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The Gaiadon Heart (Module 1A)

Facilitated by: Lindel GrahamGaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart Module 1A is a 4 day seminar based on the Gaiadon Heart Teachings that have been channelled and presented by Saranya Zaveri. The seminar is designed to offer participants spiritual initiation into self- mastery and to activate the light body in preparation for ascension.

I attended the 4 day module with 3 other participants at Lindel’s home in Roehampton. On arrival, I was taken aback by the atmosphere of deep peace and serenity in the seminar room. At the start of the seminar we were each issued a DVD and a 170 page manual, which we were given to keep, as these provide details of the concepts, meditations and spiritual initiations that would be covered during the seminar. The contents of the seminar relate to many of the concepts detailed in “The Keys of Enoch” and “The Melchizidek Method”.

During the seminar Lindel guided us (with the use of the manual and DVD) through many exercises and initiations designed to speed up our vibrations and activate our light body; so that we can embody more light and love, and understand that we are multi-dimensional beings with cells that communicate through the language of light.

As I was not familiar with sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, or “The Keys of Enoch” I found the first day which was used to explain these topics, went very slowly and that the contents seemed rather heavy. However, after we started doing the meditations on day 2, with the help of the visuals and music on the DVD, I found that the remainder of the seminar was very enjoyable and that time sped by really quickly.

While participating in the various meditations and spiritual exercises, I found that I was able to experience a deep sense of inner peace that I had never experienced before, and that I felt that my energy field felt lighter. The combination of the visuals, colours and beautiful music on the DVD helped me reach meditative states more quickly with each successive meditation exercise.

On discussing how the other 3 participants felt after completing the seminar, I learned that they too had experienced states of deep inner peace, and felt that the seminar had considerably enhanced their spiritual development, both in terms of understanding various concepts; and in terms of personal experience. They also praised Lindel’s facilitation skills, as she had paced the course very well, and was very helpful in answering all the questions posed to her.

At a cost of £333, I think the seminar is well worth attending as it offers attendees a very good opportunity to learn to enter deep meditative states in a very short period of time; and to gain knowledge of a wide range of spiritual issues. The DVD and the manual provided to seminar attendees also enables them to repeat the meditations and initiations covered during the seminar, as often as needed, so that further spiritual development can be continued at their own pace.

For details of workshops and further information please contact Lindel Graham at healinglight@lindel.co.uk or visit the website http://www.gaiadonheart.com

Reviewed by: Kamal Boparai

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Heal Your Life Workshop

 Presented by: Carrie Harris

Carrie is careful to begin the workshop with a few house ground rules explained, which has the affect of putting you at complete ease. She makes it clear from the outset that this is a workshop where we will be required to put effort into it and be an active participant in order for changes in our life to manifest.

The venue is stunning!  The ambiance and mood of the room is carefully and lovingly attended to prior to our arrival. Tea, coffee, water, fruit and biscuits are freely available and provided for the group by Carrie.  Her thoughtful supplies and frequent breaks are yet again a reminder of her sincerity and compassion.

I love Carrie’s style and panache.  Although this is a Louise Hay workshop it definitely carries with it the life experience and witticisms of Carrie Harris!  One of her favourite sayings is ‘You Have to Kick Butt! Followed by an explanation of how you can negate a sentence when you use the phrase ‘but’…and ‘however’ as it is just the posh form of ‘but’…. this sets the group off into peels of laughter and warms the atmosphere for the sharing of life’s experiences with each other.

Carrie lovingly and skillfully teaches you how to turn negatives into positives and helps you to create life changing affirmations that resonate within you.  She reminds us that if we are uncomfortable with a certain situation or behaviour of another it is because that person or situation is mirroring ourselves!

Finally the day is ended in a round of compliments with yet another one of Carries pearls of wisdom.  ‘A good measure of self worth is the ability to give and receive compliments.’

