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by Diana Cooper & Kathy CrosswellThe Keys to the Universe

I’ve been a great fan of Diana Cooper for many years and this book, collaborated with Kathy Crosswell is in my opinion one of the most powerful she has written so far.  The tag line sums up the contents – accessing the ancient secrets by attuning to the power and wisdom of the cosmos – I was enthralled instantly.  Part one titled’ The First Golden Cosmic Keys – Hollow Earth’ includes working with and understanding The Ancient Civilizations: Atlantis; Lemuria; Mu; Petranuim and Angala through to the Ancient Cultures, The Portals, and the Kingdoms.  Part two titled ‘The Second Cosmic Key – Sirius’ includes Time and Speed, Sacred Geometry, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Laws and Oneness.

Written and presented with authority, clarity and much love, I gained an extraordinary amount of new information and insight.

Step by step exercises at the end of each sub-chapter showed clear approaches to connecting with new dimensions, places within and around our planet and star system and Beings of higher vibration, all beautifully accompanied by a lovely CD.

This is my essential reading for our times.  I recommend this book as a definitive user guide to all Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Healers of our new Evolving Planet.

Review by Ann O’Keife

Published by Findhorn Press




ISBN: 9781844095001

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by Simon and Sue LillyPreseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a mysterious rock that is found in West Wales and was transported in great slabs to form part of Stonehenge.  This book explores the complex weaving of myth, history, science and beliefs that surround the stone, suggesting that it has great potential for personal and global integration.

This is an interesting and in depth account of the story of Preseli Bluestone as told and re-told over at least 5,000 years.  It takes us on a journey through the times of Arthur and Merlin, the layout and placement of stones at Stonehenge, the geometry of stone circles, the geology of the rock (a form of spotted dolerite), the landscape of Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) and its links with the World Grids and Energy Lines.

As a Crystal Healer myself I particularly enjoyed the final chapter of the book which explores the healing properties, and suggests a range of over 25 layouts and grids that can be used to restore balance to our energy fields.  The bluestone is particularly effective at grounding and clearing energies, and also able to take our awareness to other times and places.

This is a very valuable addition to my collection of crystal books and has prompted me to pay a lot more attention to my own piece of Bluestone to great effect.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Tree Seer Publications.

ISBN: 978 1905454082



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by J A Non

A symbolic code within a number of fifteenth century paintings sent the author on a painful, emotional, spiritual journey to unlock their secrets.  “Labouring through the secrets of the RES RICHES HEURES and the Hellenic heresy has sent me through a form of spiritual initiation.”

A great wisdom belonging to the oldest religion on the earth, an international religion, with England its sacred heart. “Was it on the ground of Somerset that Jesus first saw the cosmic nature of his path?”

In reading this book I found that some of my established belief patterns were virtually turned upside down and, like the Author, needed to spend time re-examining many concepts that have been passed to us down the Ages by recorded history and the Church. This is certainly a very challenging and thought-provoking volume.  It needs to be read with an open mind, as she explores and explains the mystical thread that moves through the Megalithic Age, Ancient Egypt, Troy, King Arthur, St George, the Holy Grail, medieval monastic Orders, the Knights Templar, and so much more.

Be prepared to perhaps experience your own challenges in reading this extremely and extensively researched and well-presented work.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Vanguard Press


ISBN: 9781843865315

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by Cheryl Yambrach RoseArt Through The Eyes of the Soul

This oracle deck is a vehicle of great power through which you may access the Mythic beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces. Deep insights and profound answers are hidden within the paintings.

If you ask, they will provide personal intuitive guidance for you as well as a deep insight and profound answers. Meditating on a card image connects you into the energy field of the location where the painting was conceived. You become the Weaver of your own fate by tuning into your higher self and allowing that spontaneous connection to answer your question or suggest advice. No intermediary need be involved, and your own self-empowerment will result. The box contains 52 gilded cards of original oil paintings with a 1112 page guidebook.

I was very excited to receive these beautiful, artistically made cards. The set is very Magical, and connects one deeply to the sacred sites and the magical part of one’s inner being. I absolutely loved the connection to sacred places that I hold dear to my heart such as the Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well and the Fairy Glen in Wales. Various influences can be found in the cards, such as sacred sites from all over the world, goddesses, divine beings and angels.

When picking a card for the readers of Paradigm Shift, I received “Anastacia and the Rising Cedars of Russia” and the card was titled Plant the Seed of a New Template.

This card shows is it is no longer an obligation to follow the dictates of society. It is time to go against the grain. Everything we need to succeed is within us.

This set is a must have for all those who love the old myths, sacred spaces and enjoy mystical art!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Rosehall LLC



ISBN: 978-0-9825897-0-0

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by S.V. PeddlePagan Channel Islands

This book, by Sandra and Vince Peddle (S.V. Peddle) explores the fascinating phenomena of the menhirs and dolmens found on the Channel Islands. There are many surviving examples of these standing stones and chambers; many others, however, have been deliberately destroyed or used as building material. Often, those which have survived have done so because of superstitions warning of dire consequences befalling anyone who interferes with the stones. Others have survived because they have been ‘Christianised’ – a cross has been carved on the stone, perhaps, or a church or chapel has been built on the same site.

The authors do a wonderful job of bringing the origins and history of the monuments and stone sites to life. They give a wealth of information on ancient beliefs, rituals and burial practices. Many customs which have survived until the present day in the Islands have their origin in these old Pagan rites.

Although the Channel Islands are part of the UK, they are of course located very close to the coast of France. In the chapter entitled ‘The Isles of Avalon’, the authors refer to evidence that Herm was a ‘major Neolithic entombment centre or resting place of the dead’. There are thousands of neolithic burials on the tiny island of Herm, and there is a strong possibility that many who are buried there had been brought across the sea from the nearby mainland. This could also apply to Sark.

But it is not only death rites that the ancient stones can tell us of. Moon magic, rituals for girls to discover their husbands, witches’ ceremonies, fairy dances and mythical beasts all have associations with the monuments. The mythology of the Channel Islands, documented in this highly readable book, is of interest to residents of the Islands and visitors alike.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Robert Hale Ltd  www.halebooks.com

ISBN: 978-0709082484

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by Jenny Pearson-SnapeAwakening the Chakras through a journey of self-discovery
Jenny’s excellent book discusses the chakra system, preparing for the inner journey and how ordinary things, if looked at closely enough, will give you messages about the issues that need to be examined when dealing with releasing old thought and habit patterns within the chakras.
The physical journey undertaken by Jenny crosses many continents, collecting the energy from the seven sacred sites. It began in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and finished in Santiago, Spain and lasted five eventful weeks.
The task Jenny set herself and her show of stamina is an inspiration, something that we can all aspire to, especially as she offers advice for travellers who wish to do the same journey. The two meditations at the end of the book are eloquently written by Julie Wise. I run a meditation class and have used these two journey’s to help my students to connect to the flower within their hearts.
A delightful, easy to read book explaining the fascinating details of two journeys and the story behind the creation of Jenny’s seven unique sprays.
Review by Sally Tyler
Spiritual Path Books UK   ISBN – 978-0-9558832-2-4

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