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by Wasyl KolesnikovReturn to the Source

The author is a 6th dan national Aikido teacher with over thirty years experience. His book is semi-autobiographical, taking us through his own journey of self discovery, and sharing his insights and inspirations along the way. At times, it was almost like reading his journal, as he expressed his innermost thoughts and feelings around certain situations that he found himself to be in.

This book is written in a simple and direct way with no complicated jargon, but with an almost ‘streetwise’ approach to finding deeper meaning from the ordinary. It also includes many photographic images, giving the reader an impression of speaking without words, a sentiment that I can truly resonate with; sometimes words fail to express feeling.  It is not a workbook, more an account of the author’s thoughts, ideas and principles for the reader to peruse.

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Author House  www.authorhouse.co.uk

ISBN 978-1-4343-6817-1


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by Chris Vellis

One man bares his soul in an introspective inspirational quest to discover why he was in a constant state of unrest.

His extraordinary predestined journey involved heartfelt feeling and resulted in a magical and miraculous esoteric makeover.

This book contains an abundance of empowering insights, tangible techniques and resources to help you experience your own extraordinary healing and transformation.

Reading the first few pages, I began to wonder if this book was to be an advertisement for Deepak Chopra and other well known lightworkers. However, despite the occasional use of a wrong word (which made me go back over some sections more than once to make sense of them; (and Chris does admit to a form of dyslexia!), this is a story of someone who has walked the walk, and talked the talk!  Honest and forthright in his approach, particularly of how he went through periods of depression and self-doubt, this is a heartfelt record of how he made the journey to where he is today.

Chris covers a wide range of subjects – including the beneficial use of Feng Shui, interactive meditation, reflexology, crystals and so much more to help you experience your own extraordinary healing and transformation. Take the journey with him and see how many jewels you find for yourself.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Dragon Rising Publishing  www.dragonrising.com

ISBN No:  978187348349-7


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by Denise Marek and Sharon Quirt

What if you could find the keys that would release you from you past pain, fears and feelings of failure? Suppose for a moment that there were keys that would unlock immense joy and inner peace…

The cover of this book promises you’ll discover everything you need to help you find these keys within yourself; your task is simply to use them. The four keys will give you benefits that will last a lifetime:


Better understand your present situation and remove barriers to achieving you goals.


Finally resolve any part of your past that’s causing negativity around you now.


Make positive changes to create the kind of life you’ve been longing for.


Gain positive changes to create the kind of life you’ve been longing for.

This book invites you to allow yourself to discover who you truly are and become who you were born to be!

Just before picking this book up I was directed towards self-love, self-acceptance and self-care through some channelings I received.  As they say; the teacher appears when the student is ready and I found a teacher in this lovely, little, blue book.

This book promises empowerment. Now, there are quite some books on the market that promise the same, but actually seem to empower ego. This book on the other hand, is all about empowering spirit. To me, that makes it a great self-help book for Lightworkers and other spiritual seekers. I found it both inspiring and empowering. I loved the affirmations that appeared throughout the text, such as “I am capable of accepting myself as I am, for what I have and for who I am becoming.”

This is one of those books to read and then after a while read again. I am sure it will bring new insights every time you read it.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Hay House www.hayhouse.com

ISBN number:  978-1-4019-2297-9

www.denisemarek.com and www.sharonquirt.com

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by Richard WebsterThe Encyclopedia of Superstitions

This is a ‘dipper’, one for your reference library; full of wonderful, odd, funny and just plain weird superstitions from around the world. It also contains some of the old sayings, half-remembered from childhood, to impress your friends with.

Did you know that a housewarming was originally performed to honour the spirits that lived in the house? Or that moles on the body can be read to determine character, depending on where they are placed? I’m surprised that sailors were able to carry out their duties considering the many and varied superstitions they were prone to.

I laughed my way through this book because it is a lot of fun. Richard Webster has done a great job of collecting stories of the obscure things that have worried us since the beginning of Man on Earth.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Llewellyn Worldwide www.llewellyn.com

ISBN Number: 978-0-7387-1277-2


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From:  Interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein – edited by Wolfgang WeirauchNature Spirits and What They Say

Between March 1st 2000 and February 28th 2001 the interviewee spoke with seventeen nature spirits at her home in Germany, using telepathy. She discovered that they have ‘no human morality, but they know exactly how they can hurt and how they can help humans’. These elemental beings wanted to tell us, through Verena Stael von Holstein’s innate ability to converse with nature, that they are here, an important part of the natural world, and that we could not survive without them.

As this book has been translated from the original German it is a little hard going at times but, taking this into consideration, it is a fascinating insight into the elemental beings that some can perceive around us.

Published by:  Floris Books


ISBN: 0-86315-462-X

Reviewed by: Jane Stewart Adams

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By:  Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn HopkinsCustodians of Truth

After Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins published their first book about the Rex Deus families, the keepers of the truth about Jesus and his bloodline, one of the members called to confirm what they had written. The secret that had been hidden in the hearts of these families for two millennia, that Jesus was a messenger of love, tolerance, brotherhood and respect for all living things, had been violently suppressed by the established Church. He was a Holy Man, a Jewish prophet, a family man but not a God, who survived his crucifixion and lived a long and happy life.

The book goes on to say that it is ‘difficult to penetrate and expose the original ingredients of Christian belief’ because St. Paul’s doctrine completely overshadows the truth about the life of Jesus.

The Ebionites/Rex Deus, descendants of the ma’madot, the twenty-four high priestly families of biblical Judaism, including the Desposyni, the direct descendants of Jesus, scattered across the world in fear of exposure and death. The secrets were gradually passed down from generation to generation until the Knights Templars, and finally, the Freemasons, were established to be the custodians of the truth.

Anyone who has been brought up in one of the three Faiths of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, should read this fascinating history. It is a ‘meaty’ read, and do keep an open mind, but it is well worth it. It will certainly make you think twice about what you are actually looking at when you walk through one of the great cathedrals.

Published by: Red Wheel Weiser


ISBN: 1-57863-323-0

Reviewed by: Jane Stewart Adams

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Understanding Fractal Time by Gregg BradenUnderstanding Fractal Time

The ancient civilisation of the Maya created a calendar that is still incredibly accurate today. Through observation of the stars they developed an understanding of the patterns of history and the ages of humankind, and even calculated exact dates when new ages would begin. The next age is set to begin on 21st December 2012.

This is the first book I’ve read which explains the reasons behind the 2012 date and its critical nature. The kali age’s end is linked with December 31st 2012, as well as a greater precessional time cycle that has been running through all the zodiacal signs for about 26,000 years. It describes why the kali age has been so dark, and is because the Earth has been orbiting far from the centre of the Milky Way, and is now returning, which is confirmed by the new wave of spiritual motivation across the world. He also links to the Hopi Prophecy, synchronicity between historical events and much more.

The well-researched and explanatory presentation of facts is held in 300 pages worth of fascinating insights. The most important fact is to choose the good red road, or the road of cooperation with humanity and nature in order to make for a smooth passage beyond 2012, for cataclysms of the past meant that the wrong choices were made. Also, it is important to be resourceful and amass skills for the benefit of our new age to come.

Drawing upon the elaborate and infinite patterns observable in nature, Gregg Braden shows the systems that lie behind the shaping of history.

Published by: Hay House


ISBN: 978-1-8485-0222-2


Reviewed by: Heather Charnley

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