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by Alan-HavenThe Oracle Book

This is an unusual book where you ask a question and then open the book at random to find the answers within. I have been testing it out with a range of events and questions and each time it has given me good advice connected directly to what I was asking.

The book itself claims to provide incisive clues for ways through present time personal trials. The apparently random choice offers amazingly accurate, empowering insights to your current situation. This involves preparation for some, direction for others, defining the challenges, appropriate action, revelations and/or awakening awareness.

There is much to be learned from each saying in the book, so that simply opening any page gives a wealth of guidance. Opening this book will always have something for you; it is not made up of single words or phrases but full text with a mixture of the practical, the spiritual, the emotional and the psychological.  The basic essence is in the heading and the following text is like the development of the theme. Each time you open that page another facet of meaning may leap out at you.  The flavour never stays quite the same but it is always relevant to the moment.

It is an oracle and attempts to make the intangible, tangible in words and it comes pretty close, at least for me.

Review by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by Bannister Publications Ltd


ISBN 978-0-9566196-5-5

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by Cheryl Yambrach RoseArt Through The Eyes of the Soul

This oracle deck is a vehicle of great power through which you may access the Mythic beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces. Deep insights and profound answers are hidden within the paintings.

If you ask, they will provide personal intuitive guidance for you as well as a deep insight and profound answers. Meditating on a card image connects you into the energy field of the location where the painting was conceived. You become the Weaver of your own fate by tuning into your higher self and allowing that spontaneous connection to answer your question or suggest advice. No intermediary need be involved, and your own self-empowerment will result. The box contains 52 gilded cards of original oil paintings with a 1112 page guidebook.

I was very excited to receive these beautiful, artistically made cards. The set is very Magical, and connects one deeply to the sacred sites and the magical part of one’s inner being. I absolutely loved the connection to sacred places that I hold dear to my heart such as the Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well and the Fairy Glen in Wales. Various influences can be found in the cards, such as sacred sites from all over the world, goddesses, divine beings and angels.

When picking a card for the readers of Paradigm Shift, I received “Anastacia and the Rising Cedars of Russia” and the card was titled Plant the Seed of a New Template.

This card shows is it is no longer an obligation to follow the dictates of society. It is time to go against the grain. Everything we need to succeed is within us.

This set is a must have for all those who love the old myths, sacred spaces and enjoy mystical art!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Rosehall LLC



ISBN: 978-0-9825897-0-0

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by Ali Calderwood & Daniela BroderSound Medicine

Anima’s music is a blend of soothing vocals and world instruments, infused within healing soundscapes and translucent atmospheres.  Using a variety of sacred instruments and sounds including crystal and Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo and shamanic chants, word and harmonies that awaken the heart to the light of the soul.

It has now been recognised that our modern day musical scale has been tuned in such a way that it no longer contains the frequencies and notes of the ancient solfeggio tonal scale used in ancient times for healing and transformation.

Each blissful track contains a transmission of the ancient solfeggio frequencies. These healing tones each resonate at a specific frequency found within our original Divine blueprint, and exposing ourselves to these frequencies can help our bodies, cells and DNA to come back into balance and alignment. Listening to these tones allows the body and energetic system to absorb and remember its original state, helping us to return to our highest potential.

“Don’t you just love those magical moments in your life when you pick up a book, or hear a piece of music that touches your very core?  It resonates so deeply within you that it gives the impression that the author/composer knows exactly how you are feeling/thinking/being at this particular time, and a connection is made through their words or music that simply ripples throughout your entire being. Well, listening to this album was one of those moments. For me, this album is not to be explained but to be experienced and I truly do hope that your experience of this album is just as magical for you.”  Sandra Marrison


“I am blown away by the power of this CD.  Hearing a short extract for the first time alerted me to the incredibly high frequencies offered to the listener.  It realigns mind, body and spirit to the deep spiritual experiences of enlightened states.  Now my regular morning sound bath, I am daily cleansed, healed, uplifted and reconnected with the sacred energies so needed at this time.  Every journey a different experience and highly transformative, this is much more than just beautiful music.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.” Claire Williams


Published by Divinit Publishing Ltd  www.diviniti.co.uk

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A moment of affirmation for every day of the year

by Louise L Hay

Louise Hay brings out another masterpiece in the form of a 12 month desk calendar, which you can either place on the wall or on your desktop. It is bright, colourful and connects with your soul. Each
page is a affirmation set in the background of colourful patterns which are incredibly eye-catching. At the start of every month there is a longer affirmation to start the calendar month nicely.

The beauty of this calendar is that after each day you can tear off each slip and use an affirmation that resonates with you by either placing it in your diary, sticking an affirmation on the wall (which I have done) using it to teach others with. If you are a positive living workshop leader, each affirmation is positive and simple i.e. In April ‘I love the great outdoors. Today I commit to enjoying the weather whatever it may be!

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House UK


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by John-roger & Paul KayeLiving Spiritual Principles

Health is one of the most important subjects of our time. More important than how much money a person has, health is literally wealth. In this fifth book by authors John-Roger and Paul Kaye they view health and well-being from the inside out breaking the process down into simple principles that anyone can practice at no cost. They look at health from a holistic, multidimensional perspective.

This perspective offers approaches that engage not only our physical body but also the imaginative, emotional, mental, unconscious, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Living the spiritual principles of health and well-being is filled with practical wisdom that expands our awareness beyond the usual way of considering health. It delivers a multitude of cost-free and under-utilised resources that not only support improving and maintaining our health and well-being, but also taking responsibility for the long term direction of our health.

It consists of 3 key aspects to health that can be readily applied, a brief 5-point plan of health, 8 spiritual principles of health and well-being as well as a 30-day health plan.

I found this a most encouraging and inspiring book. Before starting to read it, I had expected this book would not teach me many new things as I have already read many books on health. Even though quite a few things in the book are not new to me, the way it is all brought together brings a great sense of wisdom. From nutrition to spiritual practice this book is truly holistic! And what is more, it is a book devoid of criticism.

Often self-help books about the responsibility for our own health can leave a sick person feeling blamed and ashamed. Yet this book brings only hope, understanding, insight, great tools and the most important message of all: love heals.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Mandeville Press



ISBN:  978-1-935492-07-8

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