The group has now bonded and there is a complete feeling of comrade with a fervent desire to keep in touch once the workshop has drawn to a close.  Carrie offers to make this possible and to continue with a further tailor made workshop in about 6 weeks time to assist the group with any difficulties we may encounter on this new life journey!  A further testimony to her caring and compassionate nature!

When the time came for the workshop to end, everyone was reluctant to say their goodbyes including myself.  In the space of a weekend, Carrie had taken a beleaguered but hopeful group of strangers and had turned them into an optimistic close knit family group ready to change and to accept the world for what it is!  This alone should stand in testimony of an awe-inspiring and quietly unassuming power house we called Carrie!

The next ‘Heal you Life’ weekend will be held in Ely on the weekend of 15th – 16th October. Details of her new ‘Free Your Future’ 1 day workshops are available on her website.

Reviewed by: Vadia Rademaker

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by Marian Van Eyk McCainThe Lilypad List

“It is said that if you try to place a frog in boiling water, it will immediately leap out, but if you place it in cold water and bring it very, very slowly to the boil it won’t notice the danger until it is too late. And it will die. I don’t know if anyone has ever literally tried this experiment – I certainly hope they have not – but you get the picture. We are all a bit like boiling frogs …..”

Most of us know by now that there’s an urgent need for us folk in the West to simplify our lives, slow down, buy less stuff and live more lightly on the Earth, in order to avoid environmental meltdown.  We also know that living more simply would probably bring us better health, lowered stress, much deeper life satisfaction and accelerated spiritual growth. (Not to mention fewer repair bills  and a lot less dusting).  But how to achieve that? It sounds great, but it’s easier said than done. For there are many factors  – some of which we are not even aware of – which keep us tied to our treadmills, hooked on our habits, overworking, over-consuming, stressing out, dashing about and burning out.

This inspirational and beautifully crafted little book – written by a psychotherapist who has personally explored many different forms of simple living – uncovers those hidden dynamics. Through a skilful blend of explanations, poetic musings, humorous anecdotes and self-help exercises, she leads the reader towards a deeper understanding of the principles of simplicity and the creation of an individually-tailored plan of action. The book also includes other useful resources for the would-be simplifier. ” Simple living,” Marian says, “.. is delight-filled living.”  In seven steps, she will take you there.

I loved this book. The style of this book is a very pleasant mixture of an almost poetic, metaphoric use of examples in nature, wonderful explanations that help us get in touch with our deeper values and needs, excellent questions to ask ourselves and on top of that it is very practical. This book will not tell you how to build a compost loo, find better ways of recycling or more environmentally friendly ways of cleaning. It will not tell you what to do or what will be best for you (thankfully!). Instead it will take you to your core and help you realise what is important in your life and what is not. The simple life is not about giving up what you truly love. It is about finding ways to live your life in an authentic way, but…with a smaller carbon footprint!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel


Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN number: 1-84409-037-X

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by David VennellsHealing Hands

This books provides simple and practical reflexology techniques for developing good health and inner peace. It will enable you to learn to treat yourself and others in a few days, with one of the simplest but very effective healing techniques.

Hand reflexology is one of the most well-known and respected complementary therapies, practised in many hospitals, surgeries, hospices, health and healing centres, and is enjoying growing popularity. Healing Hands explains the simple techniques of Hand Reflexology so clearly, with the aid of illustrations, that “within a few days the reader could be competently treating themselves or others”. If you are interested in learning the practical techniques this book is for you.

The book includes the history of reflexology, how it works with the hands and the various things we can do to support the healing process. The reader learns the techniques step by step, they gradually increase their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, together with developing a more accurate awareness of the hand reflexes and how to treat them accurately and successfully. Supportive advice and information is provided on complementary practices like Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and others.

