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By Penny GillmanThe Wigapom Quest

When unhappy young Willerby dreams of a new name, experiences real magic and receives a strangely marked pulsating stone, he hopes his life is about to change. But it is only when he receives a similar stone with instructions to earn five more that his mystical Quest for Hidden Wisdom begins, giving him the opportunity to discover who he really is…

Each stone leads him further along a magical pathway of self-discovery through the land of his birth, the creative depths of his psyche and his relationship with his inner child. It also threatens his life and his relationship with his oldest friend, and leads to a future he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

As you read this gripping adventure, with its magical, monstrous and surreal events, you are encouraged to undertake your own personal and spiritual Quest into self-awareness, inner wisdom and the concept of Oneness.

The Wigapom Quest is a unique, exciting, multi-layered story, delivering its message of hope to the Child in every Adult and the Adult in every Child.

What a fantastic read! Not only an exciting fantasy book full of magic, adventure, romance and mystical beings, but also a book filled to the brim with deeper meanings, insights and spiritual concepts. It is such an entertaining book on one level, but on a deeper level it will invite you to go within and look into your own use of thoughts, energy and choice. Thus the Wigapom Quest will be a wonderful fantasy novel to some, it will awaken others to new, spiritual and empowering concepts and it will be a reminder of deeply held inner truths to others.

All in all I would say this book is THE fantasy novel for Light workers.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Matador




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By Marie CunninghamThe Energy Within

In the fifteen chapters + epilogue of this book, Marie Cunningham expounds ‘The Gift of Knowing Yourself’. Using many examples from her own life experience, and discussing auras and chakras, Reiki, crystals, the energies of the earth, and many other topics, she assists the reader to find the way to self love.

I would describe this book as being down to earth, straightforward, and containing a great deal of common sense. For example, in the chapter on Auras and Chakras, Ms Cunningham writes: ‘Over the years I have found that many people have decided to go into the complex subject of mediumship/clairvoyance without having any knowledge of the chakra system. Personally, I don’t think that’s very responsible. After all, how can you start to learn how to use the third eye (for clairvoyance) or the throat chakra (for clairaudience) without knowing how they work? It’s like driving a car without having any driving lessons.’

This will, I hope, give you a flavour of the author’s direct approach. She also gives a great deal of fascinating information on the many phenomena associated with 2012, and links these details with the subject of metaphysics.

As someone who has recently attained Master level in Reiki, I particularly enjoyed the chapter on this particular method of healing. I have no doubt that Reiki is a life-changing system, and the author clearly shares my feelings on this, writing with enthusiasm and honest accuracy about it.

Altogether, in its several chapters, the book comes back to the main central important theme: that we hold the possibility for self-healing within ourselves.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Q-10 Publishing/Kildimo Books

ISBN 978-0-9566759-0-3


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Worldwide forecasts for the economy, climate, politics, and spirituality

By Diana CooperDiana Cooper

This is a fascinating book.  For those of us believing that there will be a major energetic shift very soon, it offers a wealth of information in terms of global connections and activity.

On first flicking through it, I thought it would be of use as a reference book: the major part is taken up with forecasts for each individual country, including a separate projection for each State within the USA.  But as I read through it, a truly global picture formed; it offers the reader a very different “world-view” and makes sense of all the anticipated changes from a planetary perspective.

The book also includes information on the Planetary Chakras and the Cosmic Portals; where they are and when the latter will open.

Diana also offers us exercises to do to purify our individual energy, and gives suggestions for our morning and evening spiritual practice.  She also includes techniques for sending energy to other parts of the world, and for healing the planet.

This is a pleasurable book to read, simply written and well presented on high-quality paper.  Having gained much by reading it all through, I know it will also be a book I refer to on many occasions in the time to come.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by Findhorn Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-84409-558-2


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By Dr David Perlmutter, FACN & Alberto Villoldo, PhDPower Up Your Brain

This book brings together the work of an eminent neuroscientist and the work of a Shaman, in the common ground of effecting changes within the functions of the brain in order to experience good health, and to move towards the experience of enlightenment.

There is, therefore, a lot of “science” in the book, some of which is very detailed and requires considerable focus from the brain of the reader in order to follow it.  If you can do so, you will learn much about the workings of the brain at a molecular level, including some ground-breaking work in the treatment of various conditions.

