated people who were willing to take the plunge, buy small plots of land and take it upon themselves to live sustainably and in connection with mind body spirit. Their genuine living philosophy of democratic living reminded me of indigenous tribes in South America or Africa who live in harmony and respect with Nature.

This is not all sugar sweet as it shows of determination, hard work and tackling problems with sustainable solutions that serve the Whole.   Perhaps this DVD is the way forward for the future of Humanity?

Both a powerful and thoughtful, provoking watch.

Review Ann O’Keife

Published by Love Productions



ISBN 978-3-9502662-9-0

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