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by Nick HobsonPsy-Cards

After a marital quarrel, Nick Hobson, who worked as a copywriter at the time, had a vivid dream in which he saw all the elements that made up his life spread out before him like a field. On seeing this patchwork of his life, instead of feeling stressed and put upon, he felt calm, peaceful and in control. When he awoke he wanted to share this personal vision to help others navigate their lives. So Psycards was born in the 1980s with its system of detachable symbols that could be connected to form a bigger picture, an alternative Tarot.

Tarot readers will recognise some of the 40 symbols, such as The Tower and The Moon, but other cards are based on archetypes from Jungian psychology, and take a bit of learning. There is a 227-page book that fully explains the cards as well as a small leaflet for easy reference. Maggie Kneen’s colourful and striking Medieval-flavoured illustrations draw the reader in and are taken from mythology, poetry and folk wisdom, Nick’s favourite subjects.

At the end of each card-explanation in the book, there are Thought Prompts that encourage the reader to delve deeply into their psyche and help them make key life-decisions.

For someone who prefers oracle cards, I find this deck a bit hard to get into, but I will persevere. Tarot readers, though, will find this just their cup of tea, as it’s a very nice set.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by US Games Systems Inc.



ISBN: 1-57281-355-5

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by Adrian HollandInspirations

The Angel Intuition Deck is very positive and designed for use as both an Angel Healing deck and Tarot Deck. Although it is not directly connected to the major and minor arcana, it does comprise of 78 cards. These cards can be used to give a reading and can be placed in any of the suggested formations, which are the Single Card, the Three-Card Draw or the Celtic Cross.

The author is a Reiki Master and Colour Therapist and has dedicated his life to helping others. All of his artwork is channelled and brings a very positive message of hope and healing. His work is born from love, created in love and given in love.

I was thrilled to receive these cards to review. They come in a small, blue gift box with golden lettering. There are a few cards explaining the deck and how to use the cards and interpret the colours.

The cards are absolutely wonderful to look at and they resonate deeply within me. As an angel artist I truly appreciate the use of colours and shapes on these cards.

This is one of those decks where the cards really need to be looked at and meditated on to have their message come forward. When you use them in a reading you are encouraged to combine the key word with the meanings of the colours of the angel cards.

I have decided to do a three-card draw for all the readers of Paradigm Shift so you can look at them and have them speak to you! The three cards represent past, present and future.

To me this spread signifies that now is the time to reflect upon lessons from the past. Light Workers are encouraged to support each other and ask the angels for support in order to go into the future with an open heart filled with belief!

The author also provides a separate booklet to accompany the deck. It is called Inspirational Angels and is part autobiography and part help guide for using the card deck. It takes you through how Adrian was inspired to create the angels bringing messages of hope and positive thinking, together with affirmations and colour meanings. It was lovely to read about his journey and the meanings of the cards are very helpful. 

I would highly recommend surfing the website and enjoying the beautifully, inspired Angelic Art.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Amazola Publishing



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by Philip PermuttThe Crystal Tarot
Illustrated by Emma Garner

This colourful pack of Tarot cards and accompanying small book will be of interest to the beginner or the experienced Tarot Reader.  The cards themselves were created by Emma Garner, the illustrator.  The book, and the box, are filled with her colour illustrations and add a great deal to the total package.

As the name suggests, each card has a crystal associated with it, and the book gives information about the crystals as well as the cards.  Each card also has a chakra linked to it, so within a reading one can gain from the meaning of the card, the supporting crystal information, or a prompt, that one or more chakras may be out of balance.

The Major Arcana images did not particularly resonate with me, but I love the designs of the Minor Arcana.  The elements of the suits (earth, air, fire, water) are prominent in each image, with the swords floating among the clouds and the pentacles flanked by strong, earth-rooted plants.  The designs show simply a number of cups, wands etc, rather than a pictorial image, but beginners will be helped by the detailed interpretation within the book.

The book also gives suggested layouts, and interesting keywords for the numbers within the suits that I had not come across before.  The book is well presented, with a wealth of colour illustrations of the cards and the crystals depicted on them.  The cards are smooth to handle, and are a comfortable size to work with, being just a little larger than the traditional packs.  Both cards and book are contained in a sturdy box, with colour illustrations on it.  This is altogether a bright, friendly pack, with an inviting, open energy.

It works as a divination tool as well!  I have done quite a few short readings, exploring the interpretations given in the book in addition to following my own intuition, and some of the insights have been strikingly accurate!

I would recommend The Crystal Tarot to anyone wishing to explore Tarot, and its wider associations (there are also suggestions for using the cards as a meditation tool), as part of their on-going personal journey.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com


ISBN 978-1-907030-57-4

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Spiritual MentorTrudy Ashplant

I have just had the most amazing telephone reading from Trudy. She was startlingly accurate on so many levels. Professionally she went into exactly what I do and what I am intending to do and how I feel about it. She then explained to me what my actual spiritual role was here in earth, which resonated with me perfectly. Finding out that my Dad has just died she also channelled some messages from him, which was wonderful. I had no doubt he was talking through her.

Trudy is such an affable person that you really feel comfortable asking her questions and she’s incredibly helpful on so many levels. She can give you timelines for events and projects to come, and suggest affirmations or behaviour, which can release your own personal blockages. She also read my health and suggested things I should be careful of. The main thing she did was to leave me with a feeling of happiness and positivity. This is probably the best and most accurate reading I have ever had.

Review by Sarita Cameron 


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by David WellsDavid Wells

This book includes how to learn about your own astrology and the personality, relationships and destiny behind it. The significance of numerology and how it can reveal your own life path. You can learn how to use tarot cards as well as gaining tips to increase your psychic energy and intuitive power.

The thing I enjoyed is that David Wells doesn’t take himself too seriously but he does take his craft seriously.  A man after my own heart – always referring after each of the meditation exercises to put that kettle on for a cup of tea (essentially to help ground yourself); as tea make your heart glow with warmth and compassion just like David’s sense of humour.

David Well’s takes you on a journey not only from the experiences he has learned on his psychic journey but he opens up the Aladdin’s Cave to allow you to ride on that magic carpet too!

From learning about numerology, reading and practising the tarot, seeing your own 3rd eye through meditation. This book is fun and practical and is used as an icebreaker between him and reader. If you are a practitioner just starting out this book is perfect to gain your skills further. Loved it!

Review by Jude Dickinson

Published by Hay House.  ISBN  1848501013  www.hayhouse.co.uk


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by Liz DeanThe Golden Tarot

Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the earliest tarot, the Visconti-Sforza, and the world renowned imagery of the Rider Waite deck, The Golden Tarot makes the perfect gift for the dedicated tarot reader or those new to this ancient art. Each of the 78 cards contains an exquisite, specially commissioned painting, while the 64 page illustrated book explains step-by-step how to lay them out for a reading.

I found this book to be concise and easy to understand as Liz Dean concentrates on the key words and meanings for each card, both upright and reversed. A brief explanation of the illustration itself is also given for each of the Major Arcana cards which, in one or two instances, gave me fresh insight into some of the not so obvious detail. Instructions are also included for the different layouts and what each card indicates in the layout.

A beautifully presented pack and one I, as a novice reader, will enjoy using.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Cico Books  www.cicobooks.com

ISBN Number: 978-1-906094-86-7


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