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by  Scott BlumSummer's Path

Scott Blum is the co-founder, with his wife, of the inspirational website ‘Daily Om’ (www.dailyom.com). He says in his introduction that Summer’s Path came to him just before ‘Waiting for Autumn’ was about to be released. As it is in effect a ‘prequel’ to that story, it was released first as an e-book, and was published electronically in January 2009. Now it is available as a hardback – with two additional chapters – and also as an audio book.

The story introduces us to Don, a man in a very difficult position. He has lost his job, and (being American), that means he has also lost his health insurance. When he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he tries to find a way not to leave his wife with huge medical bills to pay, but there doesn’t seem to be a thing he can do about it. Then he meets Robert, an angel of death, who has an extraordinary proposal that just might save his life. The problem is, he has to leave his wonderful wife, fake his own death, and head off into the wilderness with only Robert for company – or is it the other way round?

As the cover blurb states: ‘Robert takes Don through an astounding meditation of life and death and reveals various healing and spiritual concepts, including walk-ins, animal communication, embodiment, and soul destiny. On this magical journey of self-realisation, Don discovers that it’s never too late to learn profound life lessons about ourselves and our loved ones.’

As an avid reader of spiritual novels, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Depending on what you already know, you may find it anything from highly instructive to deeply confirmatory, but wherever you are on your spiritual path, you will find yourself warming to Don and his angel companion, and rooting for him all the way. I can’t wait to get my teeth into Waiting for Autumn!

Review by Karen Tucker


Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-4019-2716-5


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By Scott Blum

This book is, in its own words, “a semi-autobiographical parable” in which we meet Scott, a man haunted by his memories, who almost unknowingly is looking for closure and growth. He finds both after meeting an unlikely character named Robert and his black Labrador puppy Don. Intrigued by this homeless man with his unconventional wisdom, Scott embarks upon a spiritual adventure, opening up many new pathways for him. We follow his journey as he visits unseen worlds, lovingly supported by new found friends eager to assist in healing his past.

Revealing various spiritual concepts including energy healing, walk-ins and shamanic soul retrieval, this is a warm and often moving story of personal transformation which, at times, struck a chord within.

This book was great to snuggle up with on a cold, wintry day. A thoroughly good read.

Review by Sandra Marrison.

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-4019-2270-2


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