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by Klaus Heinemann & Gundi HeinemannOrbs

Klaus and Gundi Heinemann have written inspiringly and coherently about the scientific authenticity of Orbs and their probable significance as messengers and emanations of and from the Spirit world, now having a physical form and communication with us here in 3D. In co-authoring the book they have imparted two very definite rhythms successfully integrating the scientific with the intuitive and exploring the many messages of the Orbs.

The book documents varied and fabulous pictures capturing Orbs under quite different circumstances ~ some controlled and others spontaneous.  Some having faces within them, others beautifully coloured and multifaceted with light, others opaque and again others nearly clear and translucent in form. The size and shape differ as do the speeds at which they travel – some leaving corridors of light around them as they move at vast speeds, others hovering there, then mysteriously vanish.  They have been clairvoyantly identified as Ascended Masters, others as Angels, but whatever their essence it appears certain that they are a communication from the Spirit realms who are recognized as being in close contact with humanity at this point in our evolvement.

Is it, they ask, because we humans as a whole are now more open to the presence of these loving Spirits in our lives that they are appearing so prolifically? Perhaps they have always been there but only comparatively recently have we humans developed a technology that can capture their essence in our 3D world. Digital cameras were the key turning point. Klaus explains how it is possible for the Spirit Beings to use a tiny bit of our physical energy with theirs to create themselves as form, turning the non-physical into the physical. It also appears that the focus and intent of the photographer can have everything to do with the resultant photo, as does the spiritual integrity and maturity of the person taking the photograph: read the amazing ‘through the lens-cap photography’ stories also documented and recounted in this fascinating book.

The luminous globes of colour and light known to us as Orbs appear as focus points seeming to draw attention to actions, be in agreement with a broadcast message, be present around charismatic people and events, in Healings, with children, as guardians, at sacred places and times – in fact they are all around us. This light energy is unmistakably Spiritual in essence and their message is one of very positive contact giving us encouragement and help with every step that we take. They are intuitively felt and understood as symbols of the Spirit worlds speaking directly to the soul, magnificent and varied in their communication and evoking the mystery of our existence.

Review by Jacqueline Percy

Published by Hay House UK


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by Donald McKinneyWalking in the Mist

Discover the magic, wisdom and profound spirituality of the Ancient Celts for a more peaceful and purposeful life today.

In an increasingly stressful and materialistic world, the age-old beliefs and practices of the Celts bring us back in tune with the magical forces of nature and the spirit world that surround us.

From his own personal journey along the Celtic path, Donald McKinney shows how their wisdom can be applied to enrich our day-to-day lives. He explores the Celtic connection with the natural world, showing us how to find our own Sacred Space and tap into earth energies through meditation. Revealing the power and significance of the changing seasons and lunar cycles, he also offers practical guidance on the Celtic approach to everything from relationships to work and health.

Donald McKinney recaptures the lost wisdom of our forebears and shows it is still very much relevant to our lives today.

On reading the first page of this book, I felt as I were in a gentle mist; in it and part of it at one and same time. The more I read, the more I resonated with the message it brings – to reconnect to the natural order, to step outside the turmoil and pressures of the mundane and be at peace and in tune with the natural world around. This is a unique and practical guide; a veritable treasure house of information.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Hodder & Stoughton


ISBN: 0-340-83355-6

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