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by Ruth WhiteWorking with your Soul

How can I do justice to this book in a few short paragraphs? I’m tempted to simply say, ‘read it!’ This would certainly be my advice for anyone who has yet to find an answer to the eternal questions, ‘why me?’ or, ‘what am I here for?’ Even if you don’t work your way faithfully through all the exercises – which I haven’t done yet – you will find a lot of very useful information to help you answer those and other similar questions, including a detailed explanation of karmic issues.

There are chapters on relationships (family, friends, romantic, business, enemies etc); archetypal helpers and obstacles and illness/dark nights of the soul, as well as ‘decoding your soul’s purpose’ and other helpful subjects.  Ruth White offers a comprehensive guide to finding out what your soul is hoping to achieve from your lifetime, and how you can consciously work towards those objectives.  Anyone who is working through a lifetime of struggle with a particular issue, e.g. health, may at last find the reasons for this. There is a chapter devoted to the three types of karmic work.  Retributive, is resolving a past-life issue, or making up in some way for past imbalances or abuses. Redemptive, is helping others to work through similar issues, from the perspective of your own journey through them – working towards a life that makes your heart sing. Transcendent, is going beyond the need to do this work, to a stage where you surpass the needs and expectations of your soul contract and all obstacles disappear, leaving you to move forward joyously and freely to heights you never dreamed possible.

I also have Ruth’s book, ‘Working with your spirit guides’; this book is a companion or sequel to it, though you don’t need to have read one to work with the other. However, taken as a pair they could help to completely transform your life, leaving you with a better understanding of your reasons for incarnating; where you are now; and where you would like to be; and also with a useful road map and guidance for getting there. A thoroughly recommended read.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Piatkus   www.piatkus.co.uk


ISBN: 0-7499-2745-3

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How to Understand Yourself and Other PeopleEvents Psychology

By Dr Silvia Hartmann

Dr Silvia Hartmann is a researcher and innovative therapist who has extensive interest in modern psychology. She is at the forefront of the development of brand new therapeutic methods. Every major event, both good and bad, results in inner self talk when patterned beliefs are formed.

Events Psychology is a simple, person centred technique to uncover past trauma that can be used by therapists, counsellors and healers. In this training manual, Dr.Hartmann details her Events Psychology method. It provides a series of questions, to home in on past events to gently approach painful memories so that relaxation can be achieved. These key events are then used as stepping stones, to turn negative into positive, and bring resolution. The introduction of new healing events to counter-balance the negative can then be introduced.

Events Psychology, in its initial stages, is easy to conduct and can be used by anyone to understand their own motivations and those of others. The later stages of the method, which focus on the creation of a matrix, require greater understanding and depth. Other aspects of Dr Hartmann’s work are The Genius Symbols, Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance and the Harmony Program.

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

Published by DragonRising Publishing. ISBN 978-1873483657


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