The greater part of the book covers David’s work, with occasional comments by Alberto, but later we have a smaller, but very powerful, section written by Alberto, introducing some Shamanic approaches.  This includes some exercises and processes we can practise ourselves.  These can be used for much more than working on the brain, and are well worth exploring.

The final section of the book covers the “Power Up Your Brain” Programme”.  This begins with a five week intensive schedule (details included in the book) which combine diet, supplements and Shamanic exercises to enhance and improve the function of your brain.

Having battled my way through the science, enjoyed the shamanic connection, and been interested by the Power Up Programme; my reward came in a short anecdote related by Alberto at the end of the book.  The situation concerned a medical student friend of his, and made a profound impression on me.  For me, this was the Gift within this book, but with such a wealth of information between its pages, I am sure that there will be many Gifts in it for others.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN 978-1-84850-310-6

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by R J SharmaOf Head and Heart

Rahul Sharma has selected an eclectic mix of quotations and proverbs with a view to provide a variety of sayings to enjoy and uplift.  The sources range from the familiar and anticipated such as the Bible, Einstein, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and various poets, through several US presidents to Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi!  And Sharma has included proverbs from India and China as well as those from UK or USA.

I enjoy collections like these as each compiler naturally is drawn to quotations that I’ve either never seen or have missed.  Someone else’s take on what is important to include broadens my own horizons and can introduce some great one liners that can bring a smile or help put a new perspective on life.

If there is to be a revised edition at any time I would welcome more ‘Heart’ based quotations – currently only 10 pages out of almost 60 – and higher quality production.

I appreciate the inclusion of space to write in one’s own favourite quotes.

Review by Carrie Harris.  

Published by Paragon Publishing.

ISBN: 9781907611506



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The Joseph Communications by Michael G. RecciaThe Fall

Michael Reccia channels messages from Joseph, a highly evolved spirit guide who is deeply worried about the fate of mankind and returns to channel important spiritual information.  Joseph is concerned about personal and global enlightenment and his Communications series of books contains all the information we need to transform ourselves and save our planet before it is too late.

In this book Joseph tells us about the Fall, how it happened and the part we played.  He says for time immemorial we have carried suppressed memories of the cataclysmic happening that resulted in the dysfunctional societies and wounded planet humankind has inherited today.

Much has been channelled and written about the Fall, and not all of it resonates well with me, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find this account to be entirely believeable, delivered without blame to any party (especially fallen angels) and with great love for all.  Joseph explains that we all took part willingly in an experiment that did not work and we have become trapped, encapsulated, in a situation of our own making.  The longer we are trapped the harder it is for us to remember how things were before the ‘mistake’, and so very much harder to correct, but correct it we must.

Joseph also explains that before the Fall, when positive and negative energy were in balance, form was created as necessary and then dissolved when no longer required.  In our attempts to speed up the process of creation this balance was lost and so we can no longer dissolve structures that don’t serve us.  Our impatience has led to our own downfall – it is no wonder this very human trait is still playing out all over the world.

I have really enjoyed reading this book, Joseph has presented a wealth of information on many topics including the use of Colour, Production of Form, Original Sin, the separation of Male and Female and Karma.  It is delivered in the style of a loving parent gently trying to explain where we went wrong, without making us defensive in the process, and helping us let go of the idea that our experiment will do what we expected if we wait long enough.

Read this book and use it as a mirror to find those places described that are within you, that are within all of us, where we have not yet let go of the experiment, and use this knowledge to heal yourselves and thus world.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Band of Light Media Ltd



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by Simon and Sue LillyPreseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a mysterious rock that is found in West Wales and was transported in great slabs to form part of Stonehenge.  This book explores the complex weaving of myth, history, science and beliefs that surround the stone, suggesting that it has great potential for personal and global integration.

This is an interesting and in depth account of the story of Preseli Bluestone as told and re-told over at least 5,000 years.  It takes us on a journey through the times of Arthur and Merlin, the layout and placement of stones at Stonehenge, the geometry of stone circles, the geology of the rock (a form of spotted dolerite), the landscape of Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) and its links with the World Grids and Energy Lines.

As a Crystal Healer myself I particularly enjoyed the final chapter of the book which explores the healing properties, and suggests a range of over 25 layouts and grids that can be used to restore balance to our energy fields.  The bluestone is particularly effective at grounding and clearing energies, and also able to take our awareness to other times and places.

This is a very valuable addition to my collection of crystal books and has prompted me to pay a lot more attention to my own piece of Bluestone to great effect.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Tree Seer Publications.

ISBN: 978 1905454082



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