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Using the Ageless Wisdom for Guidance, Insight and Greater Self-AwarenessKabbalah Cards

by Paul Roland and Sylvia Gainsford

This boxed pack contains a wall poster diagram of the Kabbalah glyph of the Tree of Life, a useful and informative explanation booklet and 33 cards (11 images representing the major energies of the spheres and 22 minor cards which represent the paths between them). The Kabbalah is a traditional Jewish metaphysical philosophy that contains ageless and universal wisdom. These cards have been designed for practical everyday use to overcome difficulties, make the most of opportunities, for divination, self-exploration and spiritual development. Sylvia P Gainsford is the artist and designer and she is a specialist in oracle card artwork. Paul Roland is the author of many valued esoteric books and is also a meditation and spiritual teacher.

The major cards are for meditation use, and the minor cards for readings. I chose Malkhut – Earth to meditate upon. The instructions are to look at the card, take deep breaths and enter the picture. This is a young, seated woman in a garden of flowering and fruit laden trees. On the ground is what could be a shield and a ripe apple. The booklet suggests that she has created this garden by drawing up plans, choosing the materials and has worked to produce the products. I was reminded of projects I am working on, and how I can reach good outcomes. I had a revelation to review my projects in order that they avoid depletion of the earth’s capacity to yield health and beauty. My minor card choice was the Hebrew letter Mem – the path between Venus and Jupiter. This card suggests a time of overcoming obstacles by compromise and diplomacy, versatility and flexibility and a need to go with the flow.

I enjoyed these cards very much and am confident that this will become one of my favourite decks.

Review by Wendy Stokes

Published by US Games Systems Inc (2005) www.usgamesinc.com


ISBN 978-3-03819-002-8

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by Paul LawlerTibetan Journey

“With its history and cultural richness, I felt encouraged to compose a Tibetan themed album. However, I decided to deviate from the regular spiritual path and create music that reflects the vibrancy of the Tibetan people and paints a picture of the remarkable Tibetan landscape and architecture.

‘Tibetan Journey’ is a musical voyage through the culture and natural wonders of Tibet. ‘The Rooftop of the World’. The music is a mix of Eastern and Western styles with Tibetan traditional instruments and voices at the core of the Orchestrations”

This is Paul Lawler’s description of his composition ‘Tibetan Journey’. I found this CD to be very easy listening – although (for me) perhaps not totally appropriate for a meditative journey, but certainly descriptive of the region. Each track has its own beauty and sometimes majesty, and Paul has achieved a unique blend of both.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by New World Music Ltd  www.newworldmusic.com

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by Angie MuccilloTapping for Kids

Australian Energy Therapies Trainer, Angie Muccillo, has put the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) into the hands of children. In her first book she welcomes them to The Palace of Possibilities and introduces The TapMeister to guide them on their journey to banish their fears and concerns and build self-esteem. She has designed the book for parents, teachers and children to enjoy together, and has included useful pictures by Sheryl Tongue to demonstrate the techniques of Tapping.

She says that the word emotion, e-motion, is just ‘energy in motion’ and that energy gets stuck, instead of moving freely around the body. This is when tapping on The Meridian Points can be used to great effect, so that ‘Chi’ or life-energy, can once again flow easily through the body. She stresses that constant reinforcement of this simple technique can banish confusion, fear, sadness and anger, replacing them with positive thoughts and emotions.

As an ex-teacher, I know how difficult it can be to teach esoteric subjects to children. This little book just makes it that bit easier.

 Review by Jane Stewart Adams


Published by DragonRising Publishing  www.Dragonrising.com

ISBN Number: 1-873483-50-3

ISBN13: 978-1-873483-50-3

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by Cindy CombsSunny Rain

This instrumental recording, featuring five compositions by Cindy Combs and eight arrangements of classic Hawaiian songs by other composers, conjures up palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze blowing over azure waters, making you long for long lazy walks along golden sands. It is a more contemporary take on the classic Hawaiian sound but still retains all the feeling.

