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by Merle McCarthy

The Inner Light meditation CD contains two tracks. The first meditation focuses on light being drawn into the body bringing unsurpassed states of serenity and illumination providing consistent beneficial results. The second track is a deep, magical relaxation with guided imagery to complement the meditation.

I found track one to be a combination plate of meditation techniques. You start with focusing on a candle flame. After blowing it out and grounding yourself, light is drawn into the body through visualization. This is then followed by affirmations and elements of loving kindness meditation. Though the different techniques follow each other in quite a quick pace, it is followed by soft music to accompany you to go within. This helped me to let the meditation sink in a bit. All in all I find it a useful tool for Lightworkers.

The second track is a relaxation exercise. It surely relaxed me as I fell asleep almost immediately. As it is hard to write a review about a track you have slept through, I tried again at another time sincerely intending to stay fully awake. I must admit I drifted off a bit again, but not before I had some idea as to what the track was about: a guided relaxation followed by a visualisation where one becomes one with a drop of water in different stages of its travels. For me drifting off is actually a great sign of relaxation and I believe the unconscious will still reap the benefits from the visualisation even when the conscious is asleep.

The accent of the author took me a little while to get used to. Both tracks are accompanied by soft relaxing music. All in all I will certainly make use of this CD in the future.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Released by Merle McCarthy merlemccarthy@hotmail.com

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