I read this book after having had the experience of experiencing wonderful healing though feet reflexology done by a therapist. This book enables me as a reader to work with reflexology to further support my healing. The book is easy to read and well structured. I love the additions about the combination with other healing modalities such as Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy giving the reader the possibility to work more and more holistic on healing of self and others.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel


Published by O Books  www.O-books.net

ISBN:    9781905047123

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by Tonika RinarJourney Home

According to this book everyone is capable of time travel. We can access history as it really happened, without later exaggeration or bias. We can also heal ourselves by coming to terms with our past lives.

In this book, Tonika escorts you into other worlds and dimensions, explaining her own remarkable experiences with the paranormal, embracing past life regression, ghosts, angel and spirit guides. She also encourages you along your own journey of self-recovery and understanding. A journey in which you can discover your own connection with the Universe and the many different dimensions contained within Creation.

“Journey Home” offers a multitude of insights, and along the way looks at some of the fundamental questions asked by all cultures around the world. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the point of our life? What happens when we die?

When I picked this book up, the sub-title made me expect a story-line that would be chronologically followed to reveal the many experiences of the writer. Instead, the book takes you along certain themes of which the author has gained a multitude of experiences and insights over time. The book focuses on angels, archangels, our soul, negative entities and God as well as the astral realms, spirit guides, ghosts, past lives and time travel.

Some of the things she writes about are well known to those of us who have read many spiritual books over time, and they are like a reminder of knowledge already gained. Yet other things were new to me. Tonika has a different view on many historical events as well as on spiritual protection as such in that she writes, there is no such thing as protection from false energies. Tonika writes about discernment, a much needed quality in these times of immense information coming towards us.

Tonika has a special way to discern Divine Will in her life. I feel we each have our own ways for discernment. We each have our own paths to follow and though I enjoyed this book thoroughly and found it very informational, not all within it resonated with my truth and inner being.

Review by Catheljine Filippo-Kokkeel


Published by O books  www.O-books.net

ISBN number: 978-1-90504-700-0

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by Sylvia BrowneThe Psychic Torch

This book includes the full text of Sylvia’s bestsellers, “Adventures of a Psychic”, “If You Could See What I See”, and an all new volume “Accepting the Psychic Torch”.

What a wonderful anthology full of Sylvias experiences with her guide Francine, and about her life. In “Accepting the Psychic Torch” she focuses on her special relationship with her beloved psychic grandmother, Ada Coil.

All three parts take us on a psychic journey, gaining so much knowledge.  With each part, Francine gives us windows into the spiritual world and how things are seen from the other side of life.  A truly fascinating read.

Review by Juliana Glanfield


Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-4019-2042-5

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by Wasyl KolesnikovPoint of Consciousness

This book completes the trilogy by Wasyl Kolesnikov and Guy Gardner, which began with “Return To The Source”. Next came, “Transformation – A Spiritual Journey Into Yourself.”

With Point of Consciousness – Extension Of Creation,  the theme is a ‘doing’ book, with practical Ki exercises, Tai Chi and meditations. The idea of this last book is continued development not just of health, but of the mind-body-spirit to work as a whole unit; a whole being.  There is no limit to what you can achieve, and this book will help take you on a path to new levels.

When receiving this book I was pleasantly surprised by its appearance. The book is printed on lovely blue paper and contains many beautiful photographs to underpin the content. This gives it the feel of a great gift book.  The book is based on the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words. An experience is worth a thousand pictures.”  This is strongly reflected by the content of this book of which the exercises are the strongest part; the pictures the second strongest and the text a bit less so. I felt the text was sometimes slightly fragmented.  Each fragment contained a great amount of wisdom, but the book could be even more pleasurable to read with more unity between the different parts and more flow between the different texts and themes.  Nevertheless, this book is one that should not be read with the mind only (and mine loves good structure and flow in a book), but experienced with mind, body and spirit.

I will surely come back to the book to make time to truly experience the exercises and the many beautiful meditations inside.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Author House  www.authorhouse.com


ISBN: 978-1-4520-7664-5

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