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by Deborah Sless

Beyond Our Illusions

Beyond Our Illusions

Despite following the advice of a wealth of bestselling self-help books, most of us are still no closer to understanding the fundamental laws and principles that govern the universe, our interactions within it and our ability to achieve success, health, wealth and happiness.  Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you? There is a very rational reason why.

Quite simply, the Universal Laws CANNOT work in our favour until we identify and remove the psychological issues that are blocking our ability to manifest our goals and desires.

In her ground-breaking and easy-to-understand book, UKCP and BACP accredited psychotherapist, Deborah Sless, uses the concrete psychological theory of Transactional Analysis to uncover the secrets behind the Universal Laws and explain how they really work. By joining her on this journey of self-discovery, readers will begin to understand:

The Universal Laws and their significance in our daily lives.

Our own individual Life Story and the beliefs we formed in childhood that continue to impact us today.

How to achieve freedom from our illusions and move towards genuine self development.

The concept of Spirit as an energy force and how to tap into it.

I found this book contains a wealth of material with which to work.  It illustrates graphically how the belief systems we have – most of which we are not even conscious of – colour our thinking in so many subtle ways. Deborah Sless gives examples, and then provides the exercises to help us begin to bring a different view to how we perceive ourselves and change our interactions with the world around us. This is a book that needs to be studied rather than just read, but it is possible to ‘cherry pick’ those areas that catch the attention more than others. Because such clear examples and explanations are given, this book is somewhat easier to follow than more complex volumes in the same genre. A valuable tool for anyone wishing to either see how their own belief systems came into being, or to actually bring about change; I certainly found a couple of very relevant illustrations of how I have been influenced by my ‘story’ over the years!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Live It Publishing



ISBN: 978-1-906954-42-0

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by Robin Nixon

Yes I Can!

Yes I Can!

With a bright orange cover and book-title like Yes I Can! you know you will be reading about self- motivation, and that is exactly what Robin Nixon has given us. It’s full of easy practical ways to make us feel better about ourselves and our life-decisions; using positive affirmations and visualisation techniques. I particularly like the one that involves letting our negative thoughts turn into soap-bubbles and then allowing them to float off into the distance, bursting with a faint pop. He also urges us to simply smile more to lift our mood and help us to interact positively with others. He says “I crack a beaming smile and give myself a thumbs-up in the mirror every morning. It really works!” I also like the ‘If nothing else remember …’ snippet he puts at the end of each chapter. There are also uplifting quotes from the great and good, and stories about the entrepreneurial skills of legendary people such as Victor Kiam, who bought the Remington shaver company, and Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airways.

His no-nonsense approach to everyday problems is inspirational and at the beginning of the book he tells us that “Instead of aiming for the stars, shoot first for the moon. That way your belief will be strengthened and the goals you seek will come quicker and easier. You can always choose the stars for another goal when you are ready!”

Robin really knows what he is talking about as he has been a writer for thirty years and has fifteen books to his name. He started off in magazine publishing and went on to become a programmer, consultant and technical author, creator of the first licensed Internet radio-station, and then developed the first known pop-windows because he wanted his listeners to continuing surfing while listening to his station. More recently he has focused on teaching motivation and personal improvement.

If you are feeling a bit low and uninspired, or if you already use similar techniques but just need a bit of a boost, I highly recommend Robin’s easy to read, and digest book. Yes I Can!  could well become a lifelong companion on the bookshelf.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Capstone Publishing Ltd. (A Wiley Company)  www.wiley.com


ISBN: 978-0857-08310-4

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by Julia CameronThe Prosperous Heart

In The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron, author of the international bestseller The Artists Way, presents a 12 week programme for using practical financial tools – in partnership with your creative heart and soul.

Drawing on her decades of experience working with artists as an expert on a creative process, Cameron shines a clear light on the path to forging a healthy relationship with money and a rich creative life.

I was asking myself  “Jude, would you rather live a life of prosperity or a life of lack? Are you ready to shift into?” Then by sheer universal magnetism along came Julia Cameron’s approach to how we could live our lives in a prosperous heart. Her way is simple, effective and turns your view on how to live in a prosperous way creatively. In only 6 weeks this book takes you step by step, and a ‘step up’ each week with exercises on how to  live in gratitude, counting your money without judging yourself, using powerful affirmations and working with your god or higher consciousness and thanking him/her. De-cluttering areas of your home and relationships.

Already I have resolved issues with money and how to ‘value’ myself more and I am learning how to live more prosperously and live more abundantly.

There will be aha! moments and your perception of money changes with daily walks, time out thinking, counting and daily 3 page journalling. It all wonderfully supports you along your path to a more financially prosperous future. Blown out the window is the idea that we are in a recession. Not with Cameron’s book, there is an abundant world out there you just have to change your focus and create a wonderful plan of richness in your life.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House


ISBN: 1848509774


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by Nick HobsonPsy-Cards

After a marital quarrel, Nick Hobson, who worked as a copywriter at the time, had a vivid dream in which he saw all the elements that made up his life spread out before him like a field. On seeing this patchwork of his life, instead of feeling stressed and put upon, he felt calm, peaceful and in control. When he awoke he wanted to share this personal vision to help others navigate their lives. So Psycards was born in the 1980s with its system of detachable symbols that could be connected to form a bigger picture, an alternative Tarot.