I particularly liked the slower more soulful pieces. The accompanying booklet gives insight into the process of writing and playing ‘slack key stylings’.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Record Label: Dancing Cat  www.dancingcat.com

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by Geraint HughesMedit 1

Medit 1 is a series of 9 audio visual tracks, each lasting 10 minutes, of natural scenes all shot in real time, to assist you to reach a deep relaxation experience. The music is intentionally non melodic so that it does not distract you.

Each clip is a ten minute glimpse into a natural process – a candle responding to subtle changes in air pressure; palm trees responding to the wind; orbiting jelly fish etc all to be focused and contemplated upon.

When I first put this DVD on and started to watch, my mind went haywire! We are so used to video entertainment and lots of things happening and lots of sound that this is to the “little I” an awful bore! Mind ticked and clucked and wandered and went all over the place, but part of me also settled and relaxed in a really deep, profound way. So although it was hard to do that first time, I felt quieter and more relaxed after the experience and willing to give it another go. The next time, I managed to slow the thoughts more within that ten minutes and still had the good feeling at the end – after that I found that the mind chatter actually stilled fairly quickly and the whole experience was deep and rewarding.

I have been meditating for many years and yet never in this way. In the world where video is used to busy our minds, stimulate our brains and entertain us, this is a unique way to use the same media to do the opposite. It will take some time to get used to and to take the step to the next level, but it is well worth making the effort and the feelings of deep relaxation are actually quite profound. Over and above all this the visuals are quite stunningly beautiful and natural. I would recommend this video and it is a good way to show young people that films like this can actually take us away from the business of the everyday world, not necessarily keep the busy world wrapped around us all the time. Take the journey and see what it does for you.

Reviewed by Cathelijne Filippo


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by Robert Van de WeyerThe Wandering Sage

Robert Van de Weyer is a minister of a church dedicated to the unity of all religions near Cambridge, England. He has collected a range of short parables, fables and legends from the Taoist, Sufi, Celtic and Hasidic traditions and, after a comprehensive introduction expressing the importance of the story telling tradition, presents them to us to read through. As the blurb states – this is a collection of over 70 stories that capture the flavour of timeless wisdom and counter cultural wit that is part of our heritage. The stories are suitable for all ages, easy to remember and, once remembered, never forgotten.

This book was an easy read and left me with a profound sense of what life should be about and what our actual priorities for living should be. The stories are short and pithy and have a sense of wisdom that is as current to-day as they were when written. For example- Passage of Life:

A young woman said to the sage: “I feel sorry for old people.” “Why?” asked the sage. “Because most of their life is behind them, and they will soon be dead.”

“So do you have any plan to avoid this unhappy state yourself?” asked the sage. “Yes,” the young woman replied:” I intend to die while I am still young.” Then,” said the sage, “most of your life is already behind you.”  ( Hasidic)

I guess it is my age that really makes this one appeal to me, but this one sticks in my mind and haunts me – once read, not forgotten. Many others are similar to this and, if you want to access both the tradition of story telling and depth of thinking that is easy to read, then this is a book for you.

Reviewed by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by O Books  www.o-books.com

ISBN: 1903816653

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by Eileen Caddy MBEEileen Caddy

Since the day in 1952 when Eileen first heard an inner voice say, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ she has not only lived her personal life by that inner guidance, but has also been instrumental in creating the international spiritual community centred round the Findhorn Foundation.  Eileen realised that her role was to help others turn within and find their own inner direction, and her books reflect this encouragement to us all.  Eileen’s books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies throughout the world, in more than 30 languages.

This DVD is uniquely presented in chapters.  Each chapter unveiling the inspiring story of the beginnings of the Findhorn community in Scotland.  The DVD begins with Eileen reflecting on her initial reaction and surprise to the guidance she received on been directed to go to Findhorn and establish a community where ‘thousands and thousands of people would come to this place.’

