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by Richard Lawrence

Prayer Energy

Everything we think affects the world around us, as well as our own lives. Through everyday prayer, we can transform states of mind and ways of living. Exploring a wealth of traditions and techniques, Richard Lawrence shows us the profound connection between positive thought and powerful change in his book Prayer Energy. From praying for the recovery of a loved one to a prayer for peace on the planet, the act of prayer can transform attitudes and realities.

Included are over 30 of the most inspiring, uplifting prayers from the worlds many cultures and faiths. Arranged in themed chapters, there are prayers for peace, travel, compassion, healing, and many more. Some of these prayers may be familiar, others, new to you; but all will help inspire powerful, positive change.

Prayer Energy looks like a gift book, with its many pictures of art stemming from the different religions and cultures around the world. It reflects the overall atmosphere this book creates: a holistic yet practical view on prayer.

For me this book was very inspiring. In my early childhood I was raised Catholic, but we never went to church after I reached puberty. For me prayer had become something ranging from a lifeless habit to a hopeless pleading, yet I felt prayer could be a wonderful part of my lightwork. This book gave a wonderful answer to my dilemma. It leaves the confinement of religious dogma behind to bring a respectful and insightful view on prayer in which the most important ingredient of prayer is love. Interesting subjects are touched upon, such as karma in relation to prayer.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Cico Books ISBN: 978-1-906525-52-1 www.cicobooks.com


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