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The Wicca Handbook contains a wealth of rituals, correspondences and spells. It is an invaluable reference for the veteran witch and an absolute must for the new witch.

As someone who has an interested in the art of white witchcraft I found this book extremely useful. It is written in plain English and removes the taboos witchcraft has brought with it from the middle ages.

It is a practical hands on guide to using spells, directions, birth signs and moon fazes to help yourself and others. The author suggests that you follow your own inner guidance and the spells and ceremonies provided are for inspiration only.  A thoroughly enjoyable read .

Author: Eileen Holland.

ISBN: 978-0-7090-8884-4

Published by Robert Hale


Reviewed by Sandra RobertsWicca Handbook

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 by Patricia CrowtherCovensense

Covensense was written in the hope that it might be helpful to witches, pagans and other occultists. Patricia Crowther has answered some of the many questions concerning the numerous facets and mysterious byways which surround the practices and beliefs of witchcraft, both ancient and modern.

I found this a very readable book, covering information I hadn’t come across before. For example there is information about the language of flowers – in the past couples in love could send certain flowers to each other and they held specific meanings. More importantly, secret messages could be sent between witches during the persecution years in the same way. There is also mention of some herbs I’ve not seen anything about in other books I’ve read on this subject. I was also interested to see that there is a link between the pentagram and Venus, as the planet’s movement through the skies creates a five pointed star.

This is an encyclopaedic collection full of interesting information – very useful for newcomers to the craft or Paganism. Also for anyone on the spiritual path for the Old Ways have a legacy well worth discovering.

Review by Heather Charnley

Published by Robert Hale   www.halebooks.com

ISBN: 978-0-7090-8720-5

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by Rae Beth

The back cover reminds us that “village wisewomen and men, the community’s witches, have always helped to heal wounded lives.”  It goes to state that “when disaster strikes, or when we’re struggling through things such as divorce or family conflict, today’s hedge witchcraft can still give the means to help ourselves and others … What is presented here is not superficial and not a shortcut.  Rather, it is a powerful process, a method which can be adapted to any situation where help may be needed.”

This book is not for the experienced practitioner, but Rae Beth has produced an excellent volume that begins from the very basic concepts of ethical magic working, with light and easily comprehensible explanations of the reasons behind them.  She believes that the Universe holds everything we need to live healthy, happy and abundant lives, and gives both the general rules of spellcraft and some practical ideas to help improve lives.  Ideas include a heal-anything spell, a spell for psychic protection, and a spell for healing trauma, and she also details the principles around which anyone can build a spell of their own.  The book includes an appendix of magical correspondences to help in building your own spells or adapting hers.  I would recommend reading the whole book before starting to practise spellcraft, as words of wisdom are scattered throughout.

The only place where a “spiritual” paradigm would part company with Rae Beth is when she states that she does not believe that we attract everything that occurs in our lives.  However, she does advocate a very gentle form of “white” witchcraft, and shapes her spells to avoid harming anyone. She even asks that if the fault is her own, then the spell should work on herself, as well as or instead of the other. Also included throughout are the ethics of spellcraft.  In a nutshell, the Wiccan Rede applies – “an it harm none, do what you will” – but she expands on this to show how easy it is to unwittingly harm someone.  Doing so, as every witch worth her faery companion knows, can result in the spell rebounding on you – possibly even threefold.

Review by Karen Tucker

Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd  www.halebooks.com  ISBN: 978-0-7090-8618-5


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by Marie BruceThe Wiccan Temptress

This is a book full of fun and good humour, with a serious message underneath.  Marie Bruce has written a wonderful guide to help women discover (or rediscover) their true womanhood and sexuality, and how to deal with beginning and maintaining relationships, whether they be long-term or just a fling.  All aspects of being a temptress are covered here – clothes, grooming, home décor and interpersonal skills.  But beneath all the advice on how to become a sexy goddess, there is a fundamental point that a woman’s most important attribute is self-respect, and respect for others.  Throughout the book there are tips and techniques, as well as spells, blessings and magical recipes.  But this is not just a book for women – any men out there who wonder what makes women tick could do worse than peruse these pages!  Great fun.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by  Robert Hale Limited  ISBN 978-0-7090-8220-0  www.halebooks.com

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