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by Diana Cooper & Kathy CrosswellThe Keys to the Universe

I’ve been a great fan of Diana Cooper for many years and this book, collaborated with Kathy Crosswell is in my opinion one of the most powerful she has written so far.  The tag line sums up the contents – accessing the ancient secrets by attuning to the power and wisdom of the cosmos – I was enthralled instantly.  Part one titled’ The First Golden Cosmic Keys – Hollow Earth’ includes working with and understanding The Ancient Civilizations: Atlantis; Lemuria; Mu; Petranuim and Angala through to the Ancient Cultures, The Portals, and the Kingdoms.  Part two titled ‘The Second Cosmic Key – Sirius’ includes Time and Speed, Sacred Geometry, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Laws and Oneness.

Written and presented with authority, clarity and much love, I gained an extraordinary amount of new information and insight.

Step by step exercises at the end of each sub-chapter showed clear approaches to connecting with new dimensions, places within and around our planet and star system and Beings of higher vibration, all beautifully accompanied by a lovely CD.

This is my essential reading for our times.  I recommend this book as a definitive user guide to all Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Healers of our new Evolving Planet.

Review by Ann O’Keife

Published by Findhorn Press




ISBN: 9781844095001

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By Stewart PearceThe Angels of Atlantis

With a sub-title like this one – Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever – you would expect this book to pack quite a punch. And it does. Stewart Pearce has long been known in the Mind Body Spirit arena for his sound healing work and for his other books, which include The Alchemy of Voice and The Heart’s Note. There is also a deck of oracle cards which accompanies the book under review, which presumably also utilise the stunning illustrations of each Archangel’s energy signature by Richard Crookes.

Atlantis is, for many, an old wives’ tale, a legend with no historical basis, yet many books, workshops etc are now available to help us connect with the energy of this very ancient civilisation. In his Prologue, Stewart Pearce tells us that ‘my intention … is not to create mystique but rather to connect the reader with that part of their psyche that resonates deeply with the notion of Atlantis, and the archetypal depth of human nature’.

In this book, the author connects for us the names and functions of the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis, and equates them with the energies of the twelve mightiest Archangels, each of whom has a chapter to him/herself. Each is also connected with a colour, an aroma, and a meditation to help the reader to a personal experience of the energies of that Archangel, as well as giving other information to help you better understand that energy, including a story which he feels illustrates the power of the Archangel.

Mention is also made of the geographical area of the world where the angel’s energies were taken by the relevant High Priest/ess at the fall of Atlantis and the effects this had on the local population. Metatron, for instance, is equated with Amun, who took his followers to Central Mexico and became ‘the great god Quetzlcoatl’. His energy also spread to Greece, where it took on the feminine role of Gaia, while in Egypt it became Amun-Ra, personified in the body of Pharaoh.

Values and questions to help connect with the energy are given for each angel, and a prayer ends each ‘angel story’, which the reader is encouraged to adapt to their own situation. There is so much to take in that this book is best read in short passages, and if you were to do more than one exercise in one sitting, you may well find your mind expanding out of your ears!

Short, informative, and powerful, this book is one that every lover of angelic energies or enquirer into the Atlantean legacy will want to own and read.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN: 978-1-84409-569-8

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Course by Joanna Bristow-WatkinsJoanna Bristow-Watkins

The day began with an explanatory description of Melchisadec (the ruler of the Violet Ray), the Ray itself being the essence of a unique spiritual light, and the Halls of Amenti, the etheric temple where our Akashic Records are kept.  Joanna provided us with a folder of detailed notes covering all this and the very wide range of both qualities and uses of the Violet Ray, both historically and in the present. As the day progressed we were taken through each stage carefully and thoughtfully giving ample time for questions.

Joanna explained the different lines of the symbol, the Vessica, giving us details of each stream and its meaning. We then practised using the symbol and found this to be an extremely powerful experience. I felt that, once we had ‘drawn’ the complete Vessica the room was filled with the same coloured streams of energy. Joanna ensured we remained balanced and grounded before continuing.

After lunch, we received the Attunements which involved Joanna placing ancient sacred symbols into our aura at specific chakra points – this too was a very powerful and empowering experience. The Attunement begins a 21 day clearing cycle – each chakra point taking 24 hours in turn, and the cycle repeated 3 times – i.e. 3 x 7 = 21.

There is so much more I could say about this workshop, but it really needs to be experienced to gain the full benefit.

Review by Joan Osborne


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by J A Non

A symbolic code within a number of fifteenth century paintings sent the author on a painful, emotional, spiritual journey to unlock their secrets.  “Labouring through the secrets of the RES RICHES HEURES and the Hellenic heresy has sent me through a form of spiritual initiation.”

A great wisdom belonging to the oldest religion on the earth, an international religion, with England its sacred heart. “Was it on the ground of Somerset that Jesus first saw the cosmic nature of his path?”

In reading this book I found that some of my established belief patterns were virtually turned upside down and, like the Author, needed to spend time re-examining many concepts that have been passed to us down the Ages by recorded history and the Church. This is certainly a very challenging and thought-provoking volume.  It needs to be read with an open mind, as she explores and explains the mystical thread that moves through the Megalithic Age, Ancient Egypt, Troy, King Arthur, St George, the Holy Grail, medieval monastic Orders, the Knights Templar, and so much more.

Be prepared to perhaps experience your own challenges in reading this extremely and extensively researched and well-presented work.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Vanguard Press


ISBN: 9781843865315

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by Colin WilsonFrom Atlantis to the Sphinx

Colin Wilson was inspired to research and write this book after synchronously stumbling across a number of works asserting that the historians had got much of their dating wrong. ‘Using the disputed age of the Sphinx as a starting point, [he] makes a plausible and ground-shaking argument for the existence of Atlantis.’ He claims there is evidence that ‘proves that there was a highly advanced, antediluvian society in Egypt’s prehistory to rival that of anything discovered or dreamed of before.’

He begins by providing a detailed breakdown of the evidence, and its interpretation regarding mankind’s ancient past, before going to work more closely on the timings of the Egyptian civilisation and its monuments; as well as those of Central and South American peoples. He puts forward powerful arguments to show that there have been intelligent species around for much longer than is currently believed. He acknowledges that there are many ideas which had to bide their time before becoming accepted, yet strangely disparages some of the current ‘out there’ theories as being on the ‘lunatic fringe’, which I found a disappointing blot on an otherwise fascinating copybook.

His suggestion that much more than technology has changed since the days of Atlantis is the most intriguing aspect of this book, for me. Our thinking has made a deep shift from ‘lunar-based’ to ‘solar-based’ paradigms (feminine to masculine principles). He suggests that much of what we think we know about our ancient ancestors should be viewed through the lens of right-brain intuition and connection with nature, rather than the current left-brain focus on logic. He also believes that society was unified by a group consciousness that we have lost sight of. But his final argument, that we have access to both types of consciousness and therefore the potential to find the best of both worlds, is both intriguing and challenging to those of us who are looking for a brighter future for mankind and the world.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Weiser Books  www.redwheelweiser.com

ISBN: 978-1-57863-306-0

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