Each chapter of the DVD closes with a meditation or affirmation led by Eileen in a well spoken and gentle manner, leading the viewer to the acceptance of both positive and negative aspects of the soul; and to see God’s divinity in oneself and others.

On a personal level I found both the affirmations and meditations extremely enlightening, and a useful tool to use every day.  The advantage being that it is a DVD and you are able to listen and repeat; rather than having to remember or read them had they been in book form.

If I were to say one less than favourable thing about this DVD it would be that the film quality is barely adequate and the images are often grainy, which spoils the overall impact of this particular DVD

Review by Vadia Rademaker

Published by Findhorn Press   www.findhornpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-84409-056-3

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by Karl Dawson & Sasha AllenbyMatrix Reimprinting

According to the cover of the book Matrix Reimprinting is a completely new personal development technique that dramatically improves health and wellbeing by allowing you to access and transform painful memories that may be holding you trapped in the past. It was developed from the popular self-help technique EFT, a meridian tapping therapy that has shown outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues. Matrix Reimprinting advances EFT by incorporating all the latest developments in New Sciences and quantum physics. This technique can be self-taught and can help you to overcome a variety of health and emotional challenges.

I found this fascinating reading material. Though I have read a few books on EFT, I cannot say I am very well trained in it. Although the book is written for both practitioners of EFT and those new to it, I feel it will be extra interesting for those already experienced. I found the incorporation of new developments of New Science and quantum physics very interesting.

As a therapist I was intrigued by the concept of ECHO’s: Energetic Consciousness Holograms that hold the energy of a trauma for us in our local field of energy. In MATRIX Reimprinting it is this ECHO that is used for transformation.

The book was well written and offers theory, many protocols as well as information about the different areas in which to use them such as relationships, addiction and illness. For me the true meaning of the book will have to be discovered by trying out the protocols, maybe with a friend to guide me through them. Something I have not yet found the time for. With all the upcoming changes in 2011 it may well be time for us all to embrace techniques such as these and work on our inner healing and transformation.

Reviewed by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN 1848502494

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Spiritual MentorTrudy Ashplant

I have just had the most amazing telephone reading from Trudy. She was startlingly accurate on so many levels. Professionally she went into exactly what I do and what I am intending to do and how I feel about it. She then explained to me what my actual spiritual role was here in earth, which resonated with me perfectly. Finding out that my Dad has just died she also channelled some messages from him, which was wonderful. I had no doubt he was talking through her.

Trudy is such an affable person that you really feel comfortable asking her questions and she’s incredibly helpful on so many levels. She can give you timelines for events and projects to come, and suggest affirmations or behaviour, which can release your own personal blockages. She also read my health and suggested things I should be careful of. The main thing she did was to leave me with a feeling of happiness and positivity. This is probably the best and most accurate reading I have ever had.

Review by Sarita Cameron 


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by David WellsDavid Wells

This book includes how to learn about your own astrology and the personality, relationships and destiny behind it. The significance of numerology and how it can reveal your own life path. You can learn how to use tarot cards as well as gaining tips to increase your psychic energy and intuitive power.

The thing I enjoyed is that David Wells doesn’t take himself too seriously but he does take his craft seriously.  A man after my own heart – always referring after each of the meditation exercises to put that kettle on for a cup of tea (essentially to help ground yourself); as tea make your heart glow with warmth and compassion just like David’s sense of humour.

David Well’s takes you on a journey not only from the experiences he has learned on his psychic journey but he opens up the Aladdin’s Cave to allow you to ride on that magic carpet too!

From learning about numerology, reading and practising the tarot, seeing your own 3rd eye through meditation. This book is fun and practical and is used as an icebreaker between him and reader. If you are a practitioner just starting out this book is perfect to gain your skills further. Loved it!

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House.  ISBN  1848501013  www.hayhouse.co.uk


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