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10 minute meditations for pain reliefPain Relief Meditation

By Philip Permutt

Philip is reknown for his endless knowledge of crystals, healing and meditation. In this latest CD, his soothing voice along with background from LLewellyn is an excellent way to relax and ease any pain caused by stress. It is a well known fact that most pain is caused by stress or tension, and in the fast moving world we live in today we don’t always find time to relax.

Philip guided you through a choice of six different journeys including giving your pain a spirit, meeting a wise woman in a forest or visualising your pain as a green light, focusing on the site of pain and watching it drift away. Each journey lasts around 10 minutes so could be fitted into any hectic day!

I found the CD very calming and most effective.  I particularly enjoyed the green light meditation, I could really visualise my headache being wafted away.  There were also interludes  of just pure music to hold on to the moment.

I can honestly say it was indeed very soothing and left me feeling warm, at ease, and  free of any aches or pains!

Review by Susannah East

Published by Paradise Music Ltd



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by R J SharmaOf Head and Heart

Rahul Sharma has selected an eclectic mix of quotations and proverbs with a view to provide a variety of sayings to enjoy and uplift.  The sources range from the familiar and anticipated such as the Bible, Einstein, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and various poets, through several US presidents to Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi!  And Sharma has included proverbs from India and China as well as those from UK or USA.

I enjoy collections like these as each compiler naturally is drawn to quotations that I’ve either never seen or have missed.  Someone else’s take on what is important to include broadens my own horizons and can introduce some great one liners that can bring a smile or help put a new perspective on life.

If there is to be a revised edition at any time I would welcome more ‘Heart’ based quotations – currently only 10 pages out of almost 60 – and higher quality production.

I appreciate the inclusion of space to write in one’s own favourite quotes.

Review by Carrie Harris.  

Published by Paragon Publishing.

ISBN: 9781907611506



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by Eldon TaylorWhat Does That Mean

I first reviewed this book about a year ago, but, for some reason, that review was not meant to be!

I lost the copy that had not after all been sent, and had passed the book on to another avid reader, all accompanied by a ‘communication blackout’!! Hmmm! What does that mean?

I have now obtained another copy, and reading this book for a second time really made me chuckle, as the above mentioned events clearly illustrate what the author is actually saying.

In this thought provoking book, Eldon Taylor shares stories and anecdotes with insights that lead to many questions that are not easily answered, and that is the intention; because at the end of each chapter he asks  “What does that mean?” leaving the reader to find their own answers, thereby providing much food for thought.

This is not a book that tells you what to do or how to do it, it doesn’t preach or cajole; it merely offers insights into one persons’ journey through life and his quest to understand the What? Where? When? How?

Reading this book you are invited to be an explorer ‘paying attention’ to your own life as it unfolds, asking your own questions and finding answers that are relevant to you.  I am so grateful for the events that lead to a second reading of this book because this time I really read it.  I particularly like the concluding chapter in which there is a sentence that says “It’s not what the book says but what the book does that matters.” On the first reading this simply did not resonate, but now……. Well what do you think?

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Hay House  http://www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN   978-1-4019-2333-4

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by Simon SmallStar Pilgrim

What if you were going about your normal business one day and an alien starship appeared in a place so obvious, the whole world would see it? What if the alien being then chose YOU as its Earthly representative – the one person it would talk to, invite into its ship and take out among the stars? What if it then wanted you to go back and tell your fellow-humans about what you had learned, but offered an easier option, if you preferred to take it? How would you deal with it, and who could you look to for help when the whole world wanted to know what made you so special?

This is the basis of this extraordinary novel, which explores gently but searchingly the issues that such an arrival might create, for mankind in general and the chosen one in particular, as well as the individual reactions of some of the people he meets.

Joseph Williams, a widower and priest, finds himself singled out as the one person on Earth whom the Visitor will ‘talk’ to, and it turns his life upside down. But in the process of learning why he is the chosen one, he also learns much about human nature, and the promise he made a long time ago. Will he fulfil that promise, or succumb to the lure of the second option?

