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 by Larry Dossey MDThe Power of Premonitions

From his first premonition in his first year as a medical practitioner, Larry Dossey had to know why Time seemed to ‘flow backward carrying information into the present from the future’. After a cluster of vivid premonitions, he went on a quest to find the answer. After many years of painstaking empirical research, he has come to the conclusion that premonitions come ‘factory-installed and part of our original equipment’ and are present in humans and animals. He asks the reader to ‘ponder the implications of mind outside of Time’ and to invite premonitions into our lives so we can ‘touch that exquisite infinite realm to which premonitions, now as always, are a door’. He presents strong evidence that the existence of the knowledge of future events cannot be put down to just luck.

I would recommend his book to anyone with a thirst for scientific evidence of who we really are, who isn’t afraid of a long read.

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by Hay House www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN Number: 1848501668



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