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by The Spiritual Sojourn CentreSpirit of White Jaguar

The CD starts with South American style music and the calls of birds with a deep underlying beat to soothe and relax the listener.

The female voice starts to list the links to Pachamama and Peru – Cuzco is the city of the White Jaguar and Lake Titicaca means Lake of the Stone White Jaguar. She also explains that more White Jaguar people are incarnating to help bring balance to Mother Earth.

The systems for guided meditation are then set up – following the breath and surrounding the self with White Light for protection. You are then guided to see Pachamama and White Jaguar. The voice explains that White Jaguar is with you because part of your spiritual journey is to be alone like White Jaguar. White Jaguar never seeks to be seen – you only know where it has been – White Jaguar does not need to depend on ego. White Jaguar comes to tell you to stop procrastinating and move forward with faith and courage. Don’t lash out at others from your own pain; honour others, ourselves, Mother Earth/ Pachamama, hearth and home.

Inca Shamans must follow the 4 fold path of the Medicine Wheel and the voice goes on to guide you along the directions South, West, North and East. Then there is a request for healing at all levels and the music comes back to the fore and the meditative state for healing is invoked. This goes on for about half of the taped session.

The voice returns and there is a call for us to transcend time and live life wisely and in harmony with Pachamama. We are asked to consider the way that we use resources and how we can be more respondent to the natural flow of our environment. White Jaguar medicine is then invoked for us to take control of our lives and become leaders. We are asked to send healing to Mother Earth. Then the tape begins to bring us back to ourselves, closes the chakras, leaving us revitalised and recharged. The voice ends with the welcome back to our lives.

The music returns and fades slowly out for the end of the session.

This meditation is easy to follow and has a good beginning and completion; you are left feeling refreshed and thoughtful about White Jaguar and Pachamama. The idea of the Medicine Wheel would have to be followed up in another form to have any benefit, but there is an abundance of Shamanic writing/guidance on this for those who are interested in taking it further. A good basic meditation for anyone to use, beginner or experienced meditator – though those with more experience may have wished for there to be a little less music and for it to have been shorter.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by The Spiritual Sojourn Centre


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By Dr David Perlmutter, FACN & Alberto Villoldo, PhDPower Up Your Brain

This book brings together the work of an eminent neuroscientist and the work of a Shaman, in the common ground of effecting changes within the functions of the brain in order to experience good health, and to move towards the experience of enlightenment.

There is, therefore, a lot of “science” in the book, some of which is very detailed and requires considerable focus from the brain of the reader in order to follow it.  If you can do so, you will learn much about the workings of the brain at a molecular level, including some ground-breaking work in the treatment of various conditions.

The greater part of the book covers David’s work, with occasional comments by Alberto, but later we have a smaller, but very powerful, section written by Alberto, introducing some Shamanic approaches.  This includes some exercises and processes we can practise ourselves.  These can be used for much more than working on the brain, and are well worth exploring.

The final section of the book covers the “Power Up Your Brain” Programme”.  This begins with a five week intensive schedule (details included in the book) which combine diet, supplements and Shamanic exercises to enhance and improve the function of your brain.

Having battled my way through the science, enjoyed the shamanic connection, and been interested by the Power Up Programme; my reward came in a short anecdote related by Alberto at the end of the book.  The situation concerned a medical student friend of his, and made a profound impression on me.  For me, this was the Gift within this book, but with such a wealth of information between its pages, I am sure that there will be many Gifts in it for others.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN 978-1-84850-310-6

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with Seeliana MarchisioReiki Drum

Reiki Drum healing is a healing treatment combining the Shamanic drum with reiki healing.  My initial reaction was “how can the two go together?” so I was amazed how well they do work together!

Celia originally qualified as a music teacher and went on to become a spiritual healer, reiki master and teacher.

After a few formalities, and a few deep breaths to relax, Celia spent about twenty minutes ‘scanning’ me as I lay on the couch by tapping the drum with a continuous beat checking for any blockages or areas that need healing.

The drum appeared to change pitch at appropriate times.  The drumming literally engulfed me, so soothing.

