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The First ChronicleSeven Point Eight

by Marie Harbon

The First Chronicle is the beginning of a five-part epic which follows the spiritual and emotional journey of five people in their quest to understand the universe and our place within it. Seven Point Eight is the most powerful number in the universe, the number that connects everything.

I really enjoyed this novel, it was a well crafted book that used the narrative approach blended with the presentation of character voice that did not distract from the tale itself; but added to the development of the major characters. There is a strong historical background to set the scenes in our reality and these snippets are accurate and vivid.  We journey from the 1940’s to the present day, flavouring each era as we pass through it. There is also a firm scientific basis for the tale, again accurate; but not too detailed to stretch us beyond our comfort zone, just to give credibility to the story-line developing within it.

The story itself is a blend of the paranormal with psychic powers, detailing strange visitations to most of the characters and then moving into the exploration of mysterious dimensions or worlds, and the science behind them that seeks to explain the inexplicable. We have the enigmatic and sensual Tahra; a remote viewer, working with the enthusiastic scientific “expert” Paul; who is quickly out of his depth in controlling what is happening with his out of body experience machine. Behind them is the “slightly murky” Max; selling their findings for evil military designs and making lots of money from their naiveté. There are Ava and Sam alongside these characters; but not yet connected within the scheme of things. And how does it end? On a cliff-hanger that needs to be resolved in the next chronicle!

It is a clever and intriguing story that blends science and spirituality and calls us to question what we believe in – what is reality. There are scientists, psychics, musicians and businessmen faced by choices and repercussions of those choices as they make journeys of self-discovery through the book. Science is faced with alternate realities, metaphysics and the paranormal;and is then seen to be bumbling along slightly out of its depth with the consequences – that is where we are left. The historical and scientific base is solidly built and then challenged by the paranormal events that overtake it. It is a thought provoking read that those who enjoy fantasy and science fiction are sure to enjoy. It will be a series to keep looking at and I will certainly look out for the second chronicle to read.

Review by Ros Ogden

ISBN: 978-1461072485


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Presented by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)Out-of-Body Experience

The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is the IAC’s core curricular program. It offers the most comprehensive, transformative body of information that you are likely to find anywhere about life’s most fundamental questions. Starting with an examination of psychic phenomena such as the out-of-body (OBE) experience, it examines who we are, how we can develop ourselves, what happens when we die, and even why we are here. Students are shown how to incorporate the CDP’s ideas into their daily lives, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives by living coherently with a broader, more accurate understanding of themselves and reality.

I recently attended Module 1 of the CDP at Stepping Stones in Farnham, Surrey.  This course is a preparation for OBEs and was presented by Umberto da Silva.  The first part began with an talk about various types of energy and what can be experienced, an introduction to some of the terminology used by the IAC, some examples of what we might experience during an OBE and a couple of practical exercises to energise, clear and protect our energy fields.

The second part of this Module covered the OBE in more depth, discussing preparation, take-off or exteriorisation of the consciousness (soul, spirit), the period spent outside the body in a nonphysical dimension, the landing or interiorisation of the consciousness, and the post OBE waking state which is related to recalling the time spent outside the body.  Sharing many examples of his own experiences, Umberto described some of the sensations of ‘take-off’ and ‘landing’, and how to correct feelings of misalignment or disconnection on return.   We learnt how to induce a ‘vibrational state’ and practised moving energy while in this state.  We also learnt an exercise to activate our clairvoyance with immediate results, allowing us to have to perceptions of the nonphysical dimension.

I very much enjoyed this course and was surprised at the effectiveness of the exercises.  The IAC’s method of clearing and energising our fields was new to me and I left the course feeling stronger, more relaxed and more serene than I have for some time.  Working with these techniques at home I have found that creating the vibrational state before doing my usual energy work makes it all the more powerful.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to add to their knowledge of bio-energy and learn how to work with it.  It is suitable for beginners as well as those who are experienced in transforming energy, and those who have already had some form of OBE.  In the next module we will be putting what we have learnt to practise and trying to produce an OBE using various techniques.  Given how effective the exercises have been so far I am sure that we could achieve this goal.

Review by Claire Williams


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By Wagner AlegrettiRetrocognitions

Alegretti’s interest in non-physical manifestations of the consciousness started with his own experiences of spontaneous conscious projection, which began when he was 10. By the time he was 19 he had developed the ability to produce lucid out-of-body experiences largely at will.

This book is a technical-scientific analysis based on Alegretti’s work in the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology over a period of eight years. It studies retrocognitions that occur during out-of-the-body experiences and their relation to other types of perceptions. It also discusses recollections of the periods between one human life and the next – retrocognitions in which the person can access important information regarding the goals we are programmed to accomplish in this life.

Alegretti has written this book using the terminology familiar to teachers and students of Conscientology, and as such it is a major classification of a whole range of associated experiences. Generally these experiences are referred to by a hotchpotch of names taken from a variety of groups and cultures both modern and ancient, and as such can be confusing. One person’s interpretation of “aura” maybe very different to some one else’s – while two seemly different terms can mean the same thing. Conscientology appears to have started with a clean slate and re-named each experience in such a logical manner that there can be no confusion as to what the terms mean. Where appropriate Alegretti has also given the names in common usage allowing us something familiar to cling to along the way. Chakra is one of the few existing names that seem to have found a place in this study.

This is not light reading by any means and there are no case studies included. It presents the whole arena of past lives, OBE’s and a myriad of other psychic phenomena in a coherent and logical manner. For those wishing to understand these processes intellectually this book is a must have source of reference to well documented experiences.

Review by Claire Williams

Published by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)


ISBN: 0-9702131-6-6

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