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How to become a Money Magnetby Marie-Claire Carlyle

I enjoyed this practical and honest book about creating prosperity and the personal anecdotes’, simple exercises and clear affirmations.

Marie Claire talks openly about her journey from poverty consciousness to creating unlimited abundance, which I found engaging and honest.

Here mantra in nearly every chapter is “The money is already there. The only thing from preventing you from being rich is you.”

Initially this sounded a bit preachy, but stick with it. They say a new belief takes 21 days to embed in the mind.

I liked the vision boards suggestion. To be playful with cut and paste images of what you want – sounded fun. Plus, the regular checklist summary is at the end of each chapter. Useful especially if you like to dip in and out of a book.

This is a clear concise book about getting focused and getting what you truly want.

Review by Ann O’Keife

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN 9781848502389

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by Philip PermuttThe Crystal Tarot
Illustrated by Emma Garner

This colourful pack of Tarot cards and accompanying small book will be of interest to the beginner or the experienced Tarot Reader.  The cards themselves were created by Emma Garner, the illustrator.  The book, and the box, are filled with her colour illustrations and add a great deal to the total package.

As the name suggests, each card has a crystal associated with it, and the book gives information about the crystals as well as the cards.  Each card also has a chakra linked to it, so within a reading one can gain from the meaning of the card, the supporting crystal information, or a prompt, that one or more chakras may be out of balance.

The Major Arcana images did not particularly resonate with me, but I love the designs of the Minor Arcana.  The elements of the suits (earth, air, fire, water) are prominent in each image, with the swords floating among the clouds and the pentacles flanked by strong, earth-rooted plants.  The designs show simply a number of cups, wands etc, rather than a pictorial image, but beginners will be helped by the detailed interpretation within the book.

The book also gives suggested layouts, and interesting keywords for the numbers within the suits that I had not come across before.  The book is well presented, with a wealth of colour illustrations of the cards and the crystals depicted on them.  The cards are smooth to handle, and are a comfortable size to work with, being just a little larger than the traditional packs.  Both cards and book are contained in a sturdy box, with colour illustrations on it.  This is altogether a bright, friendly pack, with an inviting, open energy.

It works as a divination tool as well!  I have done quite a few short readings, exploring the interpretations given in the book in addition to following my own intuition, and some of the insights have been strikingly accurate!

I would recommend The Crystal Tarot to anyone wishing to explore Tarot, and its wider associations (there are also suggestions for using the cards as a meditation tool), as part of their on-going personal journey.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com


ISBN 978-1-907030-57-4

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by Michael EastwoodThe Crystal Oversouls

These beautiful cards are designed for meditation and contemplation. They stimulate, heal and guide the user deep within.  The accompanying 66 page book contains messages drawn from the author’s direct experience with the crystal oversouls.

Together the 44 cards and book build a map, representing the potential and many stages of our collective, unfolding during this time in human evolution.

Michael says “The mandalas in this book represent my impression of each of the crystal oversoul’s consciousness and spirit.  To my understanding an oversoul is the collective soul or master that all individual crystals in its field will identify and communicate with. When we work thus, for example with an Ajoite, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint, its oversoul.”

I loved reviewing these cards! They are like crystals within crystals as they portray the crystals in a mandala shape. These mandala like forms are reminiscent of water crystals. It makes them very powerful and healing to look at and meditate upon.

When picking a card for myself I drew out Aqua Aura and its number is 24. I thought this significant as I am born on the 24th of May and Aqua is my favourite colour (all colours in the blue and turquoise spectrum are). This card is about inner guidance, and the oversoul of this gemstone helps us when channelling and learning the skills to trust one’s inner guidance. It has a strong link to Lemurian times as well.

When sitting down to contemplate on this card I felt the energy around me increasing in vibration. When this happens there is a high hum in the air. The card drew me in. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope. I kept seeing new things: a tree to remind me of grounding, a panther for strength, a star to remind me of my true origins.

Great cards to work with when you love crystals, mandala’s, energy work, colours and meditation.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN 978-184409-571-1

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by Perry WoodSecrets of People Whispering

Perry wood has a gentle yet commanding presence in this inspired book.  Perry, a coach, workshop leader, musician, and author has a fine tuned and sensitive approach to teaching the reader how to understand and commune with themselves and others.

