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by Linda ShayDolphin Love

Linda Shay takes us on a journey into the pristine tropical waters of Hawaii where she communes, up close and personal, with a pod of wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

She tells us about one moment, with one dolphin, that changes her life forever.

Through interdimensional encounters with the dolphins on land, and magical close encounters with the dolphins in the sea, Linda becomes a bridge between the worlds of humans and dolphins. The bond of healing and love that has been forged unites her eternally with her beloved family of the sea.  This touching and inspiring glimpse into Linda’s journey with the dolphins opens a doorway into the realm of possibility. It offers an expanded view of who these endearing dolphins really are. It serves as a clear demonstration of the dolphins’ desire and ability to heal the human heart, helping us achieve higher states of peace, love, and joy.

This is a true story that takes place on land, in the sea, and in the realm of spirit … in other dimensions of reality. Linda wrote this book with the intention that each reader would co-create their own unique spiritual adventure story with the dolphins. Many have reported receiving unexpected healings and energy transmissions while reading this book.

I loved this book. Once I picked it up I was immersed in it like a dolphin in tropical waters and I highly recommend this book to Paradigm Shift readers. I found it truly inspiring. Not just because it is so lovely to read about real life and energetic encounters with dolphins, but also because this book is one about a spiritual journey.   Linda follows Spirit and Dolphin and by following her true path is an inspiration for anyone on a spiritual journey, whatever that journey may be.

Reading the book opened me up to the possibility of living in a flow with life, instead of swimming against the current. It also reminds the reader of the importance of living a joy filled life.  Reading the book will certainly open you up to the beautiful qualities of the dolphins. It helped me bring more of those qualities into my own life!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Dancing Seas Media


ISBN: 978-0-9847431-0-0

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by Lawrence EllyardThe Spirit of Water, The Hidden Message for all of us

This book is an amazing introduction to a whole new world of water.  Beautiful photographic images show us the effect of positive and negative vibrations on water, revealed through ice crystal formations.  The difference between water subjected to the words “love and gratitude” and “dirty”  is quite eye-opening, and the variation between water exposed to the words “mother’s home cooking” and “fast food” will make you think very carefully about how you prepare your food. Lawrence Ellyard is a student of Masaru Emoto, whose images of ice crystal formations intrigued us some years ago, and The Spirit of Water includes some photographs not previously published.  But this book offers much more than beautiful images.  There is a wealth of information on water:  its chemical content, the different properties of water, how water is used, and how much water there is on the planet.  And there is a whole section on hado – the Japanese word for frequency, or wave.  It is this hado that brings about the changes within water when it is exposed to different words or sounds.  Hado affects us, and there is a chapter of practical hado exercises, including the hado smile, which has a surprising effect on our whole being.  This is a fascinating book, with material to satisfy the scientist and the philosopher.  And some lovely pictures, too!

Review by Diana Savil. Published by O Books www.o-books.net ISBN 978-1-84694-071-2. www.lawrenceellyard.com

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