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 by Diane Egby-EdwardsMagical Sounds

Diane, has been a Hypnotherapist for almost twenty-five years, combines Hypnotherapy with Sound Healing, and works closely with Diana Cooper. For her CD Magical Sounds, she has created thirteen sacred sound-journey meditations, using magical tuning forks; finishing with a tamboura meditation, to bring the harmony of Angels into our lives. After a singing bowl introduction, her gentle voice guides you throughout a step by step journey, to understand how each of the chakras function to keep your body in balance, so you can live in ‘Universal flow’. There is no accompanying booklet to explain more fully what the CD is about, everything you need to know is contained in the actual meditations.

The CD begins with Diane describing how sound/vibration affects every molecule in the body and how it can cause harmony or dis-ease within an individual. She then describes how lovingly an Archangel looks after the energy of each chakra, and takes you through an Archangel meditation in order of the chakras.

I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more variety of natural sounds to accompany each meditation but I would recommend this CD to those who want to learn more about the loving and protective power of Archangels.

Review by Jane Adams

Published by Purple Delta



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