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by Klaus Heinemann & Gundi HeinemannOrbs

Klaus and Gundi Heinemann have written inspiringly and coherently about the scientific authenticity of Orbs and their probable significance as messengers and emanations of and from the Spirit world, now having a physical form and communication with us here in 3D. In co-authoring the book they have imparted two very definite rhythms successfully integrating the scientific with the intuitive and exploring the many messages of the Orbs.

The book documents varied and fabulous pictures capturing Orbs under quite different circumstances ~ some controlled and others spontaneous.  Some having faces within them, others beautifully coloured and multifaceted with light, others opaque and again others nearly clear and translucent in form. The size and shape differ as do the speeds at which they travel – some leaving corridors of light around them as they move at vast speeds, others hovering there, then mysteriously vanish.  They have been clairvoyantly identified as Ascended Masters, others as Angels, but whatever their essence it appears certain that they are a communication from the Spirit realms who are recognized as being in close contact with humanity at this point in our evolvement.

Is it, they ask, because we humans as a whole are now more open to the presence of these loving Spirits in our lives that they are appearing so prolifically? Perhaps they have always been there but only comparatively recently have we humans developed a technology that can capture their essence in our 3D world. Digital cameras were the key turning point. Klaus explains how it is possible for the Spirit Beings to use a tiny bit of our physical energy with theirs to create themselves as form, turning the non-physical into the physical. It also appears that the focus and intent of the photographer can have everything to do with the resultant photo, as does the spiritual integrity and maturity of the person taking the photograph: read the amazing ‘through the lens-cap photography’ stories also documented and recounted in this fascinating book.

The luminous globes of colour and light known to us as Orbs appear as focus points seeming to draw attention to actions, be in agreement with a broadcast message, be present around charismatic people and events, in Healings, with children, as guardians, at sacred places and times – in fact they are all around us. This light energy is unmistakably Spiritual in essence and their message is one of very positive contact giving us encouragement and help with every step that we take. They are intuitively felt and understood as symbols of the Spirit worlds speaking directly to the soul, magnificent and varied in their communication and evoking the mystery of our existence.

Review by Jacqueline Percy

Published by Hay House UK


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by Stella LonglandTall Tales & Short Stories

This is a record of the journeys of a modern person into altered states of consciousness where – sometimes reluctant and often confused – the author is led through a wealth of experiences by loving guides. Seeming to move towards finding a balance between he ancient ways and the modern mind, the journey continues.

Each chapter is a record of the meditative shamanic style journey taken by the author, led by the sound of a drum. Although there is no explanation of what each journey means, there is a wealth of information within each story to lead the reader to their own conclusions. Obviously, these were very personal journeys so the meaning for the author may not be that of the reader.

Nevertheless, this is a fascinating and very descriptive record. Travel with the author through many levels of awareness and perhaps come to some new understanding of your own journey.

Reviewed by Joan Osborne

Published by Bright Pen – Authors OnLine Ltd


ISBN: 978-07552-1240-8

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The Truth about ReincarnationSerial Consciousness

by Greg Branson

Greg Branson is a quiet visionary who probes deeply into the higher planes of consciousness and those subtle realms within the Earth.  He has investigated the plans of the Godhead and observed the individual and collective patterns overseeing all lives, including those still to come.  As a past-life therapist he has helped many people unpick the tight bind of karma that builds up in the human psyche blocking a clear view of the present reality.

Greg explains the process of incarnation, how the soul gradually descends into the body, and accommodates divine purpose and the wishes of other incarnations.  He describes at length with examples how active personalities in other lifetimes have a strong influence on the challenges we face and how karma can eventually be worked out.  He says Karmic issues do not necessarily flow from one life into the next.  Unresolved fragments of our pasts are drawn from different incarnations, often hundreds of years apart, and may leave us feeling fragmented and indecisive.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it is not a light read and it assumes a certain amount of knowledge.  Struggling initially to grasp where Greg was going with his narrative, I was glad I persevered.  As I worked my way into this book a whole new way of understanding re-incarnation and karma was revealed to me, and my interest was fuelled with more and more tasty insights.  Highly recommended for those seeking to add to their knowledge of this vast subject.

Review by Claire Williams

The Eye of Gaza Press


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The First ChronicleSeven Point Eight

by Marie Harbon

The First Chronicle is the beginning of a five-part epic which follows the spiritual and emotional journey of five people in their quest to understand the universe and our place within it. Seven Point Eight is the most powerful number in the universe, the number that connects everything.

I really enjoyed this novel, it was a well crafted book that used the narrative approach blended with the presentation of character voice that did not distract from the tale itself; but added to the development of the major characters. There is a strong historical background to set the scenes in our reality and these snippets are accurate and vivid.  We journey from the 1940’s to the present day, flavouring each era as we pass through it. There is also a firm scientific basis for the tale, again accurate; but not too detailed to stretch us beyond our comfort zone, just to give credibility to the story-line developing within it.