Tarot readers will recognise some of the 40 symbols, such as The Tower and The Moon, but other cards are based on archetypes from Jungian psychology, and take a bit of learning. There is a 227-page book that fully explains the cards as well as a small leaflet for easy reference. Maggie Kneen’s colourful and striking Medieval-flavoured illustrations draw the reader in and are taken from mythology, poetry and folk wisdom, Nick’s favourite subjects.

At the end of each card-explanation in the book, there are Thought Prompts that encourage the reader to delve deeply into their psyche and help them make key life-decisions.

For someone who prefers oracle cards, I find this deck a bit hard to get into, but I will persevere. Tarot readers, though, will find this just their cup of tea, as it’s a very nice set.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by US Games Systems Inc.



ISBN: 1-57281-355-5

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by Dr. Frank J KinslowThe Secret of Everyday Bliss

Dr. Frank Kinslow is the discoverer and developer of Quantum Entrainment; the ground breaking technique for eliminating emotional and physical discord for yourself and others. In this book he takes the reader further into these techniques and introduces Quantum Entrainment Intention and Eufeeling. These are tools to improve relationships and financial difficulties. According to the author, QE Intention is easy and natural and can be done by anyone.

The practices are well introduced and in a chatty, refreshing style that interacts well with the reader, and makes them part of the process itself. The author talks to you all the way through, for example: “What do you have to do to see the complete painting? I’ll tell you: nothing! That’s right, absolutely nothing…. If you find yourself resisting this idea, that is ego tugging at your shirtsleeve. This idea may be hard to believe. Stay with me a little longer on this point, and I will offer you an alternative perspective that is not only helpful but a great relief… We are in this together all the way through, with the author just leading the way”.

The exercises set out in the book are well described and easy to do.  They are natural and bring results BUT, they are also extremely profound and with great depth.  Having carried out some of the work, I need time to assimilate and practice.  It brings relief and yet I feel like I am only scratching the surface – a new technique has been brought to my notice and I am using it, but I am at the start of this journey.  It is so profound it could go anywhere and probably will!

This is the kind of book that is easy to read and easy to put into practice, but months from now you could look back and be amazed at just how far it has taken you. Much of what is there is nothing new, but the way it comes together and what it achieves is overwhelmingly effective and simple. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is fear based and wants to escape the effects of their fearful perspective – this can work well for any of us in no time at all. It does take us to a point of Inner Peace from which to work on the patterns of our lives.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN: 978-1-84850-483-7

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by Neale Donald WalschHappier Than God

I love Neale’s punchy no-nonsense but gentle style of writing and thoroughly enjoyed his pioneering book, Conversations With God; and eagerly look forward to reading the whole series. In Happier Than God, he continues the mind-expanding theme of what is life and what is God? He explains the truth behind The Energy of Attraction, which he calls Personal Creation. He says there are only two basic questions in life: What can I give to another? What can I give to myself? He stresses that ‘when the questions are kept in that order, the first question always answers the second.’

He tells us the danger of Personal Creation, for those who have been taught to adhere to religious teachings, is that it involves thinking of ourselves and God in a new way. When we want for the world what we want for ourselves – peace, joy, happiness and love – we multiply the energy we send out. That People Power Energy changes everything. He calls this The Multiplier Effect. He reminds us that this will happen when People Power and God Power are reconciled, when one is not made to devalue or dishonour the other.

Neale urges us to imagine positive outcomes and even draw pictures or make a Vision Board for our dreams and desires. Anything that can be used to focus our Spiritual energy will be, as he says many times throughout the book, used to ‘recreate ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.’

Finally, he gives us 17 Steps to be Happier than God. My favourites are ‘Kiss away your (imagined) faults, foibles and failings and remember this always. If you saw you as God sees you, you would smile a lot and ‘Smile’ and ‘Sing’. He assures us that the free tools for creating happiness are simple and elegant: ‘Giving. Watching. Listening. Smiling. Singing.’ When you ‘experience the ever-present love of God, in you as you, you will be happier than you have ever been.’

I highly recommend this fascinating and entertaining book written with a large dose of humour. Unlike some of the books out there on The Law of Attraction, God/Pure Intelligence is always part of the equation.

Review Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN: 978-1-57174-580-4

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by Simon ParkeOne Minute Mindfulness

Simon Parke, a Daily Mail Columnist, spent twenty years as a priest in The Church of England. This was the perfect training-ground for listening to others compassionately and learning to be in the moment. In the cacophony of life it is easy to lose our way and spend too much time obsessing about the past and worrying about the future.

One Minute Mindfulness is full of stories, poetic imagery and quotable pearls of wisdom that remind us that ‘The present is nourishing because it is where you’re meant to be, it’s like putting a plant in sunlight’.

He says that to be in the moment we should be aware of our breathing and ‘note each distraction’ kindly but return to our breathing to be present, strengthened and conscious. He also mentions having a clock where each number is replaced by the word ‘Now’. ‘What is the time? Now.’ What he also advises is having a mind like a bucket of water with holes in it that is ‘always emptying, not holding; always returning to emptiness and to void.’

You don’t need to devour this book all at once as it is more of ‘a dipper’ and can be enjoyed at leisure when you need a reminder that Now is all there is.

Published by Hay House UK Ltd

Review by Jane Stewart Adams



ISBN: 978-1-84850-269-7

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