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by Elisa BrownNew World

The eleven tracks on this CD are very diverse in terms of their origin and inspiration. Soprano singer Elisa Brown has worked with Barry Goldstein to compose, arrange, and take inspiration from many different strands and traditions.

This CD will appeal to people who enjoy World Music and World Beat; it also has a great deal to offer in terms of New Age spirituality and enlightenment. The shift from one style or mood to another seemed to me at first rather unsettling; however, on subsequent listenings; I found that it brought an increased awareness and attention.

True classical beauty is to be found in the ‘Ave Maria: Mother of the Light’, based on the Bach /Gounod Ave Maria. And a lovely light humour is present in ‘Wiggle Your Toes’, based on the traditional Irish ‘Merrily Kissed the Quaker’s Wife’.

The opening track, ‘Invocation’, is narrated by a number of people; one line is repeated in several different languages. To say that this is powerful and thought-provoking would be an understatement.

This CD is underpinned throughout by varied instrumentation, and the classical expertise and experience of Elisa Brown herself. There is a sense of exploration and experimentation in terms of the different genres represented here, and the whole production is a tribute to the people involved. For the listener, it is a rewarding and unusual experience.

Review by Annie Prosser

Produced by Barry Goldstein


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by Colum HaywardThe Meditation Lifestyle

In this book, Colum Hayward (who will be known to many people in connection with the White Eagle Organisation) explains how we can integrate a meditation practice into our everyday lives. ‘Enrich every moment of your life’, as it says on the front cover.

There are some lovely illustrations in the book, by Bodel Rikys. These complement the simple and cheerful approach of the text. I especially liked the picture of the plinth in Trafalgar Square, which is on the first page of Chapter Three: ‘Meditation….is Strength. Standing strong brings both vision and gentleness’.

This theme of strength and gentleness is a most important message of this book. We are shown that, by developing effective techniques of meditation, we can transform our whole approach to life, becoming ‘a non-violent warrior for truth’.

Colum Hayward has been teaching meditation for thirty years, and he has a clear understanding of the busy lifestyle of modern times, and how seemingly difficult it can be to fit a meditation practice into that. This is also acknowledged in the Foreword written by David Barclay, who is deputy chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and a board member of the British Library. The other Foreword is written by Jenny Dent, Mother of the White Eagle Lodge.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in meditation, whether they have been practising for years, or are just beginning to wonder about it. It is so gentle and unpretentious, yet so very, very wise.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Polair Publishing.   www.polairpublishing.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-905398-26-3

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by Dr. Frank J KinslowThe Secret of Everyday Bliss

Dr. Frank Kinslow is the discoverer and developer of Quantum Entrainment; the ground breaking technique for eliminating emotional and physical discord for yourself and others. In this book he takes the reader further into these techniques and introduces Quantum Entrainment Intention and Eufeeling. These are tools to improve relationships and financial difficulties. According to the author, QE Intention is easy and natural and can be done by anyone.

The practices are well introduced and in a chatty, refreshing style that interacts well with the reader, and makes them part of the process itself. The author talks to you all the way through, for example: “What do you have to do to see the complete painting? I’ll tell you: nothing! That’s right, absolutely nothing…. If you find yourself resisting this idea, that is ego tugging at your shirtsleeve. This idea may be hard to believe. Stay with me a little longer on this point, and I will offer you an alternative perspective that is not only helpful but a great relief… We are in this together all the way through, with the author just leading the way”.

The exercises set out in the book are well described and easy to do.  They are natural and bring results BUT, they are also extremely profound and with great depth.  Having carried out some of the work, I need time to assimilate and practice.  It brings relief and yet I feel like I am only scratching the surface – a new technique has been brought to my notice and I am using it, but I am at the start of this journey.  It is so profound it could go anywhere and probably will!

This is the kind of book that is easy to read and easy to put into practice, but months from now you could look back and be amazed at just how far it has taken you. Much of what is there is nothing new, but the way it comes together and what it achieves is overwhelmingly effective and simple. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is fear based and wants to escape the effects of their fearful perspective – this can work well for any of us in no time at all. It does take us to a point of Inner Peace from which to work on the patterns of our lives.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN: 978-1-84850-483-7

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by J SmedleyMy Angel Diary

I am really enjoying using this diary and I don’t usually keep one. It is written with enthusiasm, but is gentle and understated. There is an introductory section that briefly sets the scene of how the author came to communicate with angels. Then there are sections on how to connect with angels during 2013; how to use numerology to choose a wedding day or make a new start; a meditation to help connections with angels to be repeated when ever you feel like using it; why colours have been chosen for each month; and lastly an explanation of the concept ‘giving to receive’.

Each month is introduced by a brief overall view of that month, and what it could hold for us; a gemstone and colour for the month, angel wishes for the month; a case study/story of someone’s connections with angels and how to focus on Mother Earth for that month;  tips to help you connect to Mother Earth, the atmosphere, the moon and the planets.

Each week has a focus word: Forgive/See/Be etc and an angel lesson.  Eg. Happiness isn’t a material thing, but a spiritual concept.

Each day has a small space for you to write down personal comments – just enough for a few sentences or bullet points – not enough for a full journal, enough for all your important appointments and special dates.

At the end are the calendasr for 2014, useful contacts, a section to put reminders, resources listed and a page about the author.

A little bigger than pocket size, but a handy little diary to pick up and use and bring you closer to our celestial friends.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN: 978 – 1- 84850 – 973 – 3

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By Eva M. Sakmar-SullivanOracle Cards

Inspire your sixth sense to guide you, using the energy associated with the images on 60 beautifully illustrated oracle cards. Based on the law of attraction, you will choose the cards that are in vibrational harmony with the answers you seek or what you most need to know. Working with these cards on a daily basis will have a positive impact on your life and the people around you.

What do you need to know about love?  Spark your intuition and connection with Divine guidance and celebrate love through purity and the magnificence of self! Eva’s mission is for her artwork to serve as inspiration for personal and planetary healing, transformation and love. She is a visionary painter and environmentalist with a special love for dolphins and creatures of the sea.

I absolutely love this oracle deck. The box holds 60 cards and an accompanying booklet with guidance for the reader. The back of the cards shows a beautiful illustration of a couple entwined within a tree. Behind it are a rainbow and the galaxy and next to it the sea and two dolphins. The cards depict pictures of mystical beings such as angels, dolphins, Pegasus, unicorns, faeries and sacred places as well. Some illustrations have featured on the cover of Paradigm Shift in the past.

I received the deck at a time when relationship troubles of a family member triggered my own past hurts. As I shuffled the cards, one dropped out. I put it back, shuffled once more and picked a card. And it was the same one that had fallen out of the pile. It was the forgiveness card. I could not have picked a better one. The text in the booklet was very helpful as well, giving me just the guidance I needed.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Shiffer Publishing


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