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by J A Non

A symbolic code within a number of fifteenth century paintings sent the author on a painful, emotional, spiritual journey to unlock their secrets.  “Labouring through the secrets of the RES RICHES HEURES and the Hellenic heresy has sent me through a form of spiritual initiation.”

A great wisdom belonging to the oldest religion on the earth, an international religion, with England its sacred heart. “Was it on the ground of Somerset that Jesus first saw the cosmic nature of his path?”

In reading this book I found that some of my established belief patterns were virtually turned upside down and, like the Author, needed to spend time re-examining many concepts that have been passed to us down the Ages by recorded history and the Church. This is certainly a very challenging and thought-provoking volume.  It needs to be read with an open mind, as she explores and explains the mystical thread that moves through the Megalithic Age, Ancient Egypt, Troy, King Arthur, St George, the Holy Grail, medieval monastic Orders, the Knights Templar, and so much more.

Be prepared to perhaps experience your own challenges in reading this extremely and extensively researched and well-presented work.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Vanguard Press


ISBN: 9781843865315

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By:  Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn HopkinsCustodians of Truth

After Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins published their first book about the Rex Deus families, the keepers of the truth about Jesus and his bloodline, one of the members called to confirm what they had written. The secret that had been hidden in the hearts of these families for two millennia, that Jesus was a messenger of love, tolerance, brotherhood and respect for all living things, had been violently suppressed by the established Church. He was a Holy Man, a Jewish prophet, a family man but not a God, who survived his crucifixion and lived a long and happy life.

The book goes on to say that it is ‘difficult to penetrate and expose the original ingredients of Christian belief’ because St. Paul’s doctrine completely overshadows the truth about the life of Jesus.

The Ebionites/Rex Deus, descendants of the ma’madot, the twenty-four high priestly families of biblical Judaism, including the Desposyni, the direct descendants of Jesus, scattered across the world in fear of exposure and death. The secrets were gradually passed down from generation to generation until the Knights Templars, and finally, the Freemasons, were established to be the custodians of the truth.

Anyone who has been brought up in one of the three Faiths of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, should read this fascinating history. It is a ‘meaty’ read, and do keep an open mind, but it is well worth it. It will certainly make you think twice about what you are actually looking at when you walk through one of the great cathedrals.

Published by: Red Wheel Weiser


ISBN: 1-57863-323-0

Reviewed by: Jane Stewart Adams

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