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by Linda ShayDolphin Love

Linda Shay takes us on a journey into the pristine tropical waters of Hawaii where she communes, up close and personal, with a pod of wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

She tells us about one moment, with one dolphin, that changes her life forever.

Through interdimensional encounters with the dolphins on land, and magical close encounters with the dolphins in the sea, Linda becomes a bridge between the worlds of humans and dolphins. The bond of healing and love that has been forged unites her eternally with her beloved family of the sea.  This touching and inspiring glimpse into Linda’s journey with the dolphins opens a doorway into the realm of possibility. It offers an expanded view of who these endearing dolphins really are. It serves as a clear demonstration of the dolphins’ desire and ability to heal the human heart, helping us achieve higher states of peace, love, and joy.

This is a true story that takes place on land, in the sea, and in the realm of spirit … in other dimensions of reality. Linda wrote this book with the intention that each reader would co-create their own unique spiritual adventure story with the dolphins. Many have reported receiving unexpected healings and energy transmissions while reading this book.

I loved this book. Once I picked it up I was immersed in it like a dolphin in tropical waters and I highly recommend this book to Paradigm Shift readers. I found it truly inspiring. Not just because it is so lovely to read about real life and energetic encounters with dolphins, but also because this book is one about a spiritual journey.   Linda follows Spirit and Dolphin and by following her true path is an inspiration for anyone on a spiritual journey, whatever that journey may be.

Reading the book opened me up to the possibility of living in a flow with life, instead of swimming against the current. It also reminds the reader of the importance of living a joy filled life.  Reading the book will certainly open you up to the beautiful qualities of the dolphins. It helped me bring more of those qualities into my own life!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Dancing Seas Media


ISBN: 978-0-9847431-0-0

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by David KesslerVisions, Trips & Crowded Rooms

David Kessler is one of the world’s extraordinary people.  A highly respected lecturer on death and grief; a trained nurse; a specialist police reserve officer; and a member of the Red Cross disaster team, who now runs a unique end-of-life programme at a large hospital in Los Angeles.

In his gentle, easy-to-read style, David opens minds to what health-care workers, and indeed the dying themselves, tell us about final moments here on Earth. He explores not only health-care situations but also the legal ramifications of deathbed visions.  After years of personal experience and extensive research, he sees a need to talk openly about what people ‘see and feel at the end of life without fear of what others may think’, and includes many fascinating accounts, one from 1711. In addition, he explores how deathbed scenes are depicted in literature, film, TV, and the arts.

I certainly don’t need convincing, that as David himself says, ‘life ends, but love is eternal.’ Not only am I a Medium, and have been shown wonderful visions of the next world, but, just as in similar accounts in the book, my dying Mum pointed to the bottom of her hospital-bed saying, ‘He’s here!’ when she saw my Father, who had passed eight years previously. It is lovely to know that what I experienced as my Mother passed over is what many throughout the world also experience.

This is a very satisfying read but not the kind of book you need to devour all in one go, but can savour whenever you feel like reading one of the uplifting and inspiring stories. Read with an open mind and a loving heart, these accounts will give you much food for thought.

In David’s own words: ‘As you can see from these stories, deathbed visions are often a powerful experience for the living as well as the dying.’

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Hay House UK Ltd



ISBN: 978-1-4019-2542-0

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 by Diane Egby-EdwardsMagical Sounds

Diane, has been a Hypnotherapist for almost twenty-five years, combines Hypnotherapy with Sound Healing, and works closely with Diana Cooper. For her CD Magical Sounds, she has created thirteen sacred sound-journey meditations, using magical tuning forks; finishing with a tamboura meditation, to bring the harmony of Angels into our lives. After a singing bowl introduction, her gentle voice guides you throughout a step by step journey, to understand how each of the chakras function to keep your body in balance, so you can live in ‘Universal flow’. There is no accompanying booklet to explain more fully what the CD is about, everything you need to know is contained in the actual meditations.

The CD begins with Diane describing how sound/vibration affects every molecule in the body and how it can cause harmony or dis-ease within an individual. She then describes how lovingly an Archangel looks after the energy of each chakra, and takes you through an Archangel meditation in order of the chakras.

I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more variety of natural sounds to accompany each meditation but I would recommend this CD to those who want to learn more about the loving and protective power of Archangels.

Review by Jane Adams

Published by Purple Delta


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