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Using the Ageless Wisdom for Guidance, Insight and Greater Self-AwarenessKabbalah Cards

by Paul Roland and Sylvia Gainsford

This boxed pack contains a wall poster diagram of the Kabbalah glyph of the Tree of Life, a useful and informative explanation booklet and 33 cards (11 images representing the major energies of the spheres and 22 minor cards which represent the paths between them). The Kabbalah is a traditional Jewish metaphysical philosophy that contains ageless and universal wisdom. These cards have been designed for practical everyday use to overcome difficulties, make the most of opportunities, for divination, self-exploration and spiritual development. Sylvia P Gainsford is the artist and designer and she is a specialist in oracle card artwork. Paul Roland is the author of many valued esoteric books and is also a meditation and spiritual teacher.

The major cards are for meditation use, and the minor cards for readings. I chose Malkhut – Earth to meditate upon. The instructions are to look at the card, take deep breaths and enter the picture. This is a young, seated woman in a garden of flowering and fruit laden trees. On the ground is what could be a shield and a ripe apple. The booklet suggests that she has created this garden by drawing up plans, choosing the materials and has worked to produce the products. I was reminded of projects I am working on, and how I can reach good outcomes. I had a revelation to review my projects in order that they avoid depletion of the earth’s capacity to yield health and beauty. My minor card choice was the Hebrew letter Mem – the path between Venus and Jupiter. This card suggests a time of overcoming obstacles by compromise and diplomacy, versatility and flexibility and a need to go with the flow.

I enjoyed these cards very much and am confident that this will become one of my favourite decks.

Review by Wendy Stokes

Published by US Games Systems Inc (2005) www.usgamesinc.com


ISBN 978-3-03819-002-8


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