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by Nancy WassermanYoga for Magick

‘This succinct and uniquely helpful book explores the often -overlooked importance of bringing and maintaining a healthy body and clear thinking mind to the practice of ceremonial magick or witchcraft.  While many books on magick discuss the importance of ritual, few focus on the physical, spiritual, and moral qualities necessary to make those rituals effective.

This yoga book explains the chakras one by one and what they mean in terms of the yogi.  The author then explains them on a deeper level and goes onto explain about pranayama exercises for the reader, exercises in controlling the breath in yoga.

If you have been practising yoga for a while you will be eager to understand this book in order to go on a deeper level with your yoga practice.  It will also help to build your physical and mental strength for your everyday practice and understand the knowledge behind it.  A must have in your Yoga book library.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Weiser


ISBN: 9781578633784

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by FreudThe Journey

The track titles on this CD give an insight to its deeply spiritual feel – Deja Vu; The River; Eden: Mystery Moon; The Avebury Circle; A Garden Of Love;The Journey; Phantasmagoria; The Great Crossing; El jardin del amor; and the bonus track World Of Wonders.

For anyone who finds the sounds of gentle, yet intense, female vocals instantly soothing and relaxing, this album will become a favourite. Comparisons are, rightly, said to be odious, but some compare Freud’s sound with that of Enya. There is certainly a strongly Celtic feel to their work, and on this album in particular on the Phantasmagoria track.

Other tracks which touched me strongly were Eden, which speaks of of hope and eternity; Mystery Moon, which has a very upbeat feel; The Avebury Circle, with its impressive chanting and the sense of voices from the stones themselves; and The Great Crossing, a lovely, mainly instrumental number featuring strings with background vocals.

Altogether, an unusual compliation.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Tantajo Records 2006


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by Colin Fry

This book is full of comfort for anyone who has ‘lost’ a loved one or friend. In a very simple, mainly anecdotal, manner, Colin Fry explains that the Spirits – people who have passed over – continue to take a great interest in the lives of those they love here on the earth.

The accounts, all taken from his own experience, are by turns touching, amusing, and often very surprising. Indeed, Mr Fry writes in more than one place of his own amazement at some of the messages he has received, and the results of his conveying them to the intended recipients.

I was particulary struck by the chapter entitled ‘How the Spirits reward your patience’. In this section, Mr Fry tells of occasions when Spirits have themselves been patient and also very persistent, when they have wanted to make contact with someone in order to transmit important information. This is evidently an example for us to follow.

An interesting and uplifting book.

Reviewed by Annie Prosser

Published by Ebury Publishing.



ISBN: 9781846041846

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by Hazel CourteneyCountdown to Coherence

This is an amazing book.  The author, Hazel Courteney, has previously written two books about her paranormal experiences and this is a journey on which we join her from April 2008 to December 2009 to try to explain the past events.  In down to Earth, everyday language, the author tries to share with the reader facts and theories that she finds fascinating and useful. She presents to us ideas from distinguished yet controversial thinkers – from scientists, to shamans, to psychologists and beyond, all in ways that each of us can access at our personal levels of understanding.  The fundamental concept to be explored is that there is an underlying intelligence that exists at all levels of reality, throughout time, across every dimension and within everything.  Hazel goes on to delve deeply into the idea that our universe had its beginnings in perfect coherence before spiralling into increasing disorder and that current times have started us all on the journey home to coherence.  Once we have reached this countdown to coherence, the author leaves us and our paths part; but it is a whirlwind of ideas and concepts that will certainly leave you gasping and thinking about why we are here, where we need to go and why and how much more we are capable of than we’ve ever imagined.

Review by Ros Ogden.

Published by Watkins Publishing.  www.watkinspublishing.co.uk

ISBN 1906787832  www.hazelcourteney.com

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by Jacky Newcomb & Shirley CrichtonAngels

Explore the wonderful world of Angels in this unique DVD written and presented by Angel experts Jacky Newcomb and Shirley Crichton. Be amazed by people sharing their real Angel experiences, artists and writers inspired by these wonderful divine beings. Also in this DVD, you will be given an exclusive insight into what happens at an Angel Workshop and how to bring the Angels into your everyday life.

This gentle and loving DVD is accompanied by wonderful angel mysic by LLEWELLYN. The film itself gives the viewer some basic information about the history of angels, current day angels, angel inspiration and ways of working with the angels in day to day living.

As such it is a great introduction into the world of angels for those who feel drawn to angels, but are not very familiar with them yet.

If you have already read a lot about angels, or work with them, such as I do as an Angel Coach, this DVD will contain no new information. Still, it is pleasant to look at, the music is lovely and the bonus track offers a great guided meditation to connect to your guardian angel.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by New World Music Limited, directed and produced by LLEWELLYN


ISBN:  1-904595-21-9

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by Jude CurrivanHope

This book will resonate with anyone who has read James Redfield’s Celestine series, as Jude goes into fascinating detail about how nations have achieved the generic psyche for which they are famous, that resonates with the Second Insight in particular. Seeing the longer sweep of history and how it has shaped the development of individual and collective consciousness is at the heart of the message of HOPE – for only by understanding the reasons and traumas behind the madness of the world can we HOPE to heal it.

The book ‘investigates how different groups and countries reflect and embody the same themes and issues that we experience on an individual human level. It reveals how the history of different areas of conflict around the world and our collective fear-based behaviours are based on traumas that we have energetically continued to resonate with – and crucially, how to heal and release them.’  It also investigates the cosmic phenomena that have contributed to the development of national attributes; by examining the astrological charts of the birth of those nations, and major world events; as well as looking forward to see what the planets have to show us about current developments and the immediate future for the planet as a whole.  Jude’s message is one of deep and inspiring HOPE, collected through her many journeys as a cosmologist and healer.

As Einstein famously once said, “you cannot heal an issue from the level at which it occurred”. Therefore, we need a larger perspective and higher vision to heal the rifts and traumas that are still being perpetuated all over the globe. Jude’s book attempts to provide us with just that, so that we can further our own journey to wholeness and even, perhaps, help our world, and Gaia herself, on the path to a joyous Shift of Consciousness.

The end of the Mayan calendar is fast approaching, a time when many people believe a major change is coming. As Jude shows in this book, we can all contribute to make that change smoother and more painless for ourselves, our human family, and our beloved planet.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN 978-1-84850-383-1

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The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of ThoughtTen Great Ways to Understand the World

by Else Byskov

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory, and also introduces the conversational writing style of the author.  Reading it you feel she is actually speaking to you, asking you questions and at times directing a point at you with some force!

The work is inspired by the Danish 20th Century visionary, Martinus, whose writings made a deep and lasting impression on Else.  She is keen to share his understandings on the world as a whole.

Those familiar with the concepts of Karma, Law of Attraction, Spirit, etc may find the book a little repetitive, but for those awakening to these ideas it provides a thorough grounding.  Else puts forward some interesting ideas in the chapters on Reincarnation and Becoming Human, offering new suggestions on how a soul incarnates, and why we are attracted to each other.

She is very thorough in her writing, frequently going into considerable detail as she explains an idea.  There is a great deal of material here, and while I would recommend that it is read with discernment, it nevertheless offers plenty of food for thought.

Review by Diana Savil. 

ISBN  978-1451552966.  www.deathisanillusion.com

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