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by S.V. PeddlePagan Channel Islands

This book, by Sandra and Vince Peddle (S.V. Peddle) explores the fascinating phenomena of the menhirs and dolmens found on the Channel Islands. There are many surviving examples of these standing stones and chambers; many others, however, have been deliberately destroyed or used as building material. Often, those which have survived have done so because of superstitions warning of dire consequences befalling anyone who interferes with the stones. Others have survived because they have been ‘Christianised’ – a cross has been carved on the stone, perhaps, or a church or chapel has been built on the same site.

The authors do a wonderful job of bringing the origins and history of the monuments and stone sites to life. They give a wealth of information on ancient beliefs, rituals and burial practices. Many customs which have survived until the present day in the Islands have their origin in these old Pagan rites.

Although the Channel Islands are part of the UK, they are of course located very close to the coast of France. In the chapter entitled ‘The Isles of Avalon’, the authors refer to evidence that Herm was a ‘major Neolithic entombment centre or resting place of the dead’. There are thousands of neolithic burials on the tiny island of Herm, and there is a strong possibility that many who are buried there had been brought across the sea from the nearby mainland. This could also apply to Sark.

But it is not only death rites that the ancient stones can tell us of. Moon magic, rituals for girls to discover their husbands, witches’ ceremonies, fairy dances and mythical beasts all have associations with the monuments. The mythology of the Channel Islands, documented in this highly readable book, is of interest to residents of the Islands and visitors alike.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Robert Hale Ltd  www.halebooks.com

ISBN: 978-0709082484

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by Kim SheridanAnimals & the Afterlife

Kim Sheridan is an expert on when Animals leave this world and pass into the next. This book not only covers her own personal stories, but those of others who have been contacted by animals when they have passed over.

Even reading the first page of chapter one gives an insight into what a heart puller this is. Full of compassion and love of animals, Kim writes from her heart. She really helps you to understand that animals really do talk to us after they have passed over. Kim has the ability to open your mind and touch your heart and connect with your soul. A wonderful read.

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House   www.hayhouse.co.uk


 ISBN: 1848502427

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