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by Bradley Kyle

Herbie and the Tune

Herbie and the Tune

Set in a heavenly airport, this lovely allegory finds Herbie preparing for his flight to earth. What follows is a wonderful discovery that the tune (pure joy) can still be heard in the physical world. With thanks to the gentle guidance of the pilot, Herbie learns how to listen out for the tune.

This is one of a series of books aimed specifically at children from ages 3 to 11, with Herbie and the Tune recommended for the ages 4 to 9. In clear print, with beautiful illustrations by Gabriel Evans, it is an easy to understand explanation of incarnation, but also of how to hear the Tune of pure joy even when on earth. An activity section at the back includes a ‘Share With Me’ page which can be used to involve a child even more in the story, such as what would they ask the pilot before visiting earth, and what do they imagine the Tune sounds like. There is even a simple ‘Spot the Difference’ exercise and an illustration which can be copied and coloured in.

This book ticks the boxes in so many ways, and I am sure others in the series do too. As the publishers say, “Each Pick-a-Woo Children’s Book is designed to: Embrace Love, Touch the Heart, Kindle the Spirit and Enlighten the Mind”. Their series of books lovingly explore stories of angels, spirits, love, meditation, emotion, feelings, souls, chakras, auras, crystals, prayer, fairies, healing, listening, universal laws and more so there can be no area which is left untouched!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers


ISBN: 978-1-921883026

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By Eva M. Sakmar-SullivanOracle Cards

Inspire your sixth sense to guide you, using the energy associated with the images on 60 beautifully illustrated oracle cards. Based on the law of attraction, you will choose the cards that are in vibrational harmony with the answers you seek or what you most need to know. Working with these cards on a daily basis will have a positive impact on your life and the people around you.

What do you need to know about love?  Spark your intuition and connection with Divine guidance and celebrate love through purity and the magnificence of self! Eva’s mission is for her artwork to serve as inspiration for personal and planetary healing, transformation and love. She is a visionary painter and environmentalist with a special love for dolphins and creatures of the sea.

I absolutely love this oracle deck. The box holds 60 cards and an accompanying booklet with guidance for the reader. The back of the cards shows a beautiful illustration of a couple entwined within a tree. Behind it are a rainbow and the galaxy and next to it the sea and two dolphins. The cards depict pictures of mystical beings such as angels, dolphins, Pegasus, unicorns, faeries and sacred places as well. Some illustrations have featured on the cover of Paradigm Shift in the past.

I received the deck at a time when relationship troubles of a family member triggered my own past hurts. As I shuffled the cards, one dropped out. I put it back, shuffled once more and picked a card. And it was the same one that had fallen out of the pile. It was the forgiveness card. I could not have picked a better one. The text in the booklet was very helpful as well, giving me just the guidance I needed.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Shiffer Publishing


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by Simon and Sue LillyPreseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a mysterious rock that is found in West Wales and was transported in great slabs to form part of Stonehenge.  This book explores the complex weaving of myth, history, science and beliefs that surround the stone, suggesting that it has great potential for personal and global integration.

This is an interesting and in depth account of the story of Preseli Bluestone as told and re-told over at least 5,000 years.  It takes us on a journey through the times of Arthur and Merlin, the layout and placement of stones at Stonehenge, the geometry of stone circles, the geology of the rock (a form of spotted dolerite), the landscape of Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) and its links with the World Grids and Energy Lines.

As a Crystal Healer myself I particularly enjoyed the final chapter of the book which explores the healing properties, and suggests a range of over 25 layouts and grids that can be used to restore balance to our energy fields.  The bluestone is particularly effective at grounding and clearing energies, and also able to take our awareness to other times and places.

This is a very valuable addition to my collection of crystal books and has prompted me to pay a lot more attention to my own piece of Bluestone to great effect.

Review by Claire Williams 

Published by Tree Seer Publications.

ISBN: 978 1905454082



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Connecting with the ancient wisdom of stones, pebbles and crystals.Sacred Stones

by Philip Permutt and Lyn Palmer

I really enjoyed this book. I have been working with stones and crystals since childhood, but this book still held delights for me to savour. The photos are clear and the snippets of information alongside the text and the everyday practical exercises were a delight. The overall structure of the book takes us from the world of standing stones;  to collecting your own stones and crystals (and there is a good range of what is available and the special forms you can look for within those specimens); to rock art and working with the stones themselves; with a full run down on crystal healing and how to carry it out for yourself and others. All sections draw on the personal experiences of the co-authors and sparkle with their enthusiasm and respect for this area of wisdom.

The book is a guide to discovering your personal connection to the world of pebbles, stones and crystals and to tune into and benefit from their innate energy systems. The simple exercises enable you to work with the stones and crystals to benefit your health and well being. It helps you to find out how sacred stones focus, store, transmit and transmute energy; and gives you techniques to “enter the stones”- to tune in and move deeply within, mingling your energy with that of the stones. This will help you to connect with and feel their power and ancient wisdom and unlock their secrets for yourself.

