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by Hazel CourteneyCountdown to Coherence

This is an amazing book.  The author, Hazel Courteney, has previously written two books about her paranormal experiences and this is a journey on which we join her from April 2008 to December 2009 to try to explain the past events.  In down to Earth, everyday language, the author tries to share with the reader facts and theories that she finds fascinating and useful. She presents to us ideas from distinguished yet controversial thinkers – from scientists, to shamans, to psychologists and beyond, all in ways that each of us can access at our personal levels of understanding.  The fundamental concept to be explored is that there is an underlying intelligence that exists at all levels of reality, throughout time, across every dimension and within everything.  Hazel goes on to delve deeply into the idea that our universe had its beginnings in perfect coherence before spiralling into increasing disorder and that current times have started us all on the journey home to coherence.  Once we have reached this countdown to coherence, the author leaves us and our paths part; but it is a whirlwind of ideas and concepts that will certainly leave you gasping and thinking about why we are here, where we need to go and why and how much more we are capable of than we’ve ever imagined.

Review by Ros Ogden.

Published by Watkins Publishing.  www.watkinspublishing.co.uk

ISBN 1906787832  www.hazelcourteney.com


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by Tonika RinarJourney Home

According to this book everyone is capable of time travel. We can access history as it really happened, without later exaggeration or bias. We can also heal ourselves by coming to terms with our past lives.

In this book, Tonika escorts you into other worlds and dimensions, explaining her own remarkable experiences with the paranormal, embracing past life regression, ghosts, angel and spirit guides. She also encourages you along your own journey of self-recovery and understanding. A journey in which you can discover your own connection with the Universe and the many different dimensions contained within Creation.

“Journey Home” offers a multitude of insights, and along the way looks at some of the fundamental questions asked by all cultures around the world. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the point of our life? What happens when we die?

When I picked this book up, the sub-title made me expect a story-line that would be chronologically followed to reveal the many experiences of the writer. Instead, the book takes you along certain themes of which the author has gained a multitude of experiences and insights over time. The book focuses on angels, archangels, our soul, negative entities and God as well as the astral realms, spirit guides, ghosts, past lives and time travel.

Some of the things she writes about are well known to those of us who have read many spiritual books over time, and they are like a reminder of knowledge already gained. Yet other things were new to me. Tonika has a different view on many historical events as well as on spiritual protection as such in that she writes, there is no such thing as protection from false energies. Tonika writes about discernment, a much needed quality in these times of immense information coming towards us.

Tonika has a special way to discern Divine Will in her life. I feel we each have our own ways for discernment. We each have our own paths to follow and though I enjoyed this book thoroughly and found it very informational, not all within it resonated with my truth and inner being.

Review by Catheljine Filippo-Kokkeel


Published by O books  www.O-books.net

ISBN number: 978-1-90504-700-0

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