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by Angela McGerr

These cards take you further on the Way of Love and Light to find inner peace and tranquillity. This is a journey to Oneness achieved by feeling part of All, in other the living, conscious energy of Earth and all sentient life.

The first reaction on seeing these cards is ‘Wow!’  The illustrations are amazingly beautiful, even without the book giving the explanations on the cards and how to use them for a reading. I used them as a meditation tool with my group and everyone was just blown away by the powerful and evocative imagery. Even the card backs (there are four separate suites of twelve) evoked an inner response – before the individual face illustrations were seen. These are cards that can be used in so many ways, not just for readings but as personal and/or group focal points to reach increased levels of awareness. The only slightly negative point I would raise is that the book is sealed onto the fold-over pack so that it makes it somewhat difficult to handle.

Angela McGerr has completed her Angel card trilogy on a wonderfully high note and for those who would like the set, look for her Harmony Angel cards and Heart & Soul Angel cards.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Quadrille Publishing Limited  www.quadrille.co.uk

ISBN No: 978 184400 744 8


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by Susan Gregg

“Discover the magical properties and mystical uses of nearly 300 herbs, flowers,and other plants -many of which you can find right outside your back door.”

A wonderful book and reference tool for so many plants. Such clarity is given in the description of each plant with its magical and medicinal uses, and each one beautifully enhanced by coloured photographs. Susan really portrays her expertise and precise knowledge on every page. Highly recommended to enhance any bookshelf.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Published by Rockport Publishers USA  www.fairwindspress.com

ISBN-13:978-1-59233-364-6  ISBN-10:1-59233-364-8


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by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

I think we are all agreed by now that humanity as a whole cannot continue on the same self-destructive path and that a great shift is needed if we are to make the next evolutionary transition. This book is an excellent guide to how that shift can be achieved on a global scale by making changes on a personal level. Written in an erudite way, and meticulously researched, the book is the perfect blend of science and spirit. But it is by no means a heavy read and there are lovely touches of humour throughout. Many of the ideas will be familiar to readers of Barbara Marx Hubbard and there is the same down to earth yet inspiring vision of an enlightened future for humanity.

If you only buy one book this year, it should be this one. Superb.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-4019-2580-2

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by Sandra Anne Taylor

I found this a very useful and practical book. Although it is perhaps a little too weighted towards using the Law of Attraction for material purposes, it is nevertheless an excellent guide to have on the spiritual path as well and the exercises apply to all areas of life. The book is clearly written and I liked the way the content is broken down into a kind of countdown to success – seven universal laws, six personal powers, five magnetic energies, four steps, three unseen assistants (the most overtly spiritual section), two obstacles and cuminating with the one path to success.

Sandra Anne Taylor writes with such clarity and enthusiasm that the reader can easily learn to picture what they want to achieve, understand why they may not have succeeded in the past, and take concrete steps to make their vision a reality. An excellent guide to harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-84850-113-3


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2012 and Beyond

by Diana Cooper

With 2012 and Beyond, Diana Cooper has produced another gem. This inspiring book stands out from the vast array of books currently appearing on the subject of 2012 and, despite its relative shortness (my only reservation about the book is that I wish it were longer!), covers everything one could possibly want to know as we face this transitional time and what lies beyond.

The book is divided into three main sections: the year 2012 itself, the period of adjustment between 2012 and 2032, and a final section indicating what we might expect as we progress beyond 2032.

Diana writes with a clear vision of what will occur from this point onwards and suggests what we need to do to make the most of the opportunities that will be presented to us. Each chapter concludes with one or more wonderful exercises.

A must-read for all of us as we approach perhaps the most exciting time in our history.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN 978-1-84409-182-9

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Stories by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch

This interesting CD of magical stories by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch of The Wolfclan Teaching Lodge, with occasional background Native American music, tells how the Seneca Iroquois Indian Clans got their names. There are eight clans named after the birds and animals that made them aware of their connection to all life given to them by Great Spirit. Hawk Clan was established in honour of the Hawk who helped Big Arrow, a proud and arrogant warrior, who learnt to live with and respect all other creatures of the Earth. Snipe Clan came into being to represent the spiritual inspiration, discipline and humility shown to them by the noble bird. Beaver Clan was shown by the Beavers who helped them, that listening to others and respecting their talents strengthens friendship. Turtle Clan came about in honour of the ‘thoughtful purpose’ shown by the Turtles who assisted a wounded Seneca boy. Wolf Clan’s name was taken to honour the animal that represents Earth Law, and the message that loving harmony creates protection. Bear Clan took the name of the animal that represents brotherly love and serving the community through loyalty. Deer Clan took the name of the creatures that brought the message of endurance and working with grace and agility to them from Great Spirit. Heron Clan learnt the lesson of fertilization and sharing balance with Nature, from the majestic bird.

As the pace of the stories is very leisurely and clear, I think they would be suitable for children of 7 to listen to, and enjoyed by anyone interested in Native American culture. They are more gentle than European fairy stories but I believe it is better to hear only one story at a time and not listen to the entire CD in one go, as it is a little hypnotic!

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Produced by WCTL Productions, Orange Park, FL, USA for Seneca Indian Historical Society


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by James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh wants everyone to be aware of the ghosts among us who help us to “tune into the spirit forces around us to gain a proper perspective of ourselves in our world”. He writes with great compassion and humour: “I’ve yet to hear a ghost shriek, Boo!” His book is full of interesting, easy to read “ghostly” anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of what happens as we leave our bodies behind at death and become a disembodied spirit. He assures us that passing is painless and that we are never alone but brought into an environment that is familiar to us, usually our childhood home, surrounded by our loved ones already there. He also introduces the reader to the Medium on whom he based the TV programme The Ghost Whisperer, and includes practical advice on Spirit contact. I loved his book, he is a wonderful ambassador for Spirit, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by the everyday workings of The Spiritual Realms.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Publisher: Rider Books  www.rbooks.co.uk  ISBN: 9781846041877


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