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The Gaiadon Heart (Module 1A)

Facilitated by: Lindel GrahamGaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart Module 1A is a 4 day seminar based on the Gaiadon Heart Teachings that have been channelled and presented by Saranya Zaveri. The seminar is designed to offer participants spiritual initiation into self- mastery and to activate the light body in preparation for ascension.

I attended the 4 day module with 3 other participants at Lindel’s home in Roehampton. On arrival, I was taken aback by the atmosphere of deep peace and serenity in the seminar room. At the start of the seminar we were each issued a DVD and a 170 page manual, which we were given to keep, as these provide details of the concepts, meditations and spiritual initiations that would be covered during the seminar. The contents of the seminar relate to many of the concepts detailed in “The Keys of Enoch” and “The Melchizidek Method”.

During the seminar Lindel guided us (with the use of the manual and DVD) through many exercises and initiations designed to speed up our vibrations and activate our light body; so that we can embody more light and love, and understand that we are multi-dimensional beings with cells that communicate through the language of light.

As I was not familiar with sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, or “The Keys of Enoch” I found the first day which was used to explain these topics, went very slowly and that the contents seemed rather heavy. However, after we started doing the meditations on day 2, with the help of the visuals and music on the DVD, I found that the remainder of the seminar was very enjoyable and that time sped by really quickly.

While participating in the various meditations and spiritual exercises, I found that I was able to experience a deep sense of inner peace that I had never experienced before, and that I felt that my energy field felt lighter. The combination of the visuals, colours and beautiful music on the DVD helped me reach meditative states more quickly with each successive meditation exercise.

On discussing how the other 3 participants felt after completing the seminar, I learned that they too had experienced states of deep inner peace, and felt that the seminar had considerably enhanced their spiritual development, both in terms of understanding various concepts; and in terms of personal experience. They also praised Lindel’s facilitation skills, as she had paced the course very well, and was very helpful in answering all the questions posed to her.

At a cost of £333, I think the seminar is well worth attending as it offers attendees a very good opportunity to learn to enter deep meditative states in a very short period of time; and to gain knowledge of a wide range of spiritual issues. The DVD and the manual provided to seminar attendees also enables them to repeat the meditations and initiations covered during the seminar, as often as needed, so that further spiritual development can be continued at their own pace.

For details of workshops and further information please contact Lindel Graham at healinglight@lindel.co.uk or visit the website http://www.gaiadonheart.com

Reviewed by: Kamal Boparai

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