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The Morpheus Powernap audio CD is designed to both send you to sleep and then wake you up 30 minutes later – perfect for a lunch break in the workplace or at school or college or simply when you need to wind down.

The Morpheus Powernap is the perfect solution to help you de-stress before an important meeting or exam, or after a hectic day at the office. With powernap you will wake up totally refreshed and relaxed, with all of your physical senses ready to take on more of life’s many challenges and its great opportunities. You are guaranteed to feel better anyway!

I could hardly wait to try out this CD. I thought the idea of a powernap was wonderful. The CD consists of a relaxation exercise. In the background the sound of ocean waves induces a sense of relaxation, though the sound at first seemed a bit unnatural to me. The relaxation was so deep I cannot tell if I slept or not, which I find a good sign. At the end one is counted back to being fully awake. Unfortunately the counting is accompanied by a high-pitched sound that increases. This is probably done to make sure the nap ends (which can be handy) but for me it was far too loud and took away the lovely feeling of relaxation the CD had induced.

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I often feel the need to nap during the day, but long naps mix up the biorhythm. Powernaps can certainly play an important part in the solution.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by f2f Publications www.armsofmorpheus.co.uk

ISBN: 978-0-9558009-1-7

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by Leo Babauta

In this book the author shares the methods he used to change his life from one of intolerable chaos to one of tranquil simplicity.  

By exploring different areas where life has become overwhelming, the reader is offered solutions working with the six guiding principles of the power of less, which is the theme throughout the book. In Part one, we explore each principle in turn. All are designed to help you focus on the essentials, thereby enabling you to reduce the volume of daily tasks and projects and accomplish goals one at a time. Part two is about putting all of that into practice, with lots of tips for implementing these proposals in key areas of work and home life.

For me, reading this book made me realise that I am very lucky in that I am not so overloaded with commitments that I actually need to work hard at its contents, but it is packed full of good common sense, but often overlooked, tips on how best to prioritise and make life simpler and altogether more enjoyable.

A good present for the workaholic in your life.

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN: 978-1-84850-116-4


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By Scott Blum

This book is, in its own words, “a semi-autobiographical parable” in which we meet Scott, a man haunted by his memories, who almost unknowingly is looking for closure and growth. He finds both after meeting an unlikely character named Robert and his black Labrador puppy Don. Intrigued by this homeless man with his unconventional wisdom, Scott embarks upon a spiritual adventure, opening up many new pathways for him. We follow his journey as he visits unseen worlds, lovingly supported by new found friends eager to assist in healing his past.

Revealing various spiritual concepts including energy healing, walk-ins and shamanic soul retrieval, this is a warm and often moving story of personal transformation which, at times, struck a chord within.

This book was great to snuggle up with on a cold, wintry day. A thoroughly good read.

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-4019-2270-2


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by Sonia Choquette

This lovely pack of oracle cards seems to lift you out of the doldrums even before you think of choosing just one. They are bright and cheerful, and definitely don’t take themselves too seriously which in turn, encourages the user to do the same. There are 62 cards and a guidebook providing their meanings, all designed to re-connect you to your Divine Spirit and unlimited potential.

I have used other daily affirmation/meditation decks and also use runes, but I have to say that the energy of these cards is like a breath of fresh air and as a bonus, their message is usually spot-on whether I (my ego) like it or not!

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Hay House  ISBN: 978-1-4019-1733-3 www.hayhouse.co.uk


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by Merle McCarthy

The Inner Light meditation CD contains two tracks. The first meditation focuses on light being drawn into the body bringing unsurpassed states of serenity and illumination providing consistent beneficial results. The second track is a deep, magical relaxation with guided imagery to complement the meditation.

I found track one to be a combination plate of meditation techniques. You start with focusing on a candle flame. After blowing it out and grounding yourself, light is drawn into the body through visualization. This is then followed by affirmations and elements of loving kindness meditation. Though the different techniques follow each other in quite a quick pace, it is followed by soft music to accompany you to go within. This helped me to let the meditation sink in a bit. All in all I find it a useful tool for Lightworkers.

The second track is a relaxation exercise. It surely relaxed me as I fell asleep almost immediately. As it is hard to write a review about a track you have slept through, I tried again at another time sincerely intending to stay fully awake. I must admit I drifted off a bit again, but not before I had some idea as to what the track was about: a guided relaxation followed by a visualisation where one becomes one with a drop of water in different stages of its travels. For me drifting off is actually a great sign of relaxation and I believe the unconscious will still reap the benefits from the visualisation even when the conscious is asleep.

The accent of the author took me a little while to get used to. Both tracks are accompanied by soft relaxing music. All in all I will certainly make use of this CD in the future.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Released by Merle McCarthy merlemccarthy@hotmail.com

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This is a compilation of music that describes the world’s growing cultural awareness that is emerging in the environs of the legendary Glastonbury Tor-Mount Zion-the Grail Castle. The music is a fusion of both indigenous and planetary styles with sympathetic use of modern harmonic technology, which has been gifted to humanity’s musical community for this very purpose. The result is a perfect accompaniment for your own personal quest to Avalon and Middle Earth, full to the brim with beautiful, spiritually charged acoustic and electronic, chilled, ambient and world music. Ideal for dance, healing and meditation – the music of the North, South, East and West meeting in the Heart Grail of Avalon.

There are many books around at this time with many varying views and channellings of the new to come, but to find a wonderful CD like this, that you can listen to, absorb within you and fill your own Holy Grail with, is just a truly magical experience. If I could voice how deep this music goes it still would not do justice to the expertise and connections that these musicians have to all that is, and how they transcend the timeline of me as I listen to every tone.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Released by Changing World UK Cat no: AVALONCD 01CD www.changingworld.co.uk

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by Rae Beth

The Green Hedge Witch

This book is a must for anyone serious about Nature and Nature Spirits. From complete novice to practising witch there is something for everyone.

Rae expertly guides through spells to help you connect with trees and the Fairy/Elf kingdom, successfully inspiring you to  immediately go out into nature and trying for yourself her easy step by step guide.

This book is both informative and practical, the perfect choice for connecting to nature and all her secrets.

Review by Sandra Roberts
Published by Robert Hale  ISBN: 978-0-7090-8585-0  www.halebooks.com   www.raebeth.com

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