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Carolyn Williams is a gifted healer and channel and an experienced teacher of Angelic Reiki and the Gaiadon Heart Keys of Ascension system. Trained by Edwin Courtenay, she is one of the first teachers of Module 1 of the Inspiration system and facilitates the awakenment of people’s Atlantean memories and energies. Unlike other systems, this 2 day course acts as a foundation for any of the other twelve voluntary modules – and you can choose which of the others interests you most. Module 1 also awakens Atlantean healing energy connections within you, linking you to the Temple of Peace.

The group for the workshop I attended was small (four in number) so that each participant gains the maximum benefit. Carolyn first introduced us to the Inspiration system which has been channelled by Edwin Courtenay to help awaken Atlantean memories and dormant Atlantean DNA. We received our own extensive manual containing many details of the system (which is overseen by the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, the Ascended Masters St Germaine and Hilarion, and the angels of Atlantis) and the Atlantean power symbols. Carolyn also presented each of us with a crystal contained in its own coloured pouch, and explained why this particular stone had been chosen. She also gave each person details (previously channelled by Edwin) of the energetic devices which had been affecting us and the assurance that these would be removed in the first day.

Following the introduction, the first day was filled with profound and moving meditative journeys and awakenments, interspersed with precious nuggets of information. Each journey brought something new and amazing and the presence of powerful energies was palpable, particularly in the meditation where the ancient energy attachments were removed. Carolyn guides you through each day easily and safely, and there is a constant feeling of love and serenity. She also makes sure there are set breaks to allow re-grounding and centring – a truly gifted and caring teacher.

The second day was devoted to Healing Awakenments and we were led through a meditation/journey to meet our own Healing Angel – a most powerful and empowering experience. Time was given to studying the various symbols and their meanings, and experiencing the healing both as a client and a healer – working directly with our Healing Angel. At the close of the day, Carolyn channelled a message for the group from the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon – another wonderful experience.

There is so much more I could say about this amazing workshop, but words alone cannot do it justice – it just has to be experienced. If you are interested in adding another dimension to your Reiki practice, or bringing new awareness and purpose into your life, this is the workshop for you.

Review by Joan Osbourne

For further information on the system, contact Carolyn direct on 020 8540 830 or visit www.thereikiofatlantis.co.uk or www.carolynwilliams.info

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by Fridrik KarlssonFeel Good Music

This Feel Good Music Collection was created by Fridrik Karlsson who has used his extraordinary talent and expertise to compose and produce this collection.  It has been inspired by the growing wave of people in search of relief from the effects of modern hectic and stressful lifestyles.  Harmonious relaxing melodies – ideal as a background for Reiki and other massage treatments, or sitting down quietly and allowing the music to wash over you and gently ease out those tensions.  There are 13 CDs in the full collection – including titles such as ‘Magical Healing’, ‘Chill Out Heaven’ and ‘Total Tranquillity’.  Without doubt something for everyone!

Review by Joan Osborne.

Published by River of Light Records  www.thefeelgoodcollection.com

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