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by Julia CameronThe Prosperous Heart

In The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron, author of the international bestseller The Artists Way, presents a 12 week programme for using practical financial tools – in partnership with your creative heart and soul.

Drawing on her decades of experience working with artists as an expert on a creative process, Cameron shines a clear light on the path to forging a healthy relationship with money and a rich creative life.

I was asking myself  “Jude, would you rather live a life of prosperity or a life of lack? Are you ready to shift into?” Then by sheer universal magnetism along came Julia Cameron’s approach to how we could live our lives in a prosperous heart. Her way is simple, effective and turns your view on how to live in a prosperous way creatively. In only 6 weeks this book takes you step by step, and a ‘step up’ each week with exercises on how to  live in gratitude, counting your money without judging yourself, using powerful affirmations and working with your god or higher consciousness and thanking him/her. De-cluttering areas of your home and relationships.

Already I have resolved issues with money and how to ‘value’ myself more and I am learning how to live more prosperously and live more abundantly.

There will be aha! moments and your perception of money changes with daily walks, time out thinking, counting and daily 3 page journalling. It all wonderfully supports you along your path to a more financially prosperous future. Blown out the window is the idea that we are in a recession. Not with Cameron’s book, there is an abundant world out there you just have to change your focus and create a wonderful plan of richness in your life.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House


ISBN: 1848509774


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Self Healing Techniques For Everyone Know That You Are Loved

by Philena Bruce

This little book is such an easy read, which makes a refreshing change to some books of the same genre.

Philena Bruce is a world renowned healer and palmist with thirty years experience, and writes with compassion and humour, her lovely down to earth attitude is both inspiring and uplifting.

In the first part of the book, her methods for living a happier more fulfilled life are in the form of telling her own story which, in a matter of fact and light-hearted way, conveys her sincerity in wanting to share what has worked for her and her clients.  The concluding chapters in part two cover more detailed methods of healing, with exercises to try, and here too it keeps the form of storytelling including more success stories.

The message is in the title.  Whilst reading the first chapter, it really did ‘hit home’ that however hard we may try to manifest a happier, more abundant life, if there are shadows of unworthiness lurking in our unconscious that have not been healed, then they will cancel any effort made.  Reading on, we are shown how to heal those shadows.

Philena Bruce introduces a truly holistic approach to manifesting our desires in that she focuses on all aspects of happiness, physical, mental and spiritual, the material benefits are then a bonus.

Review by Sandra Marrison. Published by O Books.   ISBN 978-1-84694-308-9.  www.o-books.com www.philena.co.uk www.knowthatyouareloved.com


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by Dr John F. DemartiniCount Your Blessings

This book is transformational, and I don’t say this lightly as I’ve been a fan of John F Demartini for several years (seeing him in Conscious Cinema talks). John’s book is a beautifully crafted balance of ancient wisdom, real life stories and practical processes on how to align with Gratitude and Love.

I run a Gratitude Group in Sussex so thought this would be an ideal book to learn from and I was not disappointed! John’s work is well researched – he has studied hundreds of modalities over a 30 year period. This is paired with a generous dose of unconditional love and empathy, John truly wants to guide the reader to feel gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Is this achievable? With some effort, yes! I examined so many areas of my own life and realised with some big revelations, both painful and amazing -that by shifting perceptions, taking responsibility and choosing to feel love and gratitude in my heart (not head) how rewarding this process can be.

This is a brilliant, heart opening process – highly recommended if you want to heal the past and create a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Review by Ann O’keife

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-84850-124-9


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