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Self Healing Techniques For Everyone Know That You Are Loved

by Philena Bruce

This little book is such an easy read, which makes a refreshing change to some books of the same genre.

Philena Bruce is a world renowned healer and palmist with thirty years experience, and writes with compassion and humour, her lovely down to earth attitude is both inspiring and uplifting.

In the first part of the book, her methods for living a happier more fulfilled life are in the form of telling her own story which, in a matter of fact and light-hearted way, conveys her sincerity in wanting to share what has worked for her and her clients.  The concluding chapters in part two cover more detailed methods of healing, with exercises to try, and here too it keeps the form of storytelling including more success stories.

The message is in the title.  Whilst reading the first chapter, it really did ‘hit home’ that however hard we may try to manifest a happier, more abundant life, if there are shadows of unworthiness lurking in our unconscious that have not been healed, then they will cancel any effort made.  Reading on, we are shown how to heal those shadows.

Philena Bruce introduces a truly holistic approach to manifesting our desires in that she focuses on all aspects of happiness, physical, mental and spiritual, the material benefits are then a bonus.

Review by Sandra Marrison. Published by O Books.   ISBN 978-1-84694-308-9.  www.o-books.com www.philena.co.uk www.knowthatyouareloved.com


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by Eileen CaddyGems of Wisdom

For many years people have relied daily on the simple teachings of Eileen Caddy’s guidance on faith, love and stillness to assist them in their meditations. This perpetual calendar brings inspirational and practical messages from her book, ‘Opening Doors Within’ to everyone seeking their true inner self and spiritual truth.

The day this calendar arrived, I had just returned from the funeral of my “baby” brother and was feeling overwhelmed and devastated by the thought that he was not around any more. In my head I knew his spirit was eternal, but my heart was weeping for his loss. I opened the calendar and the message for that day rang a bell so clear and true I could not help but be uplifted by it.

Eileen Caddy lived her life by that inner guidance that she called “the God Within” and continues to encourage us all to find our own inner direction. This calendar is a must for everyone – the messages are simple, but so very true, and each message is accompanied by an enchanting photograph of Findhorn. Peace, inspiration, comfort, guidance – all these and more are contained within this simple but profound offering.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-84409-146-1


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By LunicornMagical Unicorn Meditations

This enchanting CD takes the listener on a magical journey to meet their unicorn. Meditation 1 takes you to visit the Ribbon Tree, where you can attach your very own wishes to the branches of the tree and then fly with your unicorn through the rainbow and all its colours. You start with deep breathing before journeying to the beach of an ocean and you finish back at the same ocean to wriggle your fingers and toes before opening your eyes again.

Meditation 2 flies you with your unicorn to visit the Wishing Lake in the sky, where you place your hopes and wishes in a sailboat and allow the fairies to guide it across the lake. Surrounded by fairies and greeted by the Queen of this land in the sky, you are left feeling warm and safe. You return to the magical glade from which the journey began and then again wriggle fingers and toes and open your eyes.

The music is a relaxing background accompaniment to the soothing voice and the whole experience is a delight for every child, outer and inner.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Lunicorn  www. www.lunicorn.com

ISBN: B00151G0BG

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