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by Rob UnderhillSecrets of the Stones

An inspirational film written and produced by Rob Underhill who has studied the ancient world through the perspective of spiritual archaeology. It explores the hidden mysteries of the ‘Secrets of the Stones’ through the eyes and wisdom of the ancient cultures of the Mayan, Egyptian and Peruvian epochs. The visuals are accompanied by music specially composed at Mount Shasta by Paul Armitage to create a meditative journey of the soul.

This DVD is an evocative overview of the stone structures of ancient cultures, with the aim of encouraging people to discover for themselves the deeply spiritual elements to be found within these cultures.

I found it particularly interesting that there are many strong links with beings from space linking back to the time when men and women walked with those beings from the stars. There are many signs and hints pointed out to us on the stone architecture, including the solar cross that can be seen all over the world. We also get to meet Dr Cabrera who has compiled a 60 million year old library of carved Peruvian stones, showing images dating back to the dinosaurs.

The commentary, visual imagery and atmospheric music combine to provide a truly watchable film that is also very meditative.

Review by Heather Charnley



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