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Stories by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch

This interesting CD of magical stories by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch of The Wolfclan Teaching Lodge, with occasional background Native American music, tells how the Seneca Iroquois Indian Clans got their names. There are eight clans named after the birds and animals that made them aware of their connection to all life given to them by Great Spirit. Hawk Clan was established in honour of the Hawk who helped Big Arrow, a proud and arrogant warrior, who learnt to live with and respect all other creatures of the Earth. Snipe Clan came into being to represent the spiritual inspiration, discipline and humility shown to them by the noble bird. Beaver Clan was shown by the Beavers who helped them, that listening to others and respecting their talents strengthens friendship. Turtle Clan came about in honour of the ‘thoughtful purpose’ shown by the Turtles who assisted a wounded Seneca boy. Wolf Clan’s name was taken to honour the animal that represents Earth Law, and the message that loving harmony creates protection. Bear Clan took the name of the animal that represents brotherly love and serving the community through loyalty. Deer Clan took the name of the creatures that brought the message of endurance and working with grace and agility to them from Great Spirit. Heron Clan learnt the lesson of fertilization and sharing balance with Nature, from the majestic bird.

As the pace of the stories is very leisurely and clear, I think they would be suitable for children of 7 to listen to, and enjoyed by anyone interested in Native American culture. They are more gentle than European fairy stories but I believe it is better to hear only one story at a time and not listen to the entire CD in one go, as it is a little hypnotic!

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Produced by WCTL Productions, Orange Park, FL, USA for Seneca Indian Historical Society


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The Morpheus Powernap audio CD is designed to both send you to sleep and then wake you up 30 minutes later – perfect for a lunch break in the workplace or at school or college or simply when you need to wind down.

The Morpheus Powernap is the perfect solution to help you de-stress before an important meeting or exam, or after a hectic day at the office. With powernap you will wake up totally refreshed and relaxed, with all of your physical senses ready to take on more of life’s many challenges and its great opportunities. You are guaranteed to feel better anyway!

I could hardly wait to try out this CD. I thought the idea of a powernap was wonderful. The CD consists of a relaxation exercise. In the background the sound of ocean waves induces a sense of relaxation, though the sound at first seemed a bit unnatural to me. The relaxation was so deep I cannot tell if I slept or not, which I find a good sign. At the end one is counted back to being fully awake. Unfortunately the counting is accompanied by a high-pitched sound that increases. This is probably done to make sure the nap ends (which can be handy) but for me it was far too loud and took away the lovely feeling of relaxation the CD had induced.

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I often feel the need to nap during the day, but long naps mix up the biorhythm. Powernaps can certainly play an important part in the solution.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by f2f Publications www.armsofmorpheus.co.uk

ISBN: 978-0-9558009-1-7

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This CD is very different in many ways to others that I have heard claiming to help you have a ‘good night’s sleep’. Most noticable is the voice that leads you into the relaxation. Rather than the soft and dreamy type of voice usually heard on such CD’s, this man has a very matter of fact, and firm tone. With a background throughout of gentle sea shores, the technique is layered, each step taking you into a deeper state of relaxation, and although I wasn’t asleep at the end of it, I felt so peaceful it didn’t really matter. My sister, who has had sleep problems since starting the menopause, took it home to see if it would help her. She has used it for the last three nights, and has never heard the end !!!!! Hmmm, perhaps I will give it another try. . . . if I ever get it back that is.

Review by Sandra Marrison.  Published by f2f publications. ISBN 978-0-9558009-0-0  http://www.armsofmorpheus.co.uk

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