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by LightGarden

This CD draws from many inspirations, times and traditions – Russian, Finnish, Mongolian overtone chanting (singing two notes simultaneously: a drone and the flute-like harmonics above), Greek, Bulgarian, Persian, and Western European: visiting, re-visiting and discovering new treasures. A journey of the heart, towards the heart; a journey back home.

Each composition is very different and I was reminded by one of the medieval madrigal, by another of joyful melody and another by gentle traditional music with a slightly Country & Western flavour. The CD is accompanied by a leaflet which gives the words of the vocals so you can even sing along if you wish – or just do as I did: sit back, relax and let the tones and voices evoke their responses within you. The overall impression is of an easy listening collection, which can be enjoyed wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Review by Joan Osborne


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Zen Garden CDby Patrick Kelly

Using authentic instrumentation such as Japanese shakuhachi, subtle strings, guitar and percussion, combined with his much acclaimed musical ability, Patrick has created a perfect space for the listener to unwind and escape from the increasingly difficult world in which we live.

Born of his imagination and lovingly crafted into reality Zen Garden also demonstrates perfectly that music can often provide an inspirational aid to healing, meditation and other alternative therapies.

Patrick invites you to join him on his heartfelt journey to the inspiring space that is the calm, peace and tranquillity of the Zen Garden.

I found this CD to be slightly but pleasantly hypnotic as some of the musical phrasing is repetitive and in one place is in the forefront of the piece, and in the next it can be heard gently underpinning the main composition. It induces such a state of calm that all tensions just seem to drift away on a gentle stream of sound. I became so relaxed I lost all sense of time and became part of the music – absolute bliss! A perfect gift – especially for yourself!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by New World Music Limited  www.newworldmusic.com

ISBN: 1-84660-44—0

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by Fraser MorrisSea of Calm

Stunning debut album by Fraser Morris, taking you through Islands, Rivers & Waterfalls, through Cosmic Beauty and ending up at Realisation of Self.

This album is so soothing and calming and is the perfect remedy for helping to de-stress and wind-down at the end of a long and tiring day. You do notice a calmness that descends into the room as it progresses.

Also, as a therapist I now use this CD to help my clients find that relaxed, calm, person they are without the hustle and bustle of work. All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable CD.

Review by Sally Tyler


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by CaitlinSiren's Song

Caitlin’s CD is described as “a stunning debut from a beautiful voice” and includes “tracks that portray the quality, range and depth of her wonderful voice” through “gentle strains of ballads to more rousing songs”.

I found this CD to be all of the above and much more. Caitlin’s voice really is stunning – of the many current female vocalists who have brilliant voices it is amazing how so many of them are from the country/folk/new age genres. Track 1, the title track, gets us off to a flying start with the sound of gulls taking us in our minds to the seashore. After that, each track is in itself brilliant with “Briochan’s Theme” being particularly haunting. On some tracks Caitlin starts by singing with no backing which emphasises just what a tremendously musical voice she has. As the CD progressed I could see that it would be very difficult to find a favourite, but then track 8 “Eternal Spirit” started and I knew instantly that this was it. Music is very personal, but if you like track 8 then play track 12 immediately after it, they compliment each other very well. By playing this CD at a moderate volume (or louder!!) you can really appreciate all the background music which helps make this CD so enjoyable.

There is something for everyone in this collection and I can see I will be playing it many times. I look forward to many future CDs from Caitlin.

Review by Alan Paine

Released by New World Music www.newworldmusic.com NWCD102, 2008

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This is a compilation of music that describes the world’s growing cultural awareness that is emerging in the environs of the legendary Glastonbury Tor-Mount Zion-the Grail Castle. The music is a fusion of both indigenous and planetary styles with sympathetic use of modern harmonic technology, which has been gifted to humanity’s musical community for this very purpose. The result is a perfect accompaniment for your own personal quest to Avalon and Middle Earth, full to the brim with beautiful, spiritually charged acoustic and electronic, chilled, ambient and world music. Ideal for dance, healing and meditation – the music of the North, South, East and West meeting in the Heart Grail of Avalon.

There are many books around at this time with many varying views and channellings of the new to come, but to find a wonderful CD like this, that you can listen to, absorb within you and fill your own Holy Grail with, is just a truly magical experience. If I could voice how deep this music goes it still would not do justice to the expertise and connections that these musicians have to all that is, and how they transcend the timeline of me as I listen to every tone.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Released by Changing World UK Cat no: AVALONCD 01CD www.changingworld.co.uk

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