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By White Elk Woman and L GuesciniShadowLight Cards

This is a deck of 52 square cards, comprising 40 ShadowLight cards and 12 ‘Unity’ cards. Each card has on one side a Crystal Skull, set into an encircled Flower of Life against a background of one of five different colours (Red, Gold, Green, Violet and Magenta). The other side is numbered, and has, in the case of the ShadowLight cards, two words – one ‘Shadow’ word eg Victim, and one ‘Light’ word, eg Empower. The Unity cards show the same word, eg Protection, twice, in both Shadow and Light. All the cards have a Crystal Skull, set against a black background for the ShadowLight cards, and a white background for the Unity cards.

The cards are contained in an attractive little box with a snap-shut lid. Also included is a guide booklet explaining the concept and symbology of the cards, the Shadow self, Crystal Skulls, and uses of the cards – asking questions, creating mantras and affirmations.

 I have never previously felt drawn to working with Crystal Skulls; however, I was aware of White Elk Woman as an acknowledged expert on them and as a wonderful teacher and healer. So it was with an open and positive mind that I opened the pack and used the cards. The suggested methods of use are simple – either shuffle the deck and let one or two cards fall out, or spread the cards out with the lovely Flower of Life and Crystal Skull image face up and choose the card/s which ‘call’ to you. Focus on a relevant issue or question.

The results were, for me, both enlightening and thought-provoking. Two cards, each showing a Shadow and a Light concept, answered, in a very simple yet profound way, my question (one of the suggested questions: What Shadow have I brought with me from my childhood?)

I kept the ShadowLight Cards on my bedside table overnight; the dream which I can remember was, I feel, an important one for my learning. It featured a past relationship, and also building new dwellings on an ancient site.

The concept of the Shadow Self features in Jungian psychology, and as a psychotherapist I have often found it an important concept for clients to work with: ‘Who is that scary person who keeps appearing in my dreams?……..Oh, it’s my (Shadow) self !’ The Shadow is not to be spurned, but accepted and loved. These cards can, I think, assist in this process of self-understanding, acceptance and love and also open up paths to spiritual dimensions.

As the publishers, on their website, write of these cards: ‘Work with your shadows to help resolve deep issues which are holding you back.’

Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing


Reviewed by Annie Prosser

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 Author: Louise L. Hay

Experience Your Good NowWithin these pages, Louise discusses specific topics and concerns (health, fearful emotions, addictions, prosperity issues, love and intimacy, and more) and presents exercises that show you how to make beneficial changes to virtually every area of your life.

For anyone wishing to make positive changes to their lives this book is a must.  There is a chapter that covers every area of our lives with exercises and suggested affirmations.  The CD which is supplied with the book explains what affirmations are and how by using them we are able to change our negative thought patterns.

If you want to create a more positive you, then I suggest buying this book and following Louises teachings.

ISBN: 978-1-4019-2748-6

Published by: Hay House



Reviewed by: Sandra Roberts.

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The Wicca Handbook contains a wealth of rituals, correspondences and spells. It is an invaluable reference for the veteran witch and an absolute must for the new witch.

As someone who has an interested in the art of white witchcraft I found this book extremely useful. It is written in plain English and removes the taboos witchcraft has brought with it from the middle ages.

It is a practical hands on guide to using spells, directions, birth signs and moon fazes to help yourself and others. The author suggests that you follow your own inner guidance and the spells and ceremonies provided are for inspiration only.  A thoroughly enjoyable read .

Author: Eileen Holland.

ISBN: 978-0-7090-8884-4

Published by Robert Hale


Reviewed by Sandra RobertsWicca Handbook

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Why Awakening Experiences Occur and How to Make Them Permanent

By Steve Taylor Waking From Sleep

Walt Whitman, William Blake and William Wordsworth experienced shifts in consciousness that could be called peak experiences or altered states of consciousness. These moments, known by indigenous people, children, mystics and saints, provide a sense of expansiveness, egolessness and wellbeing. Steve Taylor has made a study of these experiences that can be induced in a number of ways. He divides them into two categories: HD (Homeostasis Disruption) which is a wild ecstasy state brought on by activity that disrupts our natural patterns, and can be produced by hunger, sleep deprivation, certain drugs, pain and breathing exercises (all of which have drawbacks) and ISLE states (Intensification and Stilling of Life Energy) brought on by meditation, sports, sexual activity, music, kundalini, near death experiences, satsang and ego detachment.

Those who have both these types of experiences describe an intense feeling of contentment, unification and an awareness of the immense beauty of the world. It is accompanied by a realisation that happiness is not achieved through status or the accumulation of material possessions. Steve Taylor describes present awareness as a state of ‘sleeping’ and the beautiful higher states of consciousness as ‘waking up’ to reality.

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

ISBN 9 782848501799



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SHEN – Specific Human Emotional Nexus – takes place on an individual basis, as a retreat or in a group setting. It is a gentle and non-verbal treatment and takes place while the client lies fully clothed in a cradle (a soft canvas table style bed). The therapy works on the principle that memories of distressing events, emotional upsets, etc., remain embedded within the physical body and the practitioner’s hands are used to move and release these memories. Symptoms, such as fear, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, lack of confidence and exhaustion can be relieved.
The therapy room was of a perfect temperature and pleasantly decorated. My therapist, Vijay Rana has been a SHEN practitioner for ten years. I sat in a comfortable chair and we talked for a brief time about my expectations, concerns and past troubles and Vijay was caring empathic, accepting, supportive and non-judgemental. I felt very safe with him. I was asked to lie on the cradle, which was very comfortable, and I closed my eyes. I could detect Vijay in the vicinity of my head and could feel the proximity of his hands. I could also feel his level of expertise and concentration on transmitting healing energy. I was immediately aware that all the usual chatter in my mind, drifted away, leaving me feeling very calm. I then felt Vijay’s warm hands being gently placed on areas of my back. This created waves of shivers, similar to the type of sensations I get while listening to a wonderful piece of music. These waves continued, and there was a warmth to them. A blanket was offered if I felt cold but was not needed. After 40 minutes, I felt I wanted to stretch and yawn and I felt energised and well rested so we discontinued the session at this points. Vijay stated that some sensations might continue or emotional material brought to the surface following the session, I was prepared for this but only felt a desire to stretch and yawn more than usual.

More than one hour session is usually required for a therapeutic level to be achieved. I found the therapy comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. I especially liked that it was non-confrontational and non invasive and nothing is required of me as a client.

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

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