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By Howard Jonesthe tao of holism

This book is a source of factual and statistical data on many topics of widespread concern to us today: health, nutrition, education, economics, religion, society, resources and exploitation. It attempts to outline the steps we must take as individuals and societies to live holistically and safeguard the planet to ensure economic stability and environmental preservation.

The no nonsense style of writing provides a commentary based on the views of experts in various fields whose opinions resonate with a holistic world view. The book is based on the idea that society as a whole will not change until we as individuals can persuade others to do so by argument and by example and this is exactly what the author sets out to do. The Tao means acting holistically to benefit ourselves, other people and the environment of which we are a part.

This is a book of warnings and a chronicle of impending disasters, but has a message of hope overall. It will inspire and inform anyone seeking a holistic lifestyle and has enormous relevance to our current world situation.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by O Books http://www.o-books.com  ISBN-10: 184694080X


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by Tony NeateSecrets of Planet Earth

Tony Neate, a well-known and respected channel of higher wisdom channels H-A, or Helio Arcanophus who was a High Priest of the Sun living in the early days of Atlantis  Now perceived more as a universal consciousness he offers his undertanding of the Universe and covers a wide range of topics including the Fall of Atlantis, The Garden of Eden, The Olympian Civilisation, issues about race, the rise of religion, the new Earth, achieving world peace, and much more.

H-A explains the processes at work behind many of the problem areas we have today, showing us what is happening energetically and historically and why there often appears no resolution.  The Fall of Atlanits is covered in some depth shedding useful new light on how it happened and how the skills of the Atlanteans were lost.  I was particulary interested in his explanation of the dark energies and those that appear to work with the dark, rather than the light.  There is much fear and misinformation of this subject and it is helpful to have it put into context.

I found this book a riveting read and zipped through it in no time.  There is so much information packed into every sentence – no wasted words – and very easy to assimilate.  I would heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in the hidden knowledge of planet Earth and it’s future.

Review by Claire Williams

Published by Eye of Gaza Press  www.eyeofgaza.org

ISBN 978-1-873545-058

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by Simon ParkeOne-Minute Mystic

Former priest and Daily Mail columnist, Simon Parke, gives us modern day parables; short, to the point and uplifting. This is a fun, easy to access book that takes the quick route rather than long meditations and week-long retreats, but still manages to provoke deep inner thoughtfulness.

This is a collection of stimulating short meditations, thought experiments and tiny tales that will reconnect you with your inner knowing. Take a few minutes out of a busy schedule to pause with this book and you will be richly rewarded every time. As the author says – hop around from chapter to chapter, like a bumble bee hops from flower to flower – this is a random adventure, pot luck where you open and what you find.

At the end of the book comes the line – dross can shine for a time but should not be mistaken for gold – this book is the gold.

Review by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 1848501773


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By Ginger QuinlanScents of the Soul

This is described as a “cookbook of energy” with instructions on the use of candle magic, meditation, manifesting prosperity, finding love and attracting your guides and Angels. The recipes are stated as special ways to facilitate energetic shifts and releases in your life through creating herbal incense for body mind and spirit. Instructions are clear and easy to follow – how to prepare yourself through simple rituals and then how to prepare the incense and go into a meditation to achieve the desired outcome. The chakra system is well explained and an incense recipe described to open each of these energy centres. Seasonal recipes, ones to draw fairies and elves; spirits; animal totems; prosperity and love are all given in detail. The wholesale suppliers in the book are all in the States, but a quick investigation on the Internet easily found suppliers in the UK.

A quick and easy book to read for anyone interested in an introduction to the preparation of incense for body, mind and spirit.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-84409-174-4


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