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by David KesslerVisions, Trips & Crowded Rooms

David Kessler is one of the world’s extraordinary people.  A highly respected lecturer on death and grief; a trained nurse; a specialist police reserve officer; and a member of the Red Cross disaster team, who now runs a unique end-of-life programme at a large hospital in Los Angeles.

In his gentle, easy-to-read style, David opens minds to what health-care workers, and indeed the dying themselves, tell us about final moments here on Earth. He explores not only health-care situations but also the legal ramifications of deathbed visions.  After years of personal experience and extensive research, he sees a need to talk openly about what people ‘see and feel at the end of life without fear of what others may think’, and includes many fascinating accounts, one from 1711. In addition, he explores how deathbed scenes are depicted in literature, film, TV, and the arts.

I certainly don’t need convincing, that as David himself says, ‘life ends, but love is eternal.’ Not only am I a Medium, and have been shown wonderful visions of the next world, but, just as in similar accounts in the book, my dying Mum pointed to the bottom of her hospital-bed saying, ‘He’s here!’ when she saw my Father, who had passed eight years previously. It is lovely to know that what I experienced as my Mother passed over is what many throughout the world also experience.

This is a very satisfying read but not the kind of book you need to devour all in one go, but can savour whenever you feel like reading one of the uplifting and inspiring stories. Read with an open mind and a loving heart, these accounts will give you much food for thought.

In David’s own words: ‘As you can see from these stories, deathbed visions are often a powerful experience for the living as well as the dying.’

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Hay House UK Ltd



ISBN: 978-1-4019-2542-0

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by Steve TaylorOut of the Darkness

In this well written and easy to read book, Steve Taylor tells the stories of 30 people who have undergone permanent spiritual awakening after intense trauma and turmoil in their lives.  With sensitivity and compassion Taylor tells these people’s amazing stories and points out how many go on to become spiritual teachers themselves, Eckhart Tolle being a prime example of this.

There is a whole section of the book called ‘Death:The Great Awakener’ which explains how those who know they are going to die can reach a point where they accept death and feel a miraculous sense of wholeness and freedom and the glory of living fully in the present.

The last section of the book is dedicated to why some people go through this experience and why it has this transformational power. This reflects upon the factor of letting go and the importance of becoming psychologically free of attachment to possessions, ambitions, status and regrets and to being more self sufficient and inwardly whole. In conclusion, the author goes on to suggest that we can all attain this level of awakening without actually putting ourselves through intense suffering and discusses how this can be achieved. The book shows us how natural spiritual awakening is to us all.

The book is inspiring because it shows us just how we can choose to make something excellent out of the worst events and experiences that life can throw at us.  It helps us to face some of the fears generated in our lives in society to-day, and know that enlightenment is latent in all of us. We can build a world in which people can live in harmony with themselves and each other; and that as long as we are prepared to face up to pain and suffering, there is nothing for us to be afraid of. The wonderful people described in this book give us living examples of this.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd



ISBN: 978-1-84850-254-3

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