Drumming was followed by a reiki treatment.  The reiki seemed to be somewhat enhanced by the drumming.  I found the whole treatment a very healing and uplifting experience, the session lasted about an hour.

It only came to the UK in 2007 but I am sure it will catch on!

Review by Sue East


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by Stella LonglandTall Tales & Short Stories

This is a record of the journeys of a modern person into altered states of consciousness where – sometimes reluctant and often confused – the author is led through a wealth of experiences by loving guides. Seeming to move towards finding a balance between he ancient ways and the modern mind, the journey continues.

Each chapter is a record of the meditative shamanic style journey taken by the author, led by the sound of a drum. Although there is no explanation of what each journey means, there is a wealth of information within each story to lead the reader to their own conclusions. Obviously, these were very personal journeys so the meaning for the author may not be that of the reader.

Nevertheless, this is a fascinating and very descriptive record. Travel with the author through many levels of awareness and perhaps come to some new understanding of your own journey.

Reviewed by Joan Osborne

Published by Bright Pen – Authors OnLine Ltd


ISBN: 978-07552-1240-8

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by Alberto Villoldo PhDIllumination

Alberto Villoldo is a medical anthropologist who has spent the last thirty years investigating the healing practices of the shamans of the Amazon and the Andes. Recounting his own experiences, tracing the mythologies of an array of cultures and expanding his inquiry into the field of neurobiology, Alberto Villodo enables readers to benefit from the ancient practices.

This is a wonderful and practical workbook enabling the reader to heal, and to understand how what we suffer through our experiences can affect us in everyday life. True initiation is empowered by facing personal challenges and experiencing the spritual rebirth – or illumination – that follows.

The exercises are easy and simple to follow and is a must for anyone wishing to improve their lives or indeed, the lives of others.

Review by Sandra Roberts

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN: 978-1-84850-192-8


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by Ross HeavenThe Sin-Eater's Last Confessions

Ross Heaven is well-known as a psychologist, presenter and author, as well as the director of the Four Gates Foundation. He has studied shamanism in many different cultures over the last 20 years and more. But what gets a person started on such a path? This small volume contains the answer to this question and it is both startling and illuminating.

At the tender age of eight, Ross moved with his family to a small village in rural Herefordshire and here began the relationship that would start Ross on his most unusual life path. Adam lived in a small house at the very edge of the village, shunned by and yet essential to the more traditional members of the community. The Sin-Eater’s role is a fascinating one, and the young Ross was introduced only slowly and by degrees to the full details of Adam’s dying profession. Indeed, dying is a major part of the way in which Adam served the villagers – the main responsibility of the Sin-Eater was to remove all the negative energy a person might have accumulated in their lifetime, so that their soul might be weighed in the balance and not found wanting. Adam was also a healer, using methods that would resonate with many in the shamanic tradition today; as a disposer of the unwanted, however, he was treated as unclean and undesirable except when his services were required.

The book contains both his poignant memories of an amazing man and many fascinating insights into a British (and most especially Welsh) tradition that has long been forgotten in most parts of the island – although it may have been exported to the Appalachians by migrating Welsh families many years ago. It also provides an insight into the boyhood experiences that began the long journey that Ross Heaven has taken to become the respected authority on shamanistic practices that he is today.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Llewellyn  www.llewellyn.com

ISBN number: 978-0-7387-1356-4


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By Scott Blum

This book is, in its own words, “a semi-autobiographical parable” in which we meet Scott, a man haunted by his memories, who almost unknowingly is looking for closure and growth. He finds both after meeting an unlikely character named Robert and his black Labrador puppy Don. Intrigued by this homeless man with his unconventional wisdom, Scott embarks upon a spiritual adventure, opening up many new pathways for him. We follow his journey as he visits unseen worlds, lovingly supported by new found friends eager to assist in healing his past.

Revealing various spiritual concepts including energy healing, walk-ins and shamanic soul retrieval, this is a warm and often moving story of personal transformation which, at times, struck a chord within.

This book was great to snuggle up with on a cold, wintry day. A thoroughly good read.

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-4019-2270-2


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