The book is set in three clear sections; Communicating with your self, People Whispering in Practise, and Reaping the rewards of people whispering.  The first section discussing posture, tone of voice, body language, the unspoken signals we give off, the language and words we use.  I found this useful and a good reflective tool as I am a therapist and healer myself.  The second section has many aspects of person centred counselling, such as active listening, getting into others people’s shoes and examining our own boundaries and beliefs.  Lastly bringing all the above together, Perry discusses sharing our success, balancing life/work/relationships and personal power-which I particularly felt helpful.

I enjoyed the true stories throughout the book to illustrate authentic examples and the structure was coherent.  This is a good recommendation for those setting out on the path to  better more fulfilling communication and relationships.

Review by Ann O’Keife 

Published by Random House




ISBN 184413563-2

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by Rosemary StephensonTelsa the Healing Dog

According to Diana Cooper this is “the amazing true story of a boxer dog who had an extraordinary healing gift. The author’s love for this beautiful animal shines from the pages as she describes how Telsa convinced even sceptics of the power of healing. Rosemary explains how her boxer opened people’s hearts and that those who were terrified of dogs changed so completely, they started to love them too. If you love dogs and Angels and are ready to open your heart then this is the book for you”.

Let me begin by telling you I am a cat person. I actually have a bit of a fear for dogs due to past circumstances. Yet I felt drawn to review this book. I have known Rosemary’s work with her crystal bowls through one of Diana Cooper’s CD’s. So I was truly interested to read a book by Rosemary. And somehow the title of the book sounded fun to me.

The book is very pleasant to the eye with a lovely violet cover and violet colored letters throughout. Initially the reader becomes acquainted with both Rosemary’s life and that of Telsa the Healing dog. Telsa is there through personal turmoil and change in Rosemary’s life. Later on in the book there are many healing stories of Telsa. She would help dogs overcome their reluctance to interact with other dogs. She helped people open their hearts. She would be the main star of the nursing home when the old people and staff would receive healing. Telsa would join in Rosemary’s healing sessions and groups to help with healing whenever possible. She also helped people with fear of dogs overcome this fear. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I would have had the opportunity of getting to know this very special dog.

Telsa is now a spirit dog continuing her healing work with Rosemary, giving wonderful angelic signs of her presence.

When you read of the amazing gentleness and sensitivity this dog had, you start wondering if she was perhaps a master in disguise. It surely helps the reader to realize that we share this world with many sentient beings. We are surrounded by healing, wisdom and magic if only we have eyes to see, and ears to hear. We may be surprised to find that it comes in the form of a boxer dog.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel


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by Dr. Silvia HartmannEmo Trance

Dr. Silvia Hartmann the author of Emo Trance, has over thirty years experience in the field of human potential. In addition to her own research into energy exchanges between social mammals, and working with the new techniques of Energy Psychology; Dr. Hartmann designed the Emo Trance system to enhance energy awareness and use energy work to change the experience of human emotion.

I have to say that on first impression the book title made me a little sceptical, and, thinking that this may be just an issue with me, I asked a few people what their first reaction was to the title, not the book and received similar feedback.  One person saying that it sounded too ‘out there’!  However, having now read the book I can confirm that it is not ‘out there’ it is in fact clear and concise and very easy to read.

The name Emo Trance comes from Transforming Emotions by working with the energy body. It seems evident that many of us now have some understanding of how unexpressed emotions can eventually lead to physical illness in later life. This book outlines a very simple and practical method for dealing with the emotions in the moment, recognising them as an energy, and working through them instead of ignoring them.  Thereby storing them as blockages in the energy system to wreak havoc when overload is reached. It is a system to help people feel better and that’s it basically. You don’t need to join anything, or believe in anything, or follow anyone, you don’t even have to go to a practitioner, although in some cases I am sure that the love and support from another person would be of great benefit.   However, as the author clearly states on page 82, “For Emo Trance to work the person must want to do it, and they must be able to feel emotions in the body”.

This honest and down to earth approach rippled throughout the book which I found very refreshing, highlighting quite simply that if it resonates with you then try it, if not then don’t, try something else instead.  Not everything works for everyone, we each have to tune in to what is right for us and our own particular frequency.

I found this book both interesting and informative, giving the reader a reminder of the benefits of being present in the moment, fully aware that we are so much more than flesh and bones.

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Dragon Rising Publishing


ISBN  978-1-873483-51-0

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