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A documentary by Stefan WolfA New We

This really surpassed my expectations of Community living in the World. The film-maker Stefan Wolf has taken a sensitive approach to interviewing members and founders of Communities in Europe.

I have heard of Damanhur in Italy where over 1000 people, including families, are living and was delighted by the structure, the beauty created and the harmony in which it functions and thrives. This is an example to all of us who maybe keen to explore ‘other’ living options.

I particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing about the smaller communities on Gran Canaria and in Spain. With only a handful of dedicated people who were willing to take the plunge, buy small plots of land and take it upon themselves to live sustainably and in connection with mind body spirit. Their genuine living philosophy of democratic living reminded me of indigenous tribes in South America or Africa who live in harmony and respect with Nature.

This is not all sugar sweet as it shows of determination, hard work and tackling problems with sustainable solutions that serve the Whole.   Perhaps this DVD is the way forward for the future of Humanity?

Both a powerful and thoughtful, provoking watch.

Review Ann O’Keife

Published by Love Productions



ISBN 978-3-9502662-9-0


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