The story itself is a blend of the paranormal with psychic powers, detailing strange visitations to most of the characters and then moving into the exploration of mysterious dimensions or worlds, and the science behind them that seeks to explain the inexplicable. We have the enigmatic and sensual Tahra; a remote viewer, working with the enthusiastic scientific “expert” Paul; who is quickly out of his depth in controlling what is happening with his out of body experience machine. Behind them is the “slightly murky” Max; selling their findings for evil military designs and making lots of money from their naiveté. There are Ava and Sam alongside these characters; but not yet connected within the scheme of things. And how does it end? On a cliff-hanger that needs to be resolved in the next chronicle!

It is a clever and intriguing story that blends science and spirituality and calls us to question what we believe in – what is reality. There are scientists, psychics, musicians and businessmen faced by choices and repercussions of those choices as they make journeys of self-discovery through the book. Science is faced with alternate realities, metaphysics and the paranormal;and is then seen to be bumbling along slightly out of its depth with the consequences – that is where we are left. The historical and scientific base is solidly built and then challenged by the paranormal events that overtake it. It is a thought provoking read that those who enjoy fantasy and science fiction are sure to enjoy. It will be a series to keep looking at and I will certainly look out for the second chronicle to read.

Review by Ros Ogden

ISBN: 978-1461072485


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by White Elk WomanMystic Mouse

White Elk Woman is a well-known and loved figure in crystal skull circles, so when I learned that she had produced a CD I was instantly smitten with the desire to own it. I attended a crystal skull conference she organised in 2010 and had the most amazing experiences there, and my hope was that some of this had been ‘bottled’ and served up in this CD. I was not disappointed.

The track titles are a mixture of self-explanatory and intriguing – Ancestors, Obelisk, Sacred Space, Abundance Island, Voyage of Discovery, 11:11 Transformation, Lotus Flower and The Blue Skull – and there is a mixture of styles as you listen to the album, too. The first track is a weighty amalgam of deep resonance and low-voiced non-verbal vocals to help get you into a contemplative mood. The second continues with the deep resonating sounds that get to work right in the centre of your chest, but add toning at a feminine level of pitch, albeit still not high. If you sat with your eyes closed and just listened to these tracks, you would be in the right place for the next one which, along with the addition of gong sounds and a sort of spacey, almost underwater echo, invites you to ‘release, allow, trust, power’.

You could listen to this album in a number of ways. You could sit and listen to a couple of tracks to help you unwind after a stressful day. You could use it as a meditation practice and listen to it all the way through or just pick a number of tracks to the required amount of time. You could put it on the iPod and listen to tracks at random, interspersed with other music. You could even play it while giving a Reiki session. In any of these contexts, you would receive a certain amount of benefit. The music enters not just through your ears but via your entire vibrational field, and I would not be surprised to learn that it has effects at levels you would barely be aware of.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing


ISBN: 5070000027708


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– a new alchemy of truth, fiction, and spiritualityThe Breaking of the Shell

by Barry Durdant-Hollamby

This book contains ideas that should be taught in every schoolroom in every country in the world. It is not only a great novel and a riveting read, but also a demonstration of how we learn to create the shell of the title – around our feelings, our intuition, and our ability to connect with other people – and then how to break it down. It is, in essence, a book about communication.

It begins with a long and very believable tale about lack of communication, and the consequences to the growing mind of a young boy. Interspersed throughout are glimpses and revelations, of how communication and the willingness to receive and understand that communication, can transform the ways in which we process our experiences and learn to create better ones, for ourselves and for others.

Some novels weave the stories of different groups of characters throughout the text. This one weaves two timelines for the same person. Each chapter moves back or forwards in time, essentially creating a book that, if read by skipping a chapter each time and then starting back to read the ones missed, would tell a linear story. But by weaving the timelines as he does, the author creates a series of increasing ‘coincidences’ that graphically illustrate how the ‘shell’ is both created and broken, as well as giving a lesson in human communication that is unforgettable and life-affirming.

In the back of the book is a ‘plea from the author’, printed separately on blue card. In it, he requests that anyone who finds that this book resonates with them becomes part of its marketing department, helping to spread the word by buying copies for friends, lending it out, or otherwise getting it noticed, e.g. by reviewing it on Amazon. I found this book resonated very deeply with me, and I for one would love to see it widely read. I’m doing my bit by reviewing it here, and I will add reviews wherever I see it advertised. Everyone should read this book. Why not do your bit for the future of humanity, and read it for yourself?

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by The Art of Change


ISBN 978-0-9530063-5-9


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