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by Bradley Kyle

Herbie and the Tune

Herbie and the Tune

Set in a heavenly airport, this lovely allegory finds Herbie preparing for his flight to earth. What follows is a wonderful discovery that the tune (pure joy) can still be heard in the physical world. With thanks to the gentle guidance of the pilot, Herbie learns how to listen out for the tune.

This is one of a series of books aimed specifically at children from ages 3 to 11, with Herbie and the Tune recommended for the ages 4 to 9. In clear print, with beautiful illustrations by Gabriel Evans, it is an easy to understand explanation of incarnation, but also of how to hear the Tune of pure joy even when on earth. An activity section at the back includes a ‘Share With Me’ page which can be used to involve a child even more in the story, such as what would they ask the pilot before visiting earth, and what do they imagine the Tune sounds like. There is even a simple ‘Spot the Difference’ exercise and an illustration which can be copied and coloured in.

This book ticks the boxes in so many ways, and I am sure others in the series do too. As the publishers say, “Each Pick-a-Woo Children’s Book is designed to: Embrace Love, Touch the Heart, Kindle the Spirit and Enlighten the Mind”. Their series of books lovingly explore stories of angels, spirits, love, meditation, emotion, feelings, souls, chakras, auras, crystals, prayer, fairies, healing, listening, universal laws and more so there can be no area which is left untouched!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers


ISBN: 978-1-921883026

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By LunicornMagical Unicorn Meditations

This enchanting CD takes the listener on a magical journey to meet their unicorn. Meditation 1 takes you to visit the Ribbon Tree, where you can attach your very own wishes to the branches of the tree and then fly with your unicorn through the rainbow and all its colours. You start with deep breathing before journeying to the beach of an ocean and you finish back at the same ocean to wriggle your fingers and toes before opening your eyes again.

Meditation 2 flies you with your unicorn to visit the Wishing Lake in the sky, where you place your hopes and wishes in a sailboat and allow the fairies to guide it across the lake. Surrounded by fairies and greeted by the Queen of this land in the sky, you are left feeling warm and safe. You return to the magical glade from which the journey began and then again wriggle fingers and toes and open your eyes.

The music is a relaxing background accompaniment to the soothing voice and the whole experience is a delight for every child, outer and inner.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Lunicorn  www. www.lunicorn.com

ISBN: B00151G0BG

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By Ginger QuinlanScents of the Soul

This is described as a “cookbook of energy” with instructions on the use of candle magic, meditation, manifesting prosperity, finding love and attracting your guides and Angels. The recipes are stated as special ways to facilitate energetic shifts and releases in your life through creating herbal incense for body mind and spirit. Instructions are clear and easy to follow – how to prepare yourself through simple rituals and then how to prepare the incense and go into a meditation to achieve the desired outcome. The chakra system is well explained and an incense recipe described to open each of these energy centres. Seasonal recipes, ones to draw fairies and elves; spirits; animal totems; prosperity and love are all given in detail. The wholesale suppliers in the book are all in the States, but a quick investigation on the Internet easily found suppliers in the UK.

A quick and easy book to read for anyone interested in an introduction to the preparation of incense for body, mind and spirit.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-84409-174-4


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 by Dr Silvia HartmannMagic, Spells & Potions

This is a bright, fresh, joyful and practical guide to magic, perfect for the 21st Century. When I first picked this book up I expected it to be full of spells, a recipe book for witches if you like. I could not have been more wrong. Starfields introduces the ways of using magic in connection with the guides and angels we may already be working with in a fun and constructive way. You are given practical steps in which to gather the tools needed for any particular ritual. It is made very clear how using magic in everyday life you are able to help yourself and others with this very powerful tool.

I found this book both informative and inspirational from the first to the last page. If your idea of magic is a toothless, warty hag sitting with a cauldron conjuring up all manner of things and using questionable ingredients to do it, think again. I have learnt from reading this book that magic is a very powerful accessory to have at your disposal – it is fun, and can give very valuable help to those who ask for it.

If you are looking for a way of solving problems in your life, or the life of someone you know, get this book and follow the steps Starfields gives you. You never know it may just work.

Review by Sandra Roberts

Published by DragonRising Publishing  www.dragonrising.com  ISBN: 978-1-873483-79-4


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by Susan Gregg

“Discover the magical properties and mystical uses of nearly 300 herbs, flowers,and other plants -many of which you can find right outside your back door.”

A wonderful book and reference tool for so many plants. Such clarity is given in the description of each plant with its magical and medicinal uses, and each one beautifully enhanced by coloured photographs. Susan really portrays her expertise and precise knowledge on every page. Highly recommended to enhance any bookshelf.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Published by Rockport Publishers USA  www.fairwindspress.com

ISBN-13:978-1-59233-364-6  ISBN-10:1-59233-364-8


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by Rae Beth

The back cover reminds us that “village wisewomen and men, the community’s witches, have always helped to heal wounded lives.”  It goes to state that “when disaster strikes, or when we’re struggling through things such as divorce or family conflict, today’s hedge witchcraft can still give the means to help ourselves and others … What is presented here is not superficial and not a shortcut.  Rather, it is a powerful process, a method which can be adapted to any situation where help may be needed.”

This book is not for the experienced practitioner, but Rae Beth has produced an excellent volume that begins from the very basic concepts of ethical magic working, with light and easily comprehensible explanations of the reasons behind them.  She believes that the Universe holds everything we need to live healthy, happy and abundant lives, and gives both the general rules of spellcraft and some practical ideas to help improve lives.  Ideas include a heal-anything spell, a spell for psychic protection, and a spell for healing trauma, and she also details the principles around which anyone can build a spell of their own.  The book includes an appendix of magical correspondences to help in building your own spells or adapting hers.  I would recommend reading the whole book before starting to practise spellcraft, as words of wisdom are scattered throughout.

The only place where a “spiritual” paradigm would part company with Rae Beth is when she states that she does not believe that we attract everything that occurs in our lives.  However, she does advocate a very gentle form of “white” witchcraft, and shapes her spells to avoid harming anyone. She even asks that if the fault is her own, then the spell should work on herself, as well as or instead of the other. Also included throughout are the ethics of spellcraft.  In a nutshell, the Wiccan Rede applies – “an it harm none, do what you will” – but she expands on this to show how easy it is to unwittingly harm someone.  Doing so, as every witch worth her faery companion knows, can result in the spell rebounding on you – possibly even threefold.

Review by Karen Tucker

Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd  www.halebooks.com  ISBN: 978-0-7090-8618-5


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