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by Madeleine WalkerPets' Past Lives

Put your hands up if you have ever looked into a pet’s eyes and felt a familiarity that seems to run deeper than your current relationship?

Do you get the feeling that your animal companion chose you, rather than the other way round?

Madelaine Walker explains in this book, in her own individual case study on subjects such as “Why do our pets’ lives affect us now?”,  “Are animals always the same species in a past life?”,  “How can our pets heal us?”.  With each story you start to learn that animals are our spiritual teachers and know how privileged we are to share this planet with them.  Their welfare is so important and paramount in helping us to unravel and re-record aspects of our own past lives that could be holding us back in this lifetime; as well as our emotions and physical ailments.

I love Walker’s book and my soul is always touched by the way she connects so deeply with wild animals and the learnt lessons they teach us about this planet and about ourselves. It empowers us and opens our ability to listen and connect to all the beautiful creatures that we share this world with.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN: 978-1-84409-56

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The Joseph Communications by Michael G. RecciaThe Fall

Michael Reccia channels messages from Joseph, a highly evolved spirit guide who is deeply worried about the fate of mankind and returns to channel important spiritual information.  Joseph is concerned about personal and global enlightenment and his Communications series of books contains all the information we need to transform ourselves and save our planet before it is too late.

In this book Joseph tells us about the Fall, how it happened and the part we played.  He says for time immemorial we have carried suppressed memories of the cataclysmic happening that resulted in the dysfunctional societies and wounded planet humankind has inherited today.

Much has been channelled and written about the Fall, and not all of it resonates well with me, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find this account to be entirely believeable, delivered without blame to any party (especially fallen angels) and with great love for all.  Joseph explains that we all took part willingly in an experiment that did not work and we have become trapped, encapsulated, in a situation of our own making.  The longer we are trapped the harder it is for us to remember how things were before the ‘mistake’, and so very much harder to correct, but correct it we must.

Joseph also explains that before the Fall, when positive and negative energy were in balance, form was created as necessary and then dissolved when no longer required.  In our attempts to speed up the process of creation this balance was lost and so we can no longer dissolve structures that don’t serve us.  Our impatience has led to our own downfall – it is no wonder this very human trait is still playing out all over the world.

I have really enjoyed reading this book, Joseph has presented a wealth of information on many topics including the use of Colour, Production of Form, Original Sin, the separation of Male and Female and Karma.  It is delivered in the style of a loving parent gently trying to explain where we went wrong, without making us defensive in the process, and helping us let go of the idea that our experiment will do what we expected if we wait long enough.

Read this book and use it as a mirror to find those places described that are within you, that are within all of us, where we have not yet let go of the experiment, and use this knowledge to heal yourselves and thus world.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Band of Light Media Ltd



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by  Mike WilliamsonWorking in the Realms of Spirit

Mike Williamson has been a Clairvoyant Medium for the last thirty years, only discovering his clairvoyant abilities in his thirties. In Working In The Realms Of Spirit, he and his family find themselves renovating and living in a large farmhouse in Surrey, UK, full of unwelcome spiritual visitors. They weren’t going to give in to these forces that were plaguing them and making their lives unpleasant but first of all they had to understand them. Mike himself says: “‘As we couldn’t find anyone to get rid of them for us, we had to learn how to do it ourselves.”

They start their journey to understand the part they play on Earth as eternal beings, by going to a number of ‘unusual’ spiritual circles. Eventually, Mike and his wife Jan, who is also a Medium, find the right circle and build up their protective power, understanding of the workings of Spirit, and healing abilities, enough to become Rescue Mediums. Their task is to help ‘lost souls’ to go into The Light and Home. Always at their side are powerful Spiritual Guardians. The one who calls himself Richard teaches them everything they need to know about the universal laws governing the behaviour of spirits. It is mostly with Richard’s wise and loving assistance, coupled with extensive training, that Mike and Jan act as part of a Spiritual Police Force that keeps the physical world safe from negative energies that want to cause mayhem in our realm. For years they have been acting on Richard’s memorable advice when it comes to a clearing: “‘When in doubt, chuck ‘em out!”

Mike is still fully engaged in the duties of a Rescue Medium, unmasking ‘impostors’ and ejecting any negative entities hanging around various properties, as well as teaching others to recognise and use their own budding clairvoyant abilities.