It is a lovely book for the beginner and the experienced practitioner;  with snippets of information and nuggets of wisdom that can be accessed at whatever level you are at presently.  Each person who picks up the book will enjoy it at their own level and make progress within the world of minerals. It will develop and encourage your curiosity and respect for these lovely treasures of the earth; even if all you do is flick through looking at the beautiful photographs and illustrations. It is also a book that would make a great present for a friend, as it truly has something for everyone in its approach, explanation and language.

Review by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com

ISBN 978-1-907563-65-2


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by Doreen VirtueAngel Medicine

The book starts with Doreen visiting Santorini Island in Greece, where she was contacted by powerful group of angels, calling themselves ‘Angels of Atlantis’.  In meditation, throughout her time away from her home, she was taken on a deep spiritual journey into the healing temples of Atlantis.  Following her intuition she visited various sites in England, Scotland and Ireland and received profound insights about healing ourselves, the planet and our role within the universe.

Angel Medicine relates Doreen’s dialogue with the Angels of Atlantis, the stone spirits of Stonehenge.  The book is divided into 3 parts, Revealing Atlantean Healing methods, scientific studies, case histories; and the importance of Love, Light, Prayer and Sunshine.

Doreen also covers crystal healing, colours and auras, how to cleanse and clear the chakras.  One of my favourites is Archangel Michael’s powerful spiritual vacuum technique.

Doreen also explains cord cutting and the different methods you can employ in removing them.  You will also learn to lift curses, remove entities, shield against psychic attacks.  There is also a very comprehensive list of 15 Archangels and their specialities.

Being a therapist and workshop facilitator I use this book to inspire my clients and fellow students to take responsibility for their actions and life, using Doreen’s methods helps you feel more in control and knowing that there is help, you just need to ask.

I highly recommend this book, it may help you gain additional faith, connect you more to spirit and further your understanding and comprehension of Angel Medicine.

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Hay House UK Ltd



ISBN – 978-1401902346

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by Philip PermuttThe Crystal Tarot
Illustrated by Emma Garner

This colourful pack of Tarot cards and accompanying small book will be of interest to the beginner or the experienced Tarot Reader.  The cards themselves were created by Emma Garner, the illustrator.  The book, and the box, are filled with her colour illustrations and add a great deal to the total package.

As the name suggests, each card has a crystal associated with it, and the book gives information about the crystals as well as the cards.  Each card also has a chakra linked to it, so within a reading one can gain from the meaning of the card, the supporting crystal information, or a prompt, that one or more chakras may be out of balance.

The Major Arcana images did not particularly resonate with me, but I love the designs of the Minor Arcana.  The elements of the suits (earth, air, fire, water) are prominent in each image, with the swords floating among the clouds and the pentacles flanked by strong, earth-rooted plants.  The designs show simply a number of cups, wands etc, rather than a pictorial image, but beginners will be helped by the detailed interpretation within the book.

The book also gives suggested layouts, and interesting keywords for the numbers within the suits that I had not come across before.  The book is well presented, with a wealth of colour illustrations of the cards and the crystals depicted on them.  The cards are smooth to handle, and are a comfortable size to work with, being just a little larger than the traditional packs.  Both cards and book are contained in a sturdy box, with colour illustrations on it.  This is altogether a bright, friendly pack, with an inviting, open energy.

It works as a divination tool as well!  I have done quite a few short readings, exploring the interpretations given in the book in addition to following my own intuition, and some of the insights have been strikingly accurate!

I would recommend The Crystal Tarot to anyone wishing to explore Tarot, and its wider associations (there are also suggestions for using the cards as a meditation tool), as part of their on-going personal journey.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com


ISBN 978-1-907030-57-4

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by Michael EastwoodThe Crystal Oversouls

These beautiful cards are designed for meditation and contemplation. They stimulate, heal and guide the user deep within.  The accompanying 66 page book contains messages drawn from the author’s direct experience with the crystal oversouls.

Together the 44 cards and book build a map, representing the potential and many stages of our collective, unfolding during this time in human evolution.

Michael says “The mandalas in this book represent my impression of each of the crystal oversoul’s consciousness and spirit.  To my understanding an oversoul is the collective soul or master that all individual crystals in its field will identify and communicate with. When we work thus, for example with an Ajoite, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint, its oversoul.”

I loved reviewing these cards! They are like crystals within crystals as they portray the crystals in a mandala shape. These mandala like forms are reminiscent of water crystals. It makes them very powerful and healing to look at and meditate upon.

When picking a card for myself I drew out Aqua Aura and its number is 24. I thought this significant as I am born on the 24th of May and Aqua is my favourite colour (all colours in the blue and turquoise spectrum are). This card is about inner guidance, and the oversoul of this gemstone helps us when channelling and learning the skills to trust one’s inner guidance. It has a strong link to Lemurian times as well.

When sitting down to contemplate on this card I felt the energy around me increasing in vibration. When this happens there is a high hum in the air. The card drew me in. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope. I kept seeing new things: a tree to remind me of grounding, a panther for strength, a star to remind me of my true origins.

Great cards to work with when you love crystals, mandala’s, energy work, colours and meditation.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN 978-184409-571-1

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