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by O Books  www.o-books.com


ISBN 978-1-84694-467-3

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Interviews with Verena Stael von HolsteinNature Spirits
Edited by Wolfgang Weirauch

This is a most unusual, and very inspiring, book. Verena Stael von Holstein channels the nature spirits of the trees (the elemental beings most closely resembling human beings).

This book documents interviews conducted by Wolfgang Weirauch with the trees, through Verena. In all, 29 trees and ‘tree tenders’ give of their wisdom; also participating are Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines and Salamanders.

Some quite astonishing insights into life on Earth are recorded here. For example, ‘Crown’ the Tree Tender tells us in no uncertain terms that we will quite simply run out of air because of the large numbers of trees being felled (an area as large as Paris is felled every day). This is being done for financial gain – but when we run out of air ‘the dollars in your pocket will be of no use to you’.

The trees also give much information about themselves; ideal and less-than-ideal growing conditions, and the ways in which they can be of help to us. Gunda, Spirit of the Frankincense tree, speaks of the antiseptic effect of Frankincense and the fact that inhaling its smoke combats all illnesses connected with anxiety, such as asthma and Crohn’s Disease.

Verena has had a strong connection with trees since her childhood, and has been working continuously with nature elementals since 1995. The depth of her intuitive relationship with them is demonstrated in this fascinating book.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Floris Books.


ISBN: 978-086315-703-5

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by Aidan Meehan Celtic Design, Knotwork

This is a book that is part of a series of practical step-by- step guides to the art and designs of the Celts, and is meant to be an invaluable source of inspiration for artists, designers and craftspeople of all kinds.

Anyone who has seen the beautiful knot work and designs of the Books of Lindisfarne and Kells, and wondered how they were created, has the answers in this book. Knot work and plait work are examined in detail with illustrations of each step needed to reproduce these rich decorations for yourself. From the simple beginnings of the Foundation Knot and King Solomon’s Knot to the Spiral Knot borders and braids, each is described and illustrated in such a way that you can both copy from the originals and go on to design your own at whatever level of complexity you wish. The instructions are clear and well illustrated so that you can practically use this book to actually carry out your own art and craft work in whatever medium you wish. It is a book that is created for you to use to make your own art and craft come to life in the traditions of the Celtic way.

This is a practical guide book, not a sit down and read about the Celtic way of life book.  It is a practical guide to techniques you may use in your own art and craft.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Thames and Hudson



ISBN 0-500-27630-7

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by Philip PermuttThe Crystal Tarot
Illustrated by Emma Garner

This colourful pack of Tarot cards and accompanying small book will be of interest to the beginner or the experienced Tarot Reader.  The cards themselves were created by Emma Garner, the illustrator.  The book, and the box, are filled with her colour illustrations and add a great deal to the total package.

As the name suggests, each card has a crystal associated with it, and the book gives information about the crystals as well as the cards.  Each card also has a chakra linked to it, so within a reading one can gain from the meaning of the card, the supporting crystal information, or a prompt, that one or more chakras may be out of balance.

The Major Arcana images did not particularly resonate with me, but I love the designs of the Minor Arcana.  The elements of the suits (earth, air, fire, water) are prominent in each image, with the swords floating among the clouds and the pentacles flanked by strong, earth-rooted plants.  The designs show simply a number of cups, wands etc, rather than a pictorial image, but beginners will be helped by the detailed interpretation within the book.

The book also gives suggested layouts, and interesting keywords for the numbers within the suits that I had not come across before.  The book is well presented, with a wealth of colour illustrations of the cards and the crystals depicted on them.  The cards are smooth to handle, and are a comfortable size to work with, being just a little larger than the traditional packs.  Both cards and book are contained in a sturdy box, with colour illustrations on it.  This is altogether a bright, friendly pack, with an inviting, open energy.

It works as a divination tool as well!  I have done quite a few short readings, exploring the interpretations given in the book in addition to following my own intuition, and some of the insights have been strikingly accurate!

I would recommend The Crystal Tarot to anyone wishing to explore Tarot, and its wider associations (there are also suggestions for using the cards as a meditation tool), as part of their on-going personal journey.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com


ISBN 978-1-907030-57-4

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