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By Frances Vaughn & Roger WalshGifts from A Course in Miracles

Having tried to read and follow the full course in miracles on my own has been quite daunting, however coming across this lovely ‘gifts’ book has been inspiring and an absolute miracle find!

It is a beautiful collection of quotes from the course.  You can read it cover to cover, or pick it up and choose a passage to read.

This book is an inspiration, especially just opening the book upon a page and reading the passage that your eyes light upon. Just before going to bed, helps the mind and body to gain a sense of peace, so that sleep comes more profoundly and you feel yourself surrounded by and cushioned by words from spirit, a sense of divine love inspires your dreams.

A quote – “There is nothing outside you……”  is placed in my diary, to help me see that life is what I make of it, any changes need to come from the inside before they are seen outside of myself.

The introduction by Marianne Williamson is definitely worth the price of this book, if you have always wanted to read the course in miracles but have been phased, then this book is for you!

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam



ISBN – 978-087477803

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A Book of Spiritual Poetry

by Valerie ColeA Book of Spiritual Poetry

The drawing and words on the contents page starts with words of delight – “Dear Reader, I honour your path on planet earth. May it be joyous with many blessings of peace and light everlasting”. This drew me to read further into the poems and the simplicity of the words took my breath away. It is a delightful, simple and heartfelt book and these are poems for all occasions.  I especially enjoyed “Transition” finding it very poignant. The delightful drawings by Jill Paine to accompany the poems add a unique specialness to the book aswell.

I would recommend this book to those who like poetry and also to those just starting to take a small step into the world of poetry.

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Athena Press   www.athenapress.com ISBN: 978-1-84748-223-5

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Poems to soothe the Soul

by Nanna Aida SvendsenOf Water Lilies and Warm Hearts

“The poem ‘Will You?’ seems to resonate with our current time of cosmic changes and our role in it.  I love the powerfully short lines of this poem that speak straight to the heart.  ‘Live What You Love’ has a less formal style, bringing such a lovely example of what it is to truly live your life doing what you do with a sense of love.” Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

“I really enjoyed these poems.  They were deeply simple yet shared a deepness that really captivated my senses.  Uplifting like the beginning of Spring:  they brought Hope.” Ann O’Keife

“Some poems relate to the inner you;  one’s inner voice is always right, if one can hear it and follow it life will become so much more worthwhile.  Other poems are saying if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? Loving yourself without ego is the key.” Alan Paine

Review by the Paradigm Shift Review Panel. Published by Pleasant House Ltd., ISBN 978-0-9555080-0-4.


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