As a Medium myself, I can honestly say that I have never heard of so many questions being asked and answered so clearly. Mike and Jan Williamson are very fortunate to have such ‘transparent’ Spiritual Guardians watching over them. I have learnt a great deal from their painstaking accounts of the conversations they had with their Guides, and spiritual visitors, both good and bad.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Authorhouse UK Ltd  www.authorhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1456787363


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The Truth about ReincarnationSerial Consciousness

by Greg Branson

Greg Branson is a quiet visionary who probes deeply into the higher planes of consciousness and those subtle realms within the Earth.  He has investigated the plans of the Godhead and observed the individual and collective patterns overseeing all lives, including those still to come.  As a past-life therapist he has helped many people unpick the tight bind of karma that builds up in the human psyche blocking a clear view of the present reality.

Greg explains the process of incarnation, how the soul gradually descends into the body, and accommodates divine purpose and the wishes of other incarnations.  He describes at length with examples how active personalities in other lifetimes have a strong influence on the challenges we face and how karma can eventually be worked out.  He says Karmic issues do not necessarily flow from one life into the next.  Unresolved fragments of our pasts are drawn from different incarnations, often hundreds of years apart, and may leave us feeling fragmented and indecisive.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it is not a light read and it assumes a certain amount of knowledge.  Struggling initially to grasp where Greg was going with his narrative, I was glad I persevered.  As I worked my way into this book a whole new way of understanding re-incarnation and karma was revealed to me, and my interest was fuelled with more and more tasty insights.  Highly recommended for those seeking to add to their knowledge of this vast subject.

Review by Claire Williams

The Eye of Gaza Press


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by Stuart Wilson and Joanna PrentisAtlantis

This book contains a wealth of information, some confirming things we are already aware of, and some offering new insights into both past and present times.

As with their earlier book, The Power of the Magdalene (Review PS Issue 44), Stuart and Joanna present this in the form of a dialogue between Past Life Therapist and client, rather than pages of smooth flowing text. But this does not detract from the information offered, and one soon gets used to reading in this way.

We gain interesting insights into Atlantean society, and learn about advanced Atlantean healing techniques, not too far removed from some of our processes, as we move towards Ascension.

We learn about the different phases of Atlantis, placed in specific periods of history, and are told that Atlantis was an experiment.  The latter did not resonate particularly with me, but I found the information on the healing techniques intriguing.  Both these and considerable information on “the 2012 experience” and The New Consciousness resonated powerfully, and I would recommend this book as a guide and reference as we move towards those changes.

For anyone interested in life in a vibration different from our own, be it in past or future, this book is well worth reading. 

Review by Diana Savil

Published by Ozark Mountain Publishing



ISBN 978-1886940-20-8

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by Tonika RinarJourney Home

According to this book everyone is capable of time travel. We can access history as it really happened, without later exaggeration or bias. We can also heal ourselves by coming to terms with our past lives.

In this book, Tonika escorts you into other worlds and dimensions, explaining her own remarkable experiences with the paranormal, embracing past life regression, ghosts, angel and spirit guides. She also encourages you along your own journey of self-recovery and understanding. A journey in which you can discover your own connection with the Universe and the many different dimensions contained within Creation.

“Journey Home” offers a multitude of insights, and along the way looks at some of the fundamental questions asked by all cultures around the world. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the point of our life? What happens when we die?

When I picked this book up, the sub-title made me expect a story-line that would be chronologically followed to reveal the many experiences of the writer. Instead, the book takes you along certain themes of which the author has gained a multitude of experiences and insights over time. The book focuses on angels, archangels, our soul, negative entities and God as well as the astral realms, spirit guides, ghosts, past lives and time travel.

Some of the things she writes about are well known to those of us who have read many spiritual books over time, and they are like a reminder of knowledge already gained. Yet other things were new to me. Tonika has a different view on many historical events as well as on spiritual protection as such in that she writes, there is no such thing as protection from false energies. Tonika writes about discernment, a much needed quality in these times of immense information coming towards us.

Tonika has a special way to discern Divine Will in her life. I feel we each have our own ways for discernment. We each have our own paths to follow and though I enjoyed this book thoroughly and found it very informational, not all within it resonated with my truth and inner being.

Review by Catheljine Filippo-Kokkeel


Published by O books  www.O-books.net

ISBN number: 978-1-90504-700-0

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by Sylvia BrowneThe Psychic Torch

This book includes the full text of Sylvia’s bestsellers, “Adventures of a Psychic”, “If You Could See What I See”, and an all new volume “Accepting the Psychic Torch”.

What a wonderful anthology full of Sylvias experiences with her guide Francine, and about her life. In “Accepting the Psychic Torch” she focuses on her special relationship with her beloved psychic grandmother, Ada Coil.

