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by Jenny Pearson-SnapeAwakening the Chakras through a journey of self-discovery
Jenny’s excellent book discusses the chakra system, preparing for the inner journey and how ordinary things, if looked at closely enough, will give you messages about the issues that need to be examined when dealing with releasing old thought and habit patterns within the chakras.
The physical journey undertaken by Jenny crosses many continents, collecting the energy from the seven sacred sites. It began in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and finished in Santiago, Spain and lasted five eventful weeks.
The task Jenny set herself and her show of stamina is an inspiration, something that we can all aspire to, especially as she offers advice for travellers who wish to do the same journey. The two meditations at the end of the book are eloquently written by Julie Wise. I run a meditation class and have used these two journey’s to help my students to connect to the flower within their hearts.
A delightful, easy to read book explaining the fascinating details of two journeys and the story behind the creation of Jenny’s seven unique sprays.
Review by Sally Tyler
Spiritual Path Books UK   ISBN – 978-0-9558832-2-4

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