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by Marie BruceThe Wiccan Temptress

This is a book full of fun and good humour, with a serious message underneath.  Marie Bruce has written a wonderful guide to help women discover (or rediscover) their true womanhood and sexuality, and how to deal with beginning and maintaining relationships, whether they be long-term or just a fling.  All aspects of being a temptress are covered here – clothes, grooming, home décor and interpersonal skills.  But beneath all the advice on how to become a sexy goddess, there is a fundamental point that a woman’s most important attribute is self-respect, and respect for others.  Throughout the book there are tips and techniques, as well as spells, blessings and magical recipes.  But this is not just a book for women – any men out there who wonder what makes women tick could do worse than peruse these pages!  Great fun.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by  Robert Hale Limited  ISBN 978-0-7090-8220-0  www.halebooks.com

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by Jack KornfieldThe Wise Heart

Jack Kornfield is one of the leading spiritual teachers of our time. Having trained as a Buddhist monk in monastaries in Burma India and Thailand, and gaining a PHD in psychology, he soon realised that Buddhist teachings are a compelling challenge to much of the western world. Along with Thich Nhat Hanh and others, he has helped to introduce the core teachings of Buddhist wisdom in a non-sectarian and accessible way for western culture.  In this book he takes the reader straight to the heart of Buddhist teachings, and at the end of most chapters, suggests specific practices to try.  For me, the title of this book describes the author. He writes in such a way that the reader is drawn to his warmth and compassion, he knows that some of the teachings are hard to grasp but is encouraging and inspiring, truly wanting us to discover our own capacity for kindness and wisdom that will enable us to fulfil our potential, and transform the way that we handle everyday challenges.

Review by Sandra Marrison.  Published by Rbooks.  ISBN 978-1-84-604125-9 www.rbooks.co.uk   www.jackkornfield.org

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by John C RobinsonFinding Heaven Here

In Finding Heaven Here, the author, a minister, mystic and psychologist, leads the reader away from the ego-driven world of man to heaven on earth, by way of simple and practical exercises using a navigational tool which he calls ‘Heavens Compass’.  The compass reveals the four realms of spiritual life, and working through each one, we are taken on a journey of revelation, helping us  to understand why, where and when we lost our natural ability to ‘find Heaven here’.  There is extensive research into mythical and mystical traditions, for which there is an excellent appendix of categorised source material.  This I personally found helpful, as I was inspired to explore certain aspects in more depth.  This is a workbook, and requires practice and patience to achieve results.  However, it is inspiring in that it reminds us that throughout the ages we have been given insights and reminders of our true nature, if only we can get out of our own way.

Review by Sandra Marrison.  Published by O Books  ISBN 978-1-84694-156-6  www.o-books.net


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This CD is very different in many ways to others that I have heard claiming to help you have a ‘good night’s sleep’. Most noticable is the voice that leads you into the relaxation. Rather than the soft and dreamy type of voice usually heard on such CD’s, this man has a very matter of fact, and firm tone. With a background throughout of gentle sea shores, the technique is layered, each step taking you into a deeper state of relaxation, and although I wasn’t asleep at the end of it, I felt so peaceful it didn’t really matter. My sister, who has had sleep problems since starting the menopause, took it home to see if it would help her. She has used it for the last three nights, and has never heard the end !!!!! Hmmm, perhaps I will give it another try. . . . if I ever get it back that is.

Review by Sandra Marrison.  Published by f2f publications. ISBN 978-0-9558009-0-0  http://www.armsofmorpheus.co.uk

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by Angela McGheeAngela's Angels

Angela McGhee’s gift lies not just in the ability to communicate with the dead, but also to perceive and sense incredible details about them – and how they died.  Her talents, through sight and hearing, are such that she can offer information that otherwise would have been lost; even the police have come to her for help in gaining evidence. Her work with murder cases has led her to be called ‘the Psychic Detective’.  Angela relates her story in a very down to earth way, but her special gifts shine through every chapter, each of which is really a story in itself. She describes times of joy and laughter, and times which really tug at the heartstrings. The narrative is sensitive, but clear – and a truly compelling read. In a book full of memorable moments, one line of her personal prayer really stood out for me – “We are never so lost that our Angels cannot find us”.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Hay House www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN Number: 978-1-84850-086-3


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by Fridrik KarlssonFeel Good Music

This Feel Good Music Collection was created by Fridrik Karlsson who has used his extraordinary talent and expertise to compose and produce this collection.  It has been inspired by the growing wave of people in search of relief from the effects of modern hectic and stressful lifestyles.  Harmonious relaxing melodies – ideal as a background for Reiki and other massage treatments, or sitting down quietly and allowing the music to wash over you and gently ease out those tensions.  There are 13 CDs in the full collection – including titles such as ‘Magical Healing’, ‘Chill Out Heaven’ and ‘Total Tranquillity’.  Without doubt something for everyone!

Review by Joan Osborne.

Published by River of Light Records  www.thefeelgoodcollection.com

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by Anthony PeakeThe Daemon, A guide to your extraordinary secret self

Anthony Peake has written a fascinating, mind expanding book to follow his first title ‘Is there Life After Death?: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die’.  Peake argues that all conscious beings consist of not one, but two completely separate consciousnesses; the day-to-day persona and a higher self he terms as ‘The Daemon’, a being who seemly has knowledge beyond normal human constraints.  In layman’s terms, he takes us through the science of neurology, investigating human consciousness, deja-vu, migraine, epilepsy and schizophrenia, on to historical sources such as Socrates, Gnosis and Joan of Arc. Dreams and precognitions are discussed and explored. We are given many examples of The Daemon as a protector, muse and guide.  Whether you agree with Peake’s theory or not, this is an engrossing book, well written and expertly researched. The Author presents his theory with enthusiasm and verve.

Review by Jenny Smith

Published by Arcturus Publishing Limited  www.arcturuspublishing.com

ISBN: 978 1 84837 079 1


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