All three parts take us on a psychic journey, gaining so much knowledge.  With each part, Francine gives us windows into the spiritual world and how things are seen from the other side of life.  A truly fascinating read.

Review by Juliana Glanfield


Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-4019-2042-5

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by Ruth WhiteWorking with your Soul

How can I do justice to this book in a few short paragraphs? I’m tempted to simply say, ‘read it!’ This would certainly be my advice for anyone who has yet to find an answer to the eternal questions, ‘why me?’ or, ‘what am I here for?’ Even if you don’t work your way faithfully through all the exercises – which I haven’t done yet – you will find a lot of very useful information to help you answer those and other similar questions, including a detailed explanation of karmic issues.

There are chapters on relationships (family, friends, romantic, business, enemies etc); archetypal helpers and obstacles and illness/dark nights of the soul, as well as ‘decoding your soul’s purpose’ and other helpful subjects.  Ruth White offers a comprehensive guide to finding out what your soul is hoping to achieve from your lifetime, and how you can consciously work towards those objectives.  Anyone who is working through a lifetime of struggle with a particular issue, e.g. health, may at last find the reasons for this. There is a chapter devoted to the three types of karmic work.  Retributive, is resolving a past-life issue, or making up in some way for past imbalances or abuses. Redemptive, is helping others to work through similar issues, from the perspective of your own journey through them – working towards a life that makes your heart sing. Transcendent, is going beyond the need to do this work, to a stage where you surpass the needs and expectations of your soul contract and all obstacles disappear, leaving you to move forward joyously and freely to heights you never dreamed possible.

I also have Ruth’s book, ‘Working with your spirit guides’; this book is a companion or sequel to it, though you don’t need to have read one to work with the other. However, taken as a pair they could help to completely transform your life, leaving you with a better understanding of your reasons for incarnating; where you are now; and where you would like to be; and also with a useful road map and guidance for getting there. A thoroughly recommended read.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Piatkus   www.piatkus.co.uk


ISBN: 0-7499-2745-3

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By Wagner AlegrettiRetrocognitions

Alegretti’s interest in non-physical manifestations of the consciousness started with his own experiences of spontaneous conscious projection, which began when he was 10. By the time he was 19 he had developed the ability to produce lucid out-of-body experiences largely at will.

This book is a technical-scientific analysis based on Alegretti’s work in the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology over a period of eight years. It studies retrocognitions that occur during out-of-the-body experiences and their relation to other types of perceptions. It also discusses recollections of the periods between one human life and the next – retrocognitions in which the person can access important information regarding the goals we are programmed to accomplish in this life.

Alegretti has written this book using the terminology familiar to teachers and students of Conscientology, and as such it is a major classification of a whole range of associated experiences. Generally these experiences are referred to by a hotchpotch of names taken from a variety of groups and cultures both modern and ancient, and as such can be confusing. One person’s interpretation of “aura” maybe very different to some one else’s – while two seemly different terms can mean the same thing. Conscientology appears to have started with a clean slate and re-named each experience in such a logical manner that there can be no confusion as to what the terms mean. Where appropriate Alegretti has also given the names in common usage allowing us something familiar to cling to along the way. Chakra is one of the few existing names that seem to have found a place in this study.

This is not light reading by any means and there are no case studies included. It presents the whole arena of past lives, OBE’s and a myriad of other psychic phenomena in a coherent and logical manner. For those wishing to understand these processes intellectually this book is a must have source of reference to well documented experiences.

Review by Claire Williams

Published by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)


ISBN: 0-9702131-6-6

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by Bruce & Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross

James Leininger was just two years old when he began having disturbing nightmares that would not stop. He screamed out in the night “plane on fire! Little man can’t get out!” While nightmares are common among children, what happened next shocked those around him.

James began to reveal details of planes and war tragedies that no two year old boy could possibly know. So began his parents’ quest, which led them to the unbelievable truth that their son was reliving the past life of World War II fighter pilot James Huston. This touching story tells of the very personal challenges that Bruce and Andrea Leininger faced during the years they spent researching their little son’s statements about the friends he had known as James Huston, and the technical details he revealed.

This is a story that confounds the sceptics (of whom Bruce Leininger was most definitely one) and confirms the beliefs of those who already believe in life after death – or life after life! It is also a tale of the deep friendships forged in the heat of war that continue long after the battles are over, perhaps longer than has been realised.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Hay House www